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Facts of SSSniperWolf

SSSniperWolf is an award winner YouTuber, and she is a dope gamer. She has already got nomination for Teen Choice Award for Choice Gamer as well.  
She has also appeared in TV shows such as Ultimate Expedition. Her fame is enormous and she will get long way.  

Boyfriend And Affair

She has been dating boyfriend Evan Sausage, but it has not been a smooth ride for both of them. 

The couple has been in on and off relationship, and they have broken up several times, but they have managed to get back together several times too. 

Her boyfriend is also in the internet industry as he is a blogger.   
He is 27 years old, and he is a successful YouTuber as well.

He has more than 303 thousand followers on YouTube.   

Net Worth

She has a majestic earning of 1500 dollars per day via her YouTube channel. Her income and salary reach 550,000 dollars per year from her YouTube channels.  

The main source of her income is from her YouTube channel advertisements shown in her videos. Her net worth has already reached 2,000,000 dollars.

 It won't take her much time to reach a million marks if she goes at this pace.  

Her YouTube channel has staggering 16.8 million subscribers, and this is crazy numbers.  
She came up with this video in 2017, and she has titled this one as HAVING A BABY? 

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This video of hers went viral as people thought she was about to have a baby. She is also carrying her puppy in this video.  
She has added comedy factors to her videos as she is calling her puppy pregnant in the video.  

Female YouTubers are everywhere, and they are creating the buzz. A lot of big names come around when it comes to female gaming YouTubers.  

iHasCupquake is one of the most popular YouTuber approximately, and she has more than 6.3 million subscribers on her channel. 

She is famous for playing Minecraft on her channel, and she started uploaded videos from 2010. It took her some time to get in the game, and she has done well. 

Another popular name is LDShadowLady. Her real name is Lizzy. She is famous for playing Call of Duty on her channel. Her channel has more than 3.9 million followers, and she has already surpassed 1.5 billion views.  

KittyKatGaming is also very popular with more than 350,000 subscribers on her channel.  

Here is a list of famous female YouTubers.  

Female ChannelNet Worth
LDShadow Lady5

One Click Away: Tanya Burr Weight Loss And Blazing Net Worth  Female YouTuber has fantastic earnings and net worth as shown in the table. KittyKatGaming has a net worth of 6 million dollars, and this is a staggering figure. 

Yammy's net worth is 1.1 million dollars, and she has also done very well.  iHasCupquake's net worth is 4.2 million dollars.  
She lives an exotic life. She loves cars, and she has a vast collection. She has uploaded this picture of her Mercedes on her Instagram account, and she has captioned this one as, 

"Where we going? Ps new video up of me getting this car…." 

SSSniperWolf Car
SSSniperWolf Car Source: Instagram

She loves to travel, as well. She has uploaded this picture on her Instagram, and she has captioned this one as 

"Bora Bora was really pretty…." 

SSSniperWolf Lifestyle Traveling
SSSniperWolf Lifestyle Traveling Source: Instagram

She lives in a lit house. She has uploaded several pictures of her home on Instagram. Here is one of them which she has captioned as, 

"Happy 4th of July to us…" 

SSSniperWolf House
SSSniperWolf House Source: Instagram

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday, Height)

1. Her real name is Lia.  
2. She was born in the year 1992, and this makes her age 26 in 2019. 
3. She celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of October. 
4. She was born in England, United Kingdom. 
5. Her nationality is British.  
6. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches which are around 5 feet 4 inches which are approximately 1.62 meters. 

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