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Sibylle Szaggars


Facts of Sibylle Szaggars

Sibylle Szaggars is a painter, and she is known for her fantastic painting and arts

She is one of the most dedicated artists, and she makes an excellent fortune with her pictures sale. 

She is also famous for another reason, and that is as a wife of Robert Redford

She is brilliant with oil sketches and watercolors. Her oil paintings are excellent as well. 

Her work is shown in exhibitions throughout the world, including nations such as Italy, Japan, Germany, and England. 

Married, Husband

Her personal life is like a dream, and she is happily married to her husband, Robert Redford


Robert is a superstar actor and director, and he has been part of huge movies and TV shows such as The Old Man and the Gun and Avengers: Endgame

He is already the winner of the 1981 Academy Director for the category of Best Director

Not only that, he has only bagged the 2002 Academy Award for the prestigious category, Lifetime Achievements

Their love story started when she met Robert at a film festival. This happened in 1996. 

The couple had a long affair of 12 years, and it is like a dream to marry someone whom you have dated for such a long period.

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The couple had their engagement in May 2008. After a year, they tied the knot and got married. 

Their wedding was held in July 2009 in Hamburg

Hamburg is her hometown. This was not Robert's first marriage, though. 

Past Relationship of Couple

He was married to his first wife and had four children with her. 

The name of his first wife is Lola Van Wagenen, and they had children, Scott, Shauna, David, and Amy.

Scott has sadly passed away.

This is not Sibylle Szaggars's first marriage too. She was married to Carl-Heinz Szaggars first. 

The couple got married in 1975, but sadly their relationship was over after a divorce. 

Their divorce happened in 1980. After this, she was married to another man named Friedrich Kurz. 

This relationship also did not last long, and the couple called a quit and a divorce. 

Sibylle Szaggars Husband
Sibylle Szaggars Husband Source: Heightline

Why had Robert said that’s enough on acting?

The great legend Robert was captured giving an interview to CBS Sunday Morning. In the conversation, he mentioned that acting is now enough for him. 

Elaborating it in detail, the actor said he couldn’t do this forever. He further added that he has been acting since the young age of 21

Also, when you reach the age of 80, he thinks that’s enough. Recalling his memories, Robert told how he grew up in a rough neighborhood. 

He said that when the love scene appeared on the screen, he, along with other buddies, would say Boo! Basically made fun of the romantic scene. 

He giggled and said that he had never imagined that one day he would be on that side. It’s too much for him to handle. 

Another question the host asked was, was being a celebrity, a burden? Surprisingly, he said Yes. Robert explained that he feels great to be a part of it. 

However, the actor also told him that it was taking away more than bringing. Lastly, he said that he would never get retired. In his view, retirement is something when you stop doing. 

There is a life ahead, but until that, live the way you wish. You can further click the link below to know all the things in detail.

Since young, Sibylle always wanted to be an artist

It’s true that Sibylle, since young, always wanted to be in this field as she started sketching while she was only a child. 

Other than that, when young Sibylle visited Morocco, Malaysia, and Europe with her family members, she tried the paints for the first time, and that too with the foreign natures around her. 

Once in an interview, she further said that she learned that every person has one thing in common, and it is nature. 

They all respect the nature around them. Also, all of them enjoy the earth within their ceremonial acts, Sibylle added. 

Her artistic journey from visual art to the multimedia collaborative platform

Since her childhood, Sibylle has been an artist, but she never went to any art school because of her somewhat conservative parents. 

Her father thought that the young woman at this age and time should know how to earn money and need to be independent. She got her degree in business and worked for many years in private banking. 

At the same time, she was a weekend painter and was always looking out for nature as she was connected to it because she spent the first years of her life on the farm barefoot, running around and being in nature all the time. 

But when she enrolled herself in business, it was always about making money, all about more interesting wonderful things in a different way. 

After years of working, she got tired of what she was doing and decided to dedicate herself to painting. It was around 1987, and they had a place in Sundance in Utah

She traveled a lot to the four corners area since she didn’t know much about the American landscape and would try to capture it in Canvas. It was at that point she realized she was drawn towards papers so she painted landscape. 

Coming from Europe, which has a very old history in many ways, she was eager to know about Native American history and started her research about the Hopi tribe and eventually realized that they are the oldest existing people living on this continent. 

Her hunger to know about them took her to the Hopi tribe in Arizona through a writer friend in Sundance who had worked with one of the elders of the Hopi tribe

When she reached Northern Eastern Arizona, she was captivated by the fact that they had lived there for centuries and centuries and called themselves the keeper of the earth. 

She had learned that they were farmers in the middle of the desert. There, she was introduced to the female artist. 

She spent two months where she learned about how to look at the land, how to be with the land, and how to be with the Universe. 

She visited a lot of ceremonies and found out they believe the connection with the spiritual world and their ancestors are connected with them. 

Their ceremonies are based on keeping everything in balance that is concerned with the sun, the rain before seasons, which became her inspirations. 

Having moved to the high desert in New Mexico in 2009, she was mesmerized by the monsoon rain during the summer months, and she had an instinct to use the rain as a collaborator within the art that began with small video records of the process of applying watercolor on dry paper and later waiting for the monsoon rain and transform into an organic piece of art. 

Then eventually, she felt the need to create a staged, live, and moving painting through the addition of other art forms like music, dance, sound light, film, and spoken word.

Sibylle is the founder and artistic director of The Way of the Rain, a non-profit organization exclusively for charitable, cultural, and educational purposes. 

It aims at promoting public awareness and support for the protection of our earth.

This is how acting saved her husband’s life

During an interview with Charlie Rose show, Robert Redford revealed how acting saved his life. According to him, he was in a pretty bad way as a young guy. 

He spent most of his time seeking the edge of everything, which wasn’t healthy, but he couldn’t help it. 

There was a time when he feared that he might go over the edge and that he might destroy himself. He chose art which he thought was his avenue. 

He saw adventure and experiences that were going to take him out to the edge, so a series of events along those lines began to endanger his own well-being and so forth. 

What acting did to him was not a form of therapy, but it was an art form of expressing himself physically where he would resign himself to the fact that he was going to be an artist, which, per him, meant hand to paper to articulate what he was feeling. 

But to be physical was a new one for him. 

When that happened, something clicked, which made him realize that he was meant to do it, so the energy that was overflowing everywhere trying to find something exciting to hold on to, maybe hurting people and even himself, funneled into that channel which he thinks saved his life. 

He could put the displaced energy into ambition or function that had a shape to it. It was not something he realized immediately because he initially thought he was not supposed to do it. 

He almost rebelled against doing it because it was something that did with how he grew up. 

He grew up in a sort of rough neighborhood where he grew up making fun of the screens and suddenly being on the screen was a sort of strange justice thing to him. 

Since he always thought he was not supposed to do it, he fought to like it because he thought it wasn’t strong and deep enough. 

After settling for a couple of years, he came to a point where he was like wait for a second, you have to acknowledge the reality, and the reality is that you are happy and most focused when you are doing it and that you can take all that stuff to focus the energy into creating a character and that felt terrific. 

He became an actor first before the director, and that’s what he is, Redford said at the time.

How did he get into comedy?

Before his broadway biggest success, Barefoot in the Park, Redford was a dramatic actor in the theatre. 

He realized that acting was more than just drama but was a comedy that he didn’t see as being separated. 

So he was seeking a chance when the play called Sunday happened in New York, where he wanted a chance to read for one of the leads because it was a comedy. 

He was at the time doing television in Los Angeles. He paid his way back to get thinking if he got back, they would at least read him. 

He read for them, and the director liked his reading, and they called him back. 

One of the best things that ever happened to him in his life and the reason Sundance was put in the place as he was indebted to those people who dared to take a chance on him when he didn’t fit the mold. 

Even if he had no comedy experience, the director thought he could justify it, and he did it. Since it was a success, two years later, he was at Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park in 1963 with Mike Nichols first directing.

Net Worth

She has an outrageous net worth of 1 million dollars, and she has made her significant earnings auctioning and selling her paintings in exhibitions. 

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She has shown her work in more than 13 solo exhibitions till now, and this is a fantastic number. 

She has also shown her work in 20 group exhibitions

One of her best works has come in San Francisco exhibitions back in the year 2001. 

The major theme of that event was the people’s culture and landscape of Morocco

She is involved in other works as well. 

She is also running a non-profit organization called The Way of The Rain Inc

Her organization is bound to raise awareness among people about the earth and climate change

She holds the position of president and artistic director of the organization. 

Her work consists of several elements and aspects, and some of them are music, spoken worked and dance.

She also shows her large-scale paintings in the background while showing the acts. 

Painters earn a significant amount of money. Some of the legendary painters have outrageous earnings.

Marina Abramovic has an outrageous net worth of 10 million dollars, and Damien Hirst has a net worth of 300 million dollars

The net worth of Ed Ruscha is jaw-dropping as it reaches the 1.2 billion dollars mark. 

Here is the list of high earners artists and painters and the figures may shock you.   

Legendary Painters and ArtistsNet Worth
Marina Abramović10 million dollars
Damien Hirst300 million dollars
Banksy50 million dollars
Takashi Murakami100 million dollars
Gerhard Richter40 million dollars
Yayoi Kusama1 million dollars
Ed Ruscha1.2 billion dollars
Richard Serra1 million dollars

Her husband Robert Redford has a net worth of 170 million dollars, and he has acted in incredible movies and TV shows such as The Way We Were and Avengers: Endgame

Her husband’s work in Indecent Proposal was terrific. The movie was made with a budget of 38 million dollars, and it managed to earn 266.6 million dollars at the box office. 

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Here is a list of movies her husband has been a part of with details like IMDb ratings, rotten tomatoes ratings, budget and box office collection. 

He has bagged the right amount of fortune with these works. 

Movies NameBox Office
The Old Man and the Gun17 million dollars
Avengers: Endgame2.796 billion dollars
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid102.3 million dollars
Indecent Proposal266.6 million dollars
The Way We Were50 million dollars

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday)

  1. She was born in the year 1957, and this makes her age 62 in 2019.
  2. She celebrates her birthday on the 14th of April.
  3. She was born in Hamburg, Germany and her nationality is German.
  4. Her ethnicity is not known right now and is under review.
  5. Information on her parents is under review at this moment and will be updated soon.
  6. She is not very tall as she has an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.
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