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Facts of Samantha Vinograd

Samantha Vinograd is a foreign policy commentator, and she is currently working as a National Security Analyst for the mighty CNN

She has managed to reach the heights of success with her hard work and passion. 

Dating And Boyfriend?

She has managed to keep her personal life shallow profile. 

She is close to a fantastic few of her friends, though. She has posted this picture on her Instagram account, and there might be some fire between them, and they might be dating too.

She is having a significant moment in this picture with Josh Campbell. Is there anything between them? Time will tell. Josh is also associated with CNN.

She has captioned this picture as, 

1 of the reasons the west coast

Samantha Vinograd Boyfriend
Samantha Vinograd Boyfriend Source: Instagram

None of them have said anything about relationships, and by the outlook, it seems like they are friends only. However, their fans have commented that they would make a great couple. 

Net Worth

She has a very impressive net worth of 300 thousand dollars. Her salary is around 65,000 dollars to 95,000 dollars

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She is a policy commentator, and commentators make great money and have a fantastic net worth. 

She is associated with CNN, and CNN can transform the lives of its employees. Here is a list of CNN commentators who have a salary and net worth. 

Fareed Zakaria has a net worth of 12 million dollars, and S. E. Cupp also has a very impressive net worth of 6 million dollars. The net worth of CNN associate Gloria Borger is 2.5 million dollars

Ana Navarro has a net worth of 3 million dollars, and Jeffrey Toobin also has a very impressive net worth of 10 million dollars

CNN CommentatorsNet Worth
Fareed Zakaria12 million dollars
S. E. Cupp6 million dollars
Tucker Carlson20 million dollars
Gloria Borger2.5 million dollars
Paul Begala3 million dollars
Jeffrey Toobin10 million dollars
Kirsten Powers20 million dollars
Ana Navarro3 million dollars 

She is a foodie. 

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She has uploaded this picture on her Instagram account, and she has captioned this one as, 

"Long day yesterday dinner w…"

Samantha Vinograd Foodie
Samantha Vinograd Foodie Source: Instagram

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday)

  1. She was born in the year 1983, and this makes her age 36 in 2019.
  2. She celebrates her birthday on the 19th of February.
  3. She was born in Connecticut, which lies in the United States of America. She belongs to the nationality American.
  4. The names of her parents are Barbara Lefkowitz Vinograd and Serge G. Vinograd. Her parents are Jewish.
  5. She has three siblings, and their names are Ariane, Benjamin, and Cassandra.
  6. She went to Hopkins School for her early education. She later moved to the University of Pennsylvania for her studies. She got her B.A degree from there, and it was in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. She also has an M.A degree from Georgetown University, and she got this degree in the field of Security Studies.
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