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Facts of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey is an American photographer famous as the son of renowned comedian Steve Harvey and fashionista Mary Lee Harvey.

He has appeared in videos such as ‘Wynton & Lori pack for college”.

Parents, Mother

He is Steve’s son from his second marriage. Steve divorced his first wife, Marcia Harvey, in 1994 and married Mary in 1996

The couple was blessed with Wynton after one year of their marriage.

His parents split up after nine years of marriage in 2005. Both of them fought for the custody of Wynton, but it was his father who won it.

Steve is currently married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey, who is a mother to three children.

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Wynton has a total of six siblings, namely Karli Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr, Morgan Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Jason Harvey.

In An Interview Of Father

When Jimmy asked Steve Harvey, father of Wynton Harvey, about his beard, he mentioned that he had a beard, but his wife said to take it off. 

At first, he misunderstood, so he was sitting in the chair naked, and nothing happened. 

As Jimmy interrupted by asking that wasn’t she the one who encouraged him to grow the beard, to which Steve explained how she finds it from all looking distinguished to looking old, so he agreed without hesitation

Jimmy was curious to know about his vacation trip, but Steve did not mention the place.

 He said he doesn’t like people knowing where he regularly goes, nor like being on TMG’s

Jimmy was surprised to know that he didn’t even prefer telling their kids as they would show up with their children.

 As per him, his wife loves being the grandmom, but he does not enjoy being the grandfather, and the reason behind it was he always wanted to be an empty nestle. 

He wanted his kids to go away, get out, not that to come back with more people.

Another thing was they have too many sleepovers, which he won't like. 

Steve further shared that all four of his kids live in the same city except one daughter who lives in Atlanta with her little boy. 

They come over to their place like at 6:00 and intentionally call around 11:30 to wake the kids up, which they don’t, and so they spent the night and went back after breakfast. 

Steve further revealed that his children are vegan, which he doesn’t like as he is a barbeque man

On the query about stand-up comedy, would he prefer doing it again? 

He shared he did NFL Honors right before the Super Bowls, which was supposed to be 8 minutes, but it ended up being 12 minutes instead.

 He added that he enjoyed it and felt he should come back and do one more.

 Affair, Dating

He is currently studying at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

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He is dating the daughter of famous American journalist and Bet Tonight host Ed Gordon – Taylor Gordon. 

It has been two years since they got into this relationship. His girlfriend,Taylor, is a fashion blogger and a social media icon.

On July 24, 2017, he posted the first picture with her on their first anniversary. 

Since then he has been posting pictures with his lady love.

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Here is a picture shared by him with a caption, 

Happy Valentine’s 

Wynton Harvey Girlfriend
Wynton Harvey Girlfriend Source: Instagram

There is no information available about his past affair.

His father’s day surprise brought tears to his father’s eyes

In 2015, Wynton gave a father’s day surprise by appearing in his father’s talk show. Along with him, he took father’s day gifts as well. 

When he presented his father with the pair of Tom Ford shoes, his reaction said it all how impressed he was. 

First of all, Steve let the audience know telling that the Tom Ford shoes were what Wynton wanted and asked him where did he get the money from?

Wynton jokingly replied, saying that the gift was purchased from the account they had at the stores. He went there and put them on it and further went on to say, 

“But it’s alright, so it’s like you bought them for yourself, but it’s the thought that counts, though.” 

Steve then asked, 

So you went to the Tom Ford store and put it in my account to give me my gift “? 

Wynton replied, 


Then Steve, slightly hitting him with the shoe, said, 

“What type of damn gift is that asking him where his allowance was? 

The cute banter of father and son was the highlight of the show. After that, Wynton presented him the next gift, a frame with a throwback photo of him and his father with the written quote, ”I’ll ride with you until the wheels off.”

Wynton said that the photo is going to remind him of how much influence he was on him and how he turned him into enough good student so he could get accepted at college because he was having some troubles and he was able to turn him around. 

Steve was emotionally touched by his words and was all in tears, unable to express his words. 

Later, Steve said he gave him a pretty good gift with their saying I’ll ride with you until the wheels off, which he said meant, 

“I don’t care what you do, just come to me. Don’t go to anybody else.”

The gift Wynton Harvey presented to his father Steve Harvey on father’s day.
The gift Wynton Harvey presented to his father Steve Harvey on father’s day. Source: YouTube

His father expects great things from him

As a father, Steve expects a lot of great things from his youngest son Wynton which he expressed to Wynton himself. 

He said to him that he was Harvey and Steve Harvey’s son. Wynton admitted that he had been the great example that showed him how to be a great young man and live up to the Harvey name. 

Steve reminded him by saying he loves him more than himself.

Steve Harvey is not happy being a grandfather as much as other's grandfathers are, and here is the reason why

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve confessed to not enjoying being a grandfather as much as other's grandfathers do, and the reason is he does not get it. 

While others get excited over seeing their grandkids, he goes, Damn. 

He said his wife Marjorie is actively involved in grandparents things and lets their grandkids stay over at the house. 

He said he told his wife that's not how it is supposed to work and that they are supposed to come over and then go home. 

He said he gets tested all the time by his grandkids. Then they discussed his fifth grandkid, Ezra, who at the time was the newest born. 

When Ellen asked about how old the baby Ezra was then, Steve said he had no idea. 

He added that they are not playing with him yet and said he doesn't like playing with them because they have no head control. 

He also confessed to not liking that stage when they do nothing, saying they are just little blobs and waiting on them where they can say, "Papa."

He would at least play with them when they say, Papa. Other than that, he disowns them.

His favorite special moment with his dad

Wynton shared his favorite special moment with his dad back in 2015

Along with his siblings, he honored their dad by reminiscing their favorite special moments with their dad to make him feel how special and how much he meant to them. 

Wynton said his favorite moment with his dad was when he had his first art show at 13. He didn't know that his dad was coming to the show until he got there. 

It was a big moment for Wynton as his dad had a busy schedule, and despite that, he made time to visit him and support him in his first art show. 

Steve was all in tears hearing all of his kids' special moments with him.

Steve Harvey went to the first art show of his son Wynton Harvey to support him.
Steve Harvey went to the first art show of his son Wynton Harvey to support him. Source: YouTube

His dad is turning 65, and many more

Well, Wynton’s dad Steve firstly mentioned his friendship with Bob Saget. Steve mentioned that he and Bob did shows together on television. 

He also revealed that Bob we did see on television is not the real Bob

He also smiled and said that when they used to see each other off stage, they always used to cuss one another and claim Bob as a crazy man. 

Other than that, the topic regarding her 65th birthday also came out where he stated that his spouse has been planning for it but not really telling him what it is, which he says that’s how he knew that it’s going to be expensive. 

Steve also revealed that his wife doesn’t practice practicality. He also claimed that his wife doesn’t know it and says he also really doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. 

Steve, on the other side, confronted that he is practical. Nevertheless, Steve says that his wife is the fun part of his life. 

Steve explained that he is the earner, and he provides the money, whereas his wife sprinkles all the dust and all the happy stuff for Christmas. 

When asked if he was a billionaire, to which Steve responded to Jimmy saying that if he were a billionaire, he wouldn’t have been on Jimmy Kimmel Live show

Steve’s colorblind jokes

In 2017, Steve got accused of uttering a discriminatory remark towards Asian guys. Nevertheless, Steve apologized later for this cause. 

In his show, he showed the cover of a book titled, "How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men." 

He then asked a question that goes "do you like Asian men?" and straight up answered saying No, Thank You. 

As per Steve, only a page guide on dating an Asian woman would be a great title for such a book. 

Also, when asked if he prefers an Asian man’s look to which, he responded by saying that he isn’t a fan of Chinese food and also continued by saying that within the blink of an eye, you will get over it. 

Also, Steve says that he only eats food he can recognize. Lastly, Steve released a public apology later.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $500000. His primary source of income is his career as a photographer.

He earns an estimated salary of $65510 per year. 

He made his debut as a photographer at the early age of 20. He had a showcase of his photography works on June 14, 2018, in Atlanta.

Here is a video shared by him reflecting his passion for photography with a caption that says 

‘God just be 

He also has an interest in fashion and has done some modeling. He hopes to feature on the cover of Forbes someday.

One can earn a lot by choosing their career as a photographer. These days photographer is earning a whopping amount from their photography skills.

Below is the list of top photographers and their net worth:

Photographer NameNet Worth
Andreas Gursky$30 million
Annie Leibovitz$20 million
Morgan Norman$18 million
Gilles Bensimon$30 million
Timothy Allen$1.6 million
Cindy Sherman$35 million
Marco Grob$100000 - $1 million
George Steinmetz$100000 - $1 million
Nick Brandt$100000 - $1 million
Lynsey Addario$1 million - $10 million

His father, Steve’s net worth, is estimated to be $180 million. He has accumulated wealth through different sources. 

He has written books, owns a clothing store, and served as the host and executive producer of various TV series. 

He also has won five Daytime Emmy Awards.

He earns $10 million by hosting Family Feud and $20 million from radio hosting. 

He owns a 9000 square foot mansion in Atlanta which was worth $3.4 million in 2010. 

In 2018 he sold a property for $7.7 million which he purchased in 2013. It was a 5500 square foot house in Chicago on the 88th floor of Trump International.

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Wynton’s mother, Mary, has an estimated net worth of $500000.

His stepmother, Marjorie’s net worth, is under review

However, we can assume that she is pretty wealthy as she is the owner of a clothing line and handbags.

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday, Height)

  1. His current age is 22 years.
  2. He celebrates his birthday on July 18.
  3. His nationality is American.
  4. He belongs to the African-American ethnicity.
  5. The names of his grandparents (Steve Harvey's Parents) are Eloise Harvey and Jesse Harvey.
  6. His exact height is unknown.
  7. His birth sign is cancer.
  8. He is active on social media with more than 45K followers on Instagram.
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