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Facts of Sarah Urie

Sarah Urie also is known as Sarah Orzechowski, is a well-known makeup artist and Esthetician.

She is also a skincare enthusiast as we can see that from her flawless skin, how expert she is in the field of beauty and treatment.

Married, Husband

She is happily married to her husband, Brendon Urie

Her spouse is a famous American singer, songwriter, and musician, popularly known as the Panic! At the Disco lead vocalist.

The romantic couple story is nothing less than a fairytale. In the year 2010, at Panic at the Disco musical tour concert is where the duo met. 

Their common friend introduced them after the concert. 

At that time Sarah was having an affair with some other guy so nothing much happened between them and they had even forgotten about each other.

Eight months after their first meeting, they were re-introduced by Sarah’s friend from one of the popular band Paramore

At that time, Sarah had already broken-up with her then-boyfriend, and both of them were single at that time. 

At their second meeting, Brendon immediately fell in love with beautiful Sarah. 

Sarah also could not help herself from falling in love with the talented singer.

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After being in a relationship for sometimes, the couple got engaged in 2011. 

They had a dreamy wedding on April 2013 which took place in Sadderlock Ranch in Malibu

Art is for Lovers event organizer were hired as a wedding planner to organize the wedding. 

The couple exchanged vows in the presence of their close family and friends. Here is a glimpse of how the pair looked at their wedding.

Sarah Urie Wedding Picture
Sarah Urie Wedding Picture Source:

To cherish one of the most romantic moments of her life, Sarah gifted her spouse a beautiful vintage dresser that can be used in a bar.

After their engagement, there was a rumor about Sarah being pregnant and the couple expecting their first child, but the rumors were fake. 

In an interview, Brendon also cleared that they are not expecting baby, and they also do not plan to have kids anytime soon.

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These two are hopelessly in love with each other and gives significant couple goals to others. 

Panic at the Disco also released two albums named as Too weird to live, too rare to die and Death of a bachelor which was all dedicated By Brendon to his partner Sarah about their lives and love for each other.

The lovely couple shares a post about each other in their social media accounts and expresses their love for each other. 

Brendon always comes to rescue when someone comments anything bad or disgraceful about his wife.

Here is a lovely picture of the duo shared by Sarah on her Instagram captioned as 


Sarah Urie Husband
Sarah Urie Husband Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The information about the net worth of Sarah is not available and is under review. But her husband Brendon has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

She has earnings by being featured in numerous advertisements for many skincare products for famous companies. 

She also has a massive follower in Instagram of around 838K and around 221K on Twitter, where she promotes different skincare products and also shares skincare tips.

Here is a list of top beauty influencer on YouTube and their net worth.

YoutuberNet Worth
Huda Kattan$550 million
Jeffree Star$50 million
Michelle Phan$40 million
Kandee Johnson$4 million
Zoe Sugg$3.2 million
James Charles$2 million
Jaclyn Hill$1.5 million
Manny Gutierrez$1.1 million
Desi Perkins$800,000
Chole Morello$480,000

Huda Kattan tops the list of youtuber with the vast amount of net worth.

She has a massive 3.7 million followers on Youtube and around 131 million views as well. 

And her Instagram has over 27 million followers.

Her income is likely to grow as the demand for Estheticians are increasing day by day as people are becoming more beauty conscious. 

Estheticians perform skin treatments such as facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, and waxing but they cannot do cosmetic plastic surgery.

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday)

  1. Sarah celebrates her birthday on February 23.
  2. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, the USA in 1987. She is of 32 years of age as of 2019.
  3. The details about her parents are not known, but it is said that she grew up in a middle-class family with her siblings.
  4. Her nationality is American and she is of white ethnicity.
  5. She is also considered as health and beauty guru.
  6. She also has a tattoo which is of eyes and its meaning is not known.
  7. Other wiki sites do not provide much information about Sarah but we got you covered.
  8. She is of above average height of 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is 58 kilos.
  9. Her hair is naturally dark brown in color and she has a beautiful crystal blue eyes.
  10. Here is a picture of Sarah and her tattoo.
Sarah Urie Tattoo
Sarah Urie Tattoo Source: Pinterest
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