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Facts of Ysabel Jordan

Full NameYsabel Jordan
First NameYsabel
Last NameJordan
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameMichael Jordan
Father ProfessionAmerican former professional basketball player
Mother NameYvette Prieto
Mother ProfessionCuban-American model
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsVictoria Jordan, Jeffery Michael, Marcus James and Jasmine
Date of BirthFebruary 9,2014
Age8 years

Ysabel Jordan is a famous American celebrity kid.

She is known best as one of the twin daughters of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto who are known as a renowned celebrity couple. 

Came To This World With A Friend

Ysabel and her sister Victoria are twins as already stated and their pictures of childhood will leave you in awe. They look quite alike. 

Here is a picture of their childhood, cute light green headbands, and some clothes, if happiness comes in abundance, go nowhere further. 

Came To This World With A Friend
Came To This World With A Friend Source:

It was only five days before Valentines' Day, they came to this world and they are the gift of God, no doubt. 

Meaning Of Her Name

Her name Ysabel is unique and has a deep-rooted sense to it. The meaning of her name is Gift Of God and she is the precious of her parents. 

In Spanish, God is defined as plenty and she along with her twin sister Victoria Jordan did bring plenty of smiles to their parent's life. 

The meaning has an Italian reference too and it means "Consecrated to God." This means sacred, and her presence and coming to this earth is sacred. 

Her Father About Being A Grandfather

Michael was overjoyed and overwhelmed when he became a father, but it is different when he becomes a grandfather and it is pleased now. 

He explains that he loves to play with his grandson and he enjoys holding him in his arms.

Michael Jordan's Grandson
Michael Jordan's Grandson Source: YouTube

Michael's daughter Jasmine Jordan and her partner Rakeem Christmas gave him this precious gift. 

His Father Giving Back To The Community 

He is into philanthropy after 16 years of retirement, and he is giving back to society and the community. 

He gave 5 million dollars to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

He was asked whether it was his legacy for being more than a player doing this all philanthropy work in which he replied, it has never been his purpose. 

He feels a certain kind of warmth about it and he loves to make a difference in the lives of people. 

He has donated more than 30 million dollars already in the last five years and more is yet to come. 

He recently launched a health clinic called NOVANT HEALTH for underprivileged people. He was very humble and emotional too. 

Tears in his eyes while giving the speech about how he was glad to give back to the community that builds him over the years. 

Watch his whole interview here. The video is titled as Being A New Grandfather Is Fun. 


She is one of the most privileged children in the world.

 Despite she is young; she is already enjoying fame because of her famous celebrity parents. 

Her father, Michael Jordan, is known by his initials “MJ”. He is an American former professional basketball player. 

He is also the owner, chairman of an American professional basketball team called Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Associations.

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 Michael Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy for about 17 years but sadly their marriage ended in divorce in 2006. 

He is blessed with three children with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. They named their child Jeffery Michael, Marcus James, and Jasmine. 

Her mother is a remarkable Cuban-American model. She has been able to win many hearts in the entertainment world. 

Her parents met in 2008 in a nightclub in Miami. They dated for about three years before deciding to spend their lives together. 

Her parents tied their knot in marriage on April 27, 2013. They held their marriage in Jupiter, Florida. 

She, along with her sister came into this world only after 7 months of the wedding. 

They gained fame soon after their birth as their birth was documented by People’s Magazine in the celebrity babies section. 


She is the twin sister of Victoria Jordan. They are very adorable and were very difficult to be distinguished at the time of birth. 

Ysabel Jordan with her twin sister Victoria Jordan
Ysabel Jordan with her twin sister Victoria Jordan Source: Pinterest

In their early picture, it was hard to figure out who is who. 

The twin sisters have been growing up well and have changed very much since birth. It is much easier to distinguish them. 

Ysabel Jordan with her twin sister Victoria
Ysabel Jordan with her twin sister Victoria Source: eCelebFacts

Even though the twin’s parents want to keep them away from the spotlight, they find it hard to do so as they are always a subject of keen interest to the fans and media. 

Their celebrity parents have many fans who want to know more about them and the media cannot help but capture their melodious smile. 

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An Uncut conversation with Ysabel’s father, Michael Jordan

Well, Ysabel’s dad Michael is known as a great athlete, but who is Michael as a human being? Here, we will find out the real man in conversation with Marvin R. Shanken

In the interview, Michael talked about career, father, love for golf, cigars, and many more. The interesting part is that they began the interview by lighting the cigars. 

The talk started going back in 1993. Michael stated that he left the cigar because he was tired of taking it. 

Michael also said that where everyone looked at him as their role model, he looked up to his dad. He also shared that his father was a huge baseball fan. 

Michael recalls him traveling with his whole family from north to south only to watch car racing. 

Does Michael have a Phobia of Water?

Looking at huge Michael, no one could ever believe he had the phobia. No doubt, he is also a human being. How did he develop this fear inside him? 

Clarifying the situation, while Michael was young, he saw one of his mates drown in the water. The fear of water was raised inside him.

Moreover, he, too, almost drowned during the baseball camp. Suddenly, the phobia of water got into him. 

As per the current scenario, the fear has been overcome to some level, but still, he feels uncomfortable while sitting on a small boat or around huge bodies of water. 

Other than that, many of you might not know, but Michael had donated his first-year salary to relief efforts. 

Elaborating it, the $900,000 was transferred to numerous organizations with the relief efforts and other $100,000 to the kids who lost their biological parents. 

We cannot deny the fact that Michael has spread some positivity to the sports world. 

Her parents asked guests to donate to charity instead of gifts at their lavish $10 million wedding

Her parent’s extravagant wedding at an Episcopal Church called Bethesda-by-the-sea in Palm Beach, Florida, was one of the biggest celebrity weddings of 2013

The wedding was attended by nearly 300 guests, followed by the grand reception attended by nearly 2000 guests at the Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Fla, a luxurious private golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus

The wedding was able to set the record with their 40 thousand square foot tent, which was larger than his own house. The wedding planner was Sharon Sacks

According to the sources, the tent looked no less than a luscious garden with a tantalizing aroma.  

Among the celebrity guests were Mc Lyte,  Robin Thicke, and Usher, who serenaded the beautiful couple and the guests at the reception. 

Other celebrity guests included  Tiger Woods, film director Spike Lee, Patrick Ewing. The fireworks and the seven-layer white rum wedding cake made the event more happening. 

The cost of their lavish wedding was estimated to be $10 million. Instead of gifts, the couple asked their guests to donate to the James R. Jordan Foundation, a non-profit organization named after her paternal grandfather. 

Her mom did not toss her wedding bouquet at the wedding night but donated it to the Jupiter Medical Center. Seven months after the wedding, Ysabel and Victoria were born.

Ysabel Jordan parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto looked stunningly beautiful on their wedding day.
Ysabel Jordan parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto looked stunningly beautiful on their wedding day. Source: Pinterest

Why is her mother not in her father’s documentary series The Last Dance?

Her mother, Yvette, is not in her father’s documentary series, The Last Dance. Not only her mother but also her father’s ex-wife Juanita Vanoy is also not in The Last Dance

Director Jason Hehir confronted not being interested in the opinion of any wife or kids in the series. 

He had the storytellers they wanted and felt like they had enough story covered from every angle. 

Hehir had previously said that none of the children of Jordan would be featured as well but had a change in heart and kept them in the last episode. 

Her mother enjoys a low-key profile and tries to keep Ysabel and Victoria out of the spotlight.

Michael Jordan on the following topics:

  • A person whom he admired growing up

Jordan wasn’t into professional sports. He was closer to watching his father, James Jordan, do most of the stuff because the place where he grew up only had two television stations, NBC and ABC, due to which most of his focus was on the college games. 

He was a big college basketball player and then baseball. His father was a huge baseball fan, so he sort of grew up following his father’s footsteps in terms of whom his father admired is whom he watched.

  • Greatest regret in his life 

Jordan says he does not have any regrets. According to him, he is a person who, as soon as he looks back in history and comes up with something that he feels he wants to change, something has to change.

  • Disappointment in his life

To win, you got to lose, to be successful, you got to have something that’s not successful, to be happy, you got to have disappointment, that is what disappointment is for Jordan

He says all of those things have evolved and happened to make him who he is, so he understands the benefits and the privileges of being who he is.

  • His dream trip

His dream trip is to visit Cuba and some of the cigar factories but, with the embargo, it’s a little difficult, Jordan stated in an interview back in 2008

He could go now, but he says he wants to go with no restraints because there are still some restraints politically and a lot of other things. 

One of the motivational factors is his wife, who is from Cuba. According to him, his wife has a lot of memories of Cuba, so she wants to go for different reasons, and he wants to go for a particular reason. 

In terms of them being able to go, it’s coming. It’s a matter of time, he added.

  • The thing he remembers the most about his late father

Jordan had his father for 32 years before he was tragically murdered in 1993. Though he is no more with Jordan anymore, he is every day remembered, and, most of all, his words which he thinks about them practically every day. 

Pause before you make a decision and say what if, his father always said to him, and the purpose for saying what if is whatever decision you make, you always have the consequences, either pros or cons.

Net Worth

She is too young to have a net worth of her own but the net worth of her parents is huge. Her father has a whooping net worth of 2.6 billion dollars

Her father is considered to be one of the richest athletes. During his basketball career, he used to earn a huge gross salary of 90 million dollars and was the highest-paid athlete.

He earned 63 million dollars from his final seasons with Chicago Bulls. He also owns 90% of the club and his team is considered to be worth over a billion dollars. 

He also owns a brand under his name which he sold to Nike, Nike pays 4.2 billion dollars per year as revenue for partnership.  

According to some sources, Michael Jordan is the 455th richest person in the United States. He also owns a private jet. He also has a collection of expensive cars. They are living a luxurious life with the family. 

Ysabel Jordan is enjoying a lavish life along with her family. 

Her father has a gigantic net worth and we have broken down it for you.

Michael Jordan has invested in teams and assets and this is how he makes his millions of dollars. Even after his retirement, he is making more than the top players who are still playing the game like James Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. 

Till the year 2015, he was making 100 million dollars per year just as royalties from Nike. His salary income of the last two seasons that he played with the Chicago Bulls was 63 million dollars. His salary from his career is reported to be 90 million dollars. He is making more money now than he was making in his playing days. 

He is the owner of an NBA team called Charlotte Hornets and the value of the team has increased drastically in the past few days. Owning this team was one of the masterstrokes from him. 

His shoe brand, The Nike Air Jordan brings a hefty amount of fortune for him. His shoe brand produces revenue of more than 3 billion every year. His brand partnered with a video game called Fortnite. 

He bought Charlotte Hornets for 175 million dollars back in 2010 and the value of the team officially made him a billionaire. His team is worth 1.3 billion dollars now and he owns more than 97 percent equity of the team. 

He has cracked several deals with brands and one of them is Gatorade. He has also signed deals with Upper Deck, which is a trading card company. 

He does not stop there as he has a lot of restaurants as well. One of them is his super successful restaurant, 1000 North in Jupiter Florida.

There is much more to it as he owns a Nissan dealership in Durham, North Carolina as well. He has made 1.85 billion dollars from salaries and endorsements and these figures can break any bank.

He spends in style as well. He owns a private jet. He has painted Carolina Blue in his jet with his jersey number (23). He has also added 6 titles to the ID and it represents his glory and achievements. 

He built his dream house with a sum of 12.8 million dollars back in the year 2012. 

Here is a breakdown of some of his winners.

The Nike Air Jordan3 billion revenue
Built Dream House12.8 million dollars
Salary of Last Two Seasons63 million dollars
Total Salary, Endorsement Earnings1.85 billion dollars

Info and highlights 

  1. Her birthday is celebrated each year on February 9.
  2. She was born on February 9, 2014, along with her twin sister, Victoria.
  3. Her current age is 5 years old.
  4. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is mixed
  5. Her father is the richest athlete with a net worth of 2.6 billion dollars.
  6. She has 3 half-siblings named Jeffery Michael, Marcus James and Jasmine.
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