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Facts of Victoria Jordan

Full NameVictoria Jordan
First NameVictoria
Last NameJordan
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryAmerica
Father NameMichael Jordan
Father ProfessionAmerican former professional basketball player
Mother NameYvette Prieto
Mother ProfessionCuban- American model
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsYsabel Jordan, Jeffrey Jordan, Marcus Jordan and Jasmine Jordan
Date of BirthFebruary,2014
Age10 years

Victoria Jordan is one of the twin daughters of a famous former basketball player, Michael Jordan

Victoria Jordan Adorable Picture
Victoria Jordan Adorable Picture Source: ans-wer

Too Cute To Handle

She is too cute, and so is her sister Ysabel.

Here is an adorable picture from their childhood. They are very attached as they have spent maximum time with their twin. 

They are grown up now, but their childhood picture will bring a smile to anyone's face.

This one is adorable as both are sleeping with their identical green bands on their heads. They are wearing the same green clothes, but they look a little bit different than each other. 

with sister of hers
with sister of hers Source: Celeb tattler

Wedding And Prenuptial Agreement

Her mother was previously in a relationship with singer Julio Iglesias Junior, but the relationship did not last. 

Her father gave her mother everything she ever wanted at their wedding. Sharon Sacks managed the high-profile wedding of her parents. 

Her parents danced to On The Ocean by K'Jon. Three hundred guests were present, and there were high-profile names such as Tiger Woods and Spike Lee. 

The total cost of their wedding was a staggering 10 million dollars. Her father had a private jeet and a Yacht with the name Mr. Terrible on it. 

Her parents had everything, and as a gift, they asked their close ones to donate to the James R. Jordan Foundation with the big heart of her parents. 

He worked on a prenuptial agreement costing a staggering 650 million dollars

The agreement had different terms and conditions, and she said if she had babies of Michael, she is set for life. 

Her father, Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an internationally renowned American former professional basketball player. 

He is the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets for the NBA. He is an entrepreneur too

He was born on 17 February 1963 at the hospital of Brooklyn to Deloris and James R. Jordon Sr

His mother worked in a bank, and his father was an equipment supervisor. He was raised in New York City with his four siblings

Her Mother

Her mother's name is Yvette Prieto. She is a Cuban- American model

She came to prominence after being in a relationship with Michael Jordan. 

She was born in 1978 in Cuba. Her parents are Maria Prieto and Carlos Prieto

She studied Business management in college and worked for a few years in her father’s company. 

According to the wiki, she has modeled for Alexander Wang, an American fashion designer.

Her Parent's Wedding

Her parents met for the first time in a dance club, and that was in the year 2007. They began dating after their first meeting. 

They deeply fell in love with each other, and in 2009, they started living together. 

Jordon proposed to his then-girlfriend on Christmas 2011, and they got engaged

They tied a knot on 27 April 2013 at Bethesda-by-the-Sea-Episcopal Church

Their wedding was lavish. Famous designers designed her wedding gown. 

Victoria Jordan, Wedding Of Parents
Victoria Jordan, Wedding Of Parents Source: Instagram

The couple is still together and spending a blissful married life together.

Her adorable moment with her parents

Her parents wish to raise her away from the media, and they maintain her life private. They never take them publicly.

 She is too young, so it might be possible that most of the time, she is at home with her sister. 

Angel Like Picture
Angel Like Picture Source: Affair Post

Her father's former wife 

Her father's first wife's name is Juanita Vanoy. She is an old American model and businesswoman.

They got married on 2 September 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They have three children together. 

Their married life was going fantastic, but all of a sudden, they called off their marriage. Their divorce was finalized on 29 December 2006.

He gave 168 million dollars as settlement, which was the highest celebrity divorce settlement of that time. 

They shared the custody of their two sons and a daughter

Victoria’s dad, Michael, stated Ego is a part of a determination

Everyone knows her dad, who is recognized as one of the strongest athletes in the world. 

We have heard him talk on various topics, but the interview he had given back on the days shared a lot of information in the conversation when the host asked what the ego played in the field. 

Michael gave clarity that in his viewpoint, Ego is everything. Further, he added, saying it is a part of the determination

He said that if you don’t have an ego, you cannot have that determination to achieve. 

That is a part of success; moreover, he mentioned that we could not find a successful person in life who doesn’t have an ego inside them. 

That is part of the whole scenario. Well, what do you think about his thought? To find out about this rare interview, visit the link below.

Michael’s dining table has got 32,292 holes.

It’s one of the weirdest things, but it’s true. The artist was appointed to make a dining table for the legend Michael Jordan, and he made a thing that looks cold and heartless. 

It resembles the feelings that Michael has for his opponents. But not to deny, it is truly meaningful too. Elaborating on the design of the table, it was a big hunk of metal-containing tons of holes in it. 

It is even stated as the furniture counted as one of the ugliest things in Michael’s personal space. 

Nevertheless, if we count the number of holes in it, it has 32,292 holes

You might know that it is the total number of points Michael has scored in his entire career. 

Does it mean he is trying to give a piece of information stating that he isn’t going to be back on the field? If he is planning anyway, then he would have to make a new table again. 

Victoria has already become an aunt. 

Victora, along with her twin sister Ysabel who is just eight, has already become aunts. 

Her half-sister Jasmine M. Jordan gave birth to her first child Rakeem Michael Christmas in 2019, whom she shares with her fiancé Christmas Rakeem

The couple first met while at Syracruse before he started playing for the NBA Indiana Pacers

In an interview with Today’s Craig Melvin in 2019, Michael talked about grandfatherhood, where he said he is having fun.

Her father is a huge fan of cigars.

Her father is a huge fan of cigars. During an interview with Cigar Aficionado, he admitted being a huge fan of cigars. 

He revealed that by 1993 smoking cigars had become a pre-game ritual, and after retiring from the NBA, the addiction went down to the next level. 

He admitted smoking six cigars a day. His favorite cigar is Partagas Lusitanias which costs $14-$24 per cigar. He can assume how much he has spent on his cigar addiction since the day of his retirement.

Victoria Jordan father Michael Jordan smokes six cigars a day since his retirement.
Victoria Jordan father Michael Jordan smokes six cigars a day since his retirement. Source: YouTube

Golf is the toughest game to play, says Michael Jordan

During an interview with Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan said golf to be the toughest game to play. 

Giving the reason, he said he can always respond to an opponent, whatever it may be, whether an offensive guy or defensive guy, but in golf, it’s like playing in a mirror where you are battling yourself consistently to get the perfection. 

And for the competitive person like him, it is what keeps him sane, he says. 

According to him, when he walked away from basketball, playing golf was enough for him to keep the competitive juices working. 

And that now when he doesn’t have basketball games, golf is the game, and it even drives him crazy then he goes fishing in between because he got to show patience in fishing that is going to be related to golf. 

In 2019, Jordan opened his golf club in Hobe Sound, Florida, named “The Grove XXIII,” which is nicknamed Slaughter XXIII

According to the sources, the course has fewer than 80 members. The Grove XXIII features a 15 thousand square foot clubhouse, a drone delivery service that brings drinks to people, a personal cigar roller on location, etc.  

The Tragic murder of her grandfather 

Her grandfather James Jordan was tragically murdered back in 1993, just after her father, Michael Jordan, had won his third straight NBA title. 

James was born James Raymond Jordan Sr. on the 1st of August, 1936, in Wallace, North Carolina

He met his future wife, Deloris Peoples, while attending high school in 1954, fell in love, and eventually started dating despite objections from Deloris’ father.

After graduating, James entered the US Air force and was stationed in San Antonio, while Deloris went to trade school in Alabama

James was then transferred to Virginia and shortly after married Deloris

Over the next few years, the couple became the parents of their three children, and James left work in the workforce to start work in a textile mill in Wallace

James and Deloris left their three children with his mom and moved to Brooklyn, where he got his mechanics training under G.I. Bill

While Deloris started a job in Bank. 

While living in Brooklyn, the couple welcomed their son Michael, but Brooklyn was no safer place to live in, so the family moved back to North Carolina in search of a safer place. 

After attaining 18 months of training, the family once again moved to Wilmington, North Carolina

James was a huge fan of baseball. He introduced Michael to baseball when Michael was just six years old, although Michael went on to become a basketball player. 

James always aspired to become a professional baseball player. 

When he saw the Bo Jacksons and the Deion Sanders playing two sports, he said to his son that he could have done the same thing and to least give it a try. 

It was not that he didn’t appreciate his son’s basketball skills. In fact, in an interview in 1991, James revealed being his son Michael’s no. 1 fan. 

Michael said his dad suggested he try his hand at professional baseball and leave basketball just after his third–straight NBA title win with Chicago Bulls

On the 23rd of July, 1993, about a week before his 57th birthday, James was taking a nap in his Red Lexus Sc400 gifted by his son on the side of the road in Lumberton, North Carolina, when his sports car drew the attention of two local men Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery

One of the two men fired a single fatal gunshot. They took the car and the belongings that were inside the car, including two NBA championship rings given by Michael

After finding out that he was the father of Michael Jordon, they took the car and dumped James’ body in South Carolina

It had been three weeks since James’ family had been trying to outreach him, contacting almost everyone. 

Their only option, in the end, was to file missing reports. James’ vehicle was discovered in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 18 days after his brutal murder. 

The body of James’ was only discovered on the 3rd of August after the local freshman came across the remains in McColl, South Carolina

His body was unrecognizable by the time, and he was cremated as John Doe. It was only through the dental records that officials were able to identify the body. 

Since Green and Demery had made several calls from James’ phone, it became easier for the police to trace them. 

According to the testimony, Demery said the two had planned to rob unsuspecting tourists at a nearby Quality Inn, but when they spotted James’ car, Green desired the car. 

As per their plan, they had decided only to tie up their victim, but Green pulled the trigger for no reason. 

Both Green and Demery were convicted of first-degree murder and were given a life sentence, with each saying that the other was the triggerman.

Two years after the demise of James, Michael announced his retirement and shortly after tried his hand in baseball, joining Birmingham Barons

Since he was inexperienced in the game, he faced criticisms and accusations of being delusional, but still, he kept on trying and improved through the season. 

After a year and a half of his initial retirement, Michael announced his return to NBA.

Victoria Jordan father Michael Jordan and grandfather late James Raymond Jordan Sr.
Victoria Jordan father Michael Jordan and grandfather late James Raymond Jordan Sr. Source: Pinterest 

Net Worth

She is the daughter of an American celebrity, so her net worth is in massive amounts.

 Her father is one of the billionaires who has a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars as of 2019. He manages to earn that much fortune from his long career in sport. 

He earns 80 to 100 million per year from endorsements. He received 60 million dollars from Nike/Jordon royalties. 

His net worth is significantly increasing from years to years.

Some of the most luxurious NBA legends are shown below. 

Junior Bridgeman is an American former basketball player. He was born on 17 September 1953 in Indiana, United States. He has a fortune of 600 million dollars. 

Magic Johnson is an American retired professional basketball player. He was born on 14 August 1959 in Michigan, United States. His fortune is 600 million dollars. 

LeBron James is an American basketball player. He was born on 30 December 1984 in Ohio, United States

He has a net worth of 480 million dollars

NameDate of BirthNet Worth(Dollars)
Junior Bridgeman17 September 1953600 million
Magic Johnson14 August 1959600 million
LeBron James30 December 1984480 million


  1. She was born in 2014 in the United States. She celebrates her birthday in February. Her age is five years old yet.
  2. She is an American by nationality.
  3. She has a sister named Ysabel Jordan.
  4. She has three elder half-siblings, Jeffrey Jordan, Marcus Jordan and Jasmine Jordan.

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