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Tatjana Asla


Facts of Tatjana Asla

Full NameTatjana Asla
First NameTatjana
Last NameAsla
Birth CityLos Angeles
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameErik Asla
Father Professioncommercial and fashion photographer
Mother NameTyra Banks
Mother Professionmodel, actress, producer and businesswoman
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusSingle

Tatjana Asla is famous for being the daughter of commercial and fashion photographer Erik Asla and model and TV personality Tyra Banks

Tyra also has a son York Banks Asla.

She has her own career though and her father's fame does not shadow who she is. She is a model and she is currently signed by Elite Modeling Agency and LA Models

5 Very Interesting Facts About Tatjana Asla

  1. She is signed by L.A Models. L.A Models is the one who gave her mother Tyra Banks her first modeling break after she was rejected by 4 agencies. She is also part of Elite Model Management, and her mother was also part of Elite Model Management. There are two similar aspects of a mother-daughter career.
  2. She enjoys creepy videos and creepy pictures, and she has uploaded these pictures and videos on her Instagram account.
  3. Her mother, Tyra Banks, is the first African American woman to appear on the covers of GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
  4. Her mother was called UGLY DUCKLING in her school days and was bullied badly.
  5. Her mother is the first-ever African American to appear on the covers of Victoria's Secret Catalog.

Tyra Gets Candid  

Tatjana Asla’s stepmother, Tyra Banks, gets candid about herself in ‘Vanity Fair.’ 

Tyra’s idea of spending quality time with her son, York, lets her do what he wants, which is jumping on her bed. 

When asked about the concept of ‘Smize,’ which also means “Smile with your eyes.”

Tyra said that Julie Campbell was the first person who introduced her with this statement. 

On the query about the most important thing her mother taught her, she replied it was to cry in the bathroom and not at work. 

The only thing that never fails to make her emotional is when her son tells her he loves her before saying it. 

Discussing wearing many caps throughout her career, Banks mentioned that the largest one for her is the entrepreneur cap

She then explained ‘Modelland’ and shared the lesson she learned from teaching, which was realizing that she has so much to share. 

Her number one fashion rule is whenever she wears heels; she keeps some flats in her purse. 

Tyra’s happy place is a movie theatre with popcorn full of butter on it. 

When questioned if people can remember one thing about her, she replied it would be to leave the world more uniquely beautiful than it is today.

Tyra Bank apologies for the recent backlash over the controversial ‘America’s Next Top Model Clips.’

In May 2020, when the world was locked due to the novel Corona Virus, people revisited the program ‘America’s Next Top Model, ’ which was streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime

People tweeted about the negative remarks and controversial moments. 

The most highlighted one was the one in which Tyra and the panel of judges pressure 2006 contestant Danielle Evans to close the gap in her teeth to be a successful model. 

After the backlash, Tyra apologized that those moments were totally off choices and appreciating the honest feedback from the people.

Dating and Boyfriend

She has managed to keep her personal life low profile.

However, by the outset, it does not seem like she is dating any boyfriend of hers. She is single right now and probably looking for someone to mingle with.

She is a gorgeous woman and there are thousands of followers of her on social media site. She might be looking for someone on whom she can rely on.

Her personal life is under review

She has posted this strange picture on her Instagram account though and this can be the boyfriend of hers.

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 As no detail is available and the picture looks pretty strange, it cannot be said who is in this picture.

Tatjana Asla Boyfriend
Tatjana Asla Boyfriend Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Her exact net worth is not known right now. Her mother and father have amazing net worth though. Her father has a sensational net worth of 3.5 million dollars. Her mother has a jaw-dropping net worth of 90 million dollars.

Models have amazing income and she is tied to a big modeling agency. In average models in America, earn more than 125,457 dollars per year and her salary might be around that. 

This income can easily give her net worth of million-dollar. This is not a confirmed figure though but models earn amazing money in United States. 

Elite Modeling Agency has given wings to many models and they have amazing net worth and income. Her net worth might be around these figures as she is tied to the agency. 

Sigrid Agren has a net worth of 8 million dollars and more and Estelle Chen has an amazing net worth of 1 million to 5 million dollars.

The net worth of Constance Jablonski is also a brilliant 3.3 million dollars. Here is the list of other Elite Modeling Agency related models and their net worth. 

Elite Modeling Agency ModelsNet Worth
Vittoria Ceretti100 K – 1 million dollars
Pauline Hoarau100 k – 1 million dollars
Estelle Chen1 million – 5 million dollars
Sigrid Agren8 million PLUS
Constance Jablonski3.3 million dollars

She is a nature lover and loves beaches. She has uploaded this picture on her Instagram account. 

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It is a beautiful beach.

Tatjana Asla Nature Lover (Lifestyle)
Tatjana Asla Nature Lover (Lifestyle) Source: Instagram

Superstar Mother and Successful Father

He father, Erik Asla is a successful photographer. Her father and mother divorced back in the year 2017. 

After breaking up, the couple still has a very friendly relation and has also said that they will work professionally, though. 

Her mother Tyra Banks is a superstar TV personality. She is a producer, businesswoman and an author.

 She has worked for all huge brands in the modeling world from SI to Victoria's Secret. She is the creator of America's Next Top Model, a female gem entrepreneur and businesswoman she is. 

Here is a picture of her parents.

Tatjana Asla Father And Mother (Before Split Up)
Tatjana Asla Father And Mother (Before Split Up) Source: People


  1. She was born in Los Angeles and her nationality is American.
  2. Her exact age and birthday are under review.
  3. Her mom's (mother) name is Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks is a famous TV personality and model. She is also an actress, producer, and businesswoman. She has written books such as Modelland.
  4. She has been part of huge magazines such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has also appeared in the mega Victoria Secret Angel.
  5. She was a part of the Victoria's Secret Angel from 1997 to 2005. She has been part of movies and TV shows such as Life-Size and Higher Learning.
  6. She is the winner of Teen Choice Awards for her amazing work in America's Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.
  7. She has also bagged the mighty Daytime Emmy Award for the category of Outstanding Talk Show and this was for her show called The Tyra Banks Show.

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