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Facts of Jayni Chase

Full NameJayni Chase
First NameJayni
Last NameChase
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryAmerica
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseChevy Chase
No Of Children3
Networth$10 M
Insta Profile
Date of BirthAugust 24,1957
Age65 years
Married DateJune 19,1982

Jayni Chase is a legendary writer and her work, Vacation released in 1983 has won millions of hearts all over the world.

She was phenomenal with her work in The Annual Tel Aviv Gala Presents a Salute to Goldie Hawn and it was released back in the year 1987. 

Claims In An Interview

Chevy Chase, one of the funniest and innovative comedians, SNL’s first breakout star, has an adorable personality. 

But the criticism he had to endure being as a villain, arrogant, tonic show killer and impossible person to work with affected him mentally and emotionally.

As a result, his different personalities showed up, which shrank his reputation.

 Now, he is living in a pleasant place, isolated from others. Time has tested his resilience. 

When his movies began failing, he started hosting the show, Saturday Night Live

This brought him to NBC’s sitcom Community. And there he had to battle with different controversies and conflicting issues related to Dan Harman and other casts.

 When Harman mocked him in front of everyone, Chevy sent a voice message which was publicized spoiling his prestige. 

Then others started taking his jokes as nasty slight and racially insensitive, especially of Donald Glover.

When asked about leaving the show, he said his efforts to become part of the cast were eschewed consistently. 

Reporter realized that he worked all time and still has an immense desire to give the best work to the public, but somehow a negative perceived image of him spoiled it. 

Thus, he was hurt and gets angry and defensive. Chevy thought that people write negatively of him due to jealously rather than the perception of him. 

He told me that he knows who he is and feels proud of who he is, and others who know this cherish him. So, he doesn’t care what others think and write about him. 

Why She Is A Super Woman?

She is the reason the couple started environmental education and planning for it. 

It was about 31 years ago when she thought that it is already high time to think about the environment. She is a visionary woman.

She thanks her upbringing to make her so much conscious about the environment. 

She partnered up with many schools for the environment with the sole purpose of making them green.

She started greening school in 1988, and she has come a long way. 

She started working with Earth Day Network to make her mission possible.

The cost is quite expensive for schools to go completely green. It costs about 500,000 dollars for a school to go to Green, she explains. 

Her husband and his money help her to reach her goals. 

Her husband says he loves her wife and never refuses her to help financially.

Married Life with Superstar Actor

She is happily married to a legendary actor, Chevy Chase. She is the third wife of Chevy Chase

Jayni Chase With Her Husband Chevy Chase
Jayni Chase With Her Husband Chevy Chase Source: Zimbio

First Wife Of Her Husband: Susan Hewitt

Her husband was first married to Susan Hewitt. The couple had married on 23rd of February, 1973 but sadly, after three years, the couple divorced.

Second Wife: Jacqueline Carlin

Her husband then moved on with his life and married Jacqueline Carlin. They got married on the 4th of December, 1976, but sadly they divorced on 14th November, 1980

Third Wife: Herself

Chevy married her on the 19th of June, 1982. Their wedding was held in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. 

Husband and His Addition to Painkillers.

Her husband was admitted to a clinic in 1986.

 The cause of the problem was the use of painkillers. Her husband was addicted to prescription painkillers and he overused it because of his back pain. 

Here is a picture of her husband.

Jayni Chase Husband Chevy Chase
Jayni Chase Husband Chevy Chase Source: Wikipedia

His back pain was released to pratfalls, which he took during a show, Saturday Night Live. 

After fighting for a few years in 2010, his drug abuse was at a low level. Everything was not fine again, as he was affected by alcohol addiction.

Her husband is an environmentalist and a charity fundraiser. He has mocked President George W. Bush during a speech in 2004. 

He called him uneducated and real lying sch****. He also called him dumb f***. 


She has three children from Chevy Chase and a total of 4 for Chevy Chase from all three marriages. 

The name of their children is Caley Leigh ChaseCydney Cathalene ChaseBryan PerkinsEmily Evelyn Chase.

Here is a picture of the family.

Chevy Chase Family
Chevy Chase Family Source: Dreamstime

Husband Chevy Chase About Past, Comedian Mel Brooks And More

Jayni Chase's spouse Chevy Chase talks about comedian Mel Brooks saying he wasn't as funny as him as he just kept the class in stitches a lot that means whipping oneself of flatulence. 

Chevy was a class clown with the authority of a very tall, good-looking fellow with good grades and was funny in class. 

When people questioned about the side of him that is hidden behind.

 He joked that there is a side of him that the host does not see or know, and that is his right side, so change around, and he will be able to see that side. 

Chase agreed that there isn't a side to him that has any aspiration that drives toward any goal that has in mind. As per him, he has never cared about it. 

He never stayed in a job for more than a year. The host was surprised to know that he was fired from Saturday Night for just being a little too funny. 

However, he does mention that he has to map out his life a bit better, but it was not like three pictures this year kind of thing. 

Chevy lives in the area of Gran desk Beauty, much like a secure nest of New York. It's like a bachelor pad, a little place with Ralph and a pool and a garden a little land, probably like the host place in Montauk.

Chevy Chase telling about his daughter's boyfriend and other fun stuff

Chevy Chase was spotted having a talk with Jimmy Carter in his show. The conversation got into their daughter. 

It started when Jimmy pointed out that Chevy’s kids are getting a bit older. Jimmy also asked if it bothers him yet? 

Chevy smiled and replied, asking the host if he had any daughters? Chevy then continued he is the father to three girls, 14, 12, and 8

On asking if his daughters were seeing any other man or loving another man? Chevy’s reaction was so quick that he interrupted, saying that his eldest daughter is only 14 of age. He confronted that she had a boyfriend. 

It’s a very recent thing, and he hopes that his daughter doesn’t see this interview because he might embarrass her, Chevy added. Later, on coming to his age, Chevy said that if he looks at himself, he feels old. 

He also said that it’s the reason he ignores looking at the mirror. Chevy never felt old, but he does feel he is around 30’s / 28 of age. 

Further, he asked when you dream, how old you are in that dream? You feel like you are in your teenage, so we all do believe we are still young. 

He is not old, but yes, he has now crossed the half-century mark. Lastly, he confronted he doesn’t watch much TV. 

Some interesting facts about Jayni’s partner

Jayni’s husband, Chevy, was born to a writer and literary editor father, and a musician and composer mother. 

His mother was an heir to Crane Plumbing’s fortune. However, his parents separated while he was four years old

Nevertheless, his family had a hefty bankroll. For that reason, he worked hard in order to support himself and got involved in a career of a performer and a writer. 

Other than that, he used to work as a cab driver, managing produce department at the Supermarket, waiting tables and selling wine, being involved in construction as his day job. 

Also, he confronted that he had managed to keep a distance from the army. He had convinced the draft board, stating himself as a deranged homosexual. 

Net Worth, Blockbuster

She has a jaw-dropping net worth of 10 million dollars and this proves how successful she has been in her career.

Her husband, Chevy Chase, has a net worth of 50 million dollars. We are talking about 60 million dollars of combined net worth. 

The primary source of her income has been from her writing work in movies, TV series, and documentaries.

Her work in Biography was superb. Its first episode was released in 1987. 

Her work in Vacation was brilliant as well, and the movie was released back in the year 1983. 

WorkIMDb Ratings
Vacation 7.4

She is a pet lover. She has uploaded this picture of her pet on her Instagram account. She has captioned this picture of her pet as, 

"Here's the crew…."

Jayni Chase Pets
Jayni Chase Pets Source: Instagram


  1. She was born in the year 1957, and this makes her age 62 in 2019. She celebrates her birthday on the 24th of August.
  2. Wiki sites do not contain enough information on her and her biography, but we got you covered.

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