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Facts of Chris Cuomo

Full NameChris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is a respected TV journalist, and he is working for the mighty CNN. He presents a show called Cuomo Prime Time

Cuomo Prime Time is a regular weeknight CNN show, and he has a vast number of admirers around the globe. 

Net Worth and Salary

He gets paid a jaw-dropping salary of 4 dollars from CNN, and he is among one of the best-paid journalists in the world. 

His salary always boosts his net worth. He has a net worth of 9 million dollars. 

Why CNN Pay Him The Sum?

He runs famous shows for CNN. One of them is Cuomo Prime Time. The show has 4.8 ratings from IMDb, and it started the journey from August 28, 2017. 

The executive producer of the show is Melanie Buck.

The minimum salary of CNN employees is 37,311 dollars, and it can go as high as 144,282 dollars.

News producer makes around 73,680 dollars, and the average salary of Associate Producer is about 49,005.

His experience and skills has got him a salary of 4 million dollars, which he deserves.

He also runs New Day. Its full name is New Day with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, and it is one of the flagship shows of CNN. Rated at 4.8 from IMDb, it is narrated by James Earl Jones. 

Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo is a TV program he has been part of, and it has a staggering 9.6 ratings from TV time. 

This is the reason he enjoys the salary of other's dreams.

Shows and ProgramRatings
Cuomo Prime Time4.8 IMDb
New Day with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota4.8 IMDb
Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo9.6 TV time

He has a great life, and he loves to explore and travel. He has uploaded this picture in his Instagram account, and he has captioned this one as, 

"Huge fluke

Catching Fish
Catching Fish Source: Instagram


He has been nominated for Emmy Award several times in his career. 

He won the Emmy Award, and he won it for his Good Morning America profile of a 12-year-old poet named Mattie Stepanek. He is one of the youngest personality to grab an Emmy award. 

Married, Wife

He is married to his wife Christina Greeven Cuomo, and the couple had their wedding in the year 2001

The couple has children, and their names are Bella Cuomo, Mario Cuomo, and Carolina Regina Cuomo

Here is a picture of his wife with him, and they look fantastic together. 

He is looking handsome in his suit and ties in this picture, and his wife is looking pretty in her blue dress as well. The couple is twinning in blue.

Chris with wife
Chris with wife Source: Zimbio

His wife is editor of Gotham Magazine. He has a small and happy family.

Chris Cuomo's Family
(Chris Cuomo's Family Source: answersafrica)

Education, Early Life, and Parents

He went to The Albany Academy for his education. He then moved to Yale University, and from there, he obtained his undergraduate degree. 

He got his J.D (Juris Doctor) from Fordham University. He is also a licensed attorney.

The name of his father is Mario Cuomo. He was a politician for the Democratic Party. He was the 52nd Governor of New York

He also served as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1979 to 1982. He also served as Secretary of State of New York from 1975 to 1978

His mother's name is Matilda Cuomo. She was an advocate for women and children and also former First Lady of New York from 1983 to 1994

Wiki and Biography of Chris Cuomo

He was born in the year 1970 on August 9, and this makes his age 48 in 2019. He was born in New York, United States of America. He belongs to the nationality American. 

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