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Facts of Fayza Lamari

Full NameFayza Lamari
First NameFayza
Last NameLamari
Professionformer handball player
Birth CountryFrance
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseWilfried Mbappe
No Of Children3
Date of Birth1974

Fayza Lamari is a legendary handball player, and she is also famous for being the mother of the French National Team and Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe

She is a former player, and she played for the French Division 1 team called AS Bondy. 

She used to play as a right-winger for AS Bondy.

Kylian Mbappe is rumored to have just signed for Real Madrid, and Los Blancos have got their man, it seems.

Fayza Lamari
Fayza Lamari Source:

Moments with Star Striker Son

She is the backbone of her son's success. Here is an adorable picture of a mother and son duo. Kylian's siblings Ethan Mbappe and Jires Kembo Ekoko are also present in the picture. 

Fayza is hugging her sons in this picture, and she looks thrilled seeing her grown-up son, who is doing so well in the football scenario. 

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Fayza Lamari With Her Son Kylian And Other Siblings
Fayza Lamari With Her Son Kylian And Other Siblings Source: Pinterest

She Wanted Her Son to Play From Algeria

She has explained that she wanted her son to play for Algeria, but the committee was not convinced. 

It is a loss for the Algerian National Team, and The French Team got the opportunity to get a real talent who won them the world cup. 

Here is news from Sports Filla, which explains that news. It is not confirmed though, but it seems right from the news site. 

She Wanted Him To Play For Algeria
She Wanted Him To Play For Algeria Source: Facebook

Her Husband Has Always Supported Her Son in Bad Times

Her husband, Wilfried Mbappe, has always supported Kylian personally and professionally.

 According to a few media, Kylian was not at his best when he played for the national team against Moldova

France won 2 – 1, but according to critics, he performed below average. 

His father came out to the media and said it was nothing to be concerned about as he knows his son has a lot of potential and will surely do well in the upcoming games. 

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He was angry about the comments made about him, and he also asked them to think about saying anything. 

He said Kylian had been used to criticism from the starting days of his career. 

Fayza Lamari Husband Wilfried Mbappe Always Has His Son's Back
Fayza Lamari Husband Wilfried Mbappe Always Has His Son's Back Source: Daily Mail

Here is a picture of her husband in the stadium, and he never misses a chance to watch his son play. He is an amazing father and has been pivotal in his son's success. 

Her Super Successful Son

Kylian Mbappe is a winner and is one of the top talents in the world. Rumors have been spread that he has already signed with Real Madrid, but it is yet to be confirmed. 

It had been a while since Kylian was linked with Real Madrid. He was also linked with Liverpool, A Premier League club, and the current European Champions

Zinedine Zidane, the French legend, is the manager of Real Madrid, and Kylian, also being French, was bound to join Los Blancos. 

Here is a picture of her handsome son, and he is looking super cute in this blue suit. 

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Kylian uploaded this picture on his Instagram account, and he has captioned this with a laughing emoji. He is a fantastic lad. 

This picture was uploaded on 24th September 2019

Her Son
Her Son Source: Instagram

Her Son Feud With Manager

Kylian is a superb player and a cool guy, but he recently lost his cool when he was substituted in a game playing for PSG.

He was furious with the manager Thomas Tuchel, and many people termed him arrogant and mannerless after this display.

Here is a video of the incident; what he did was not mature enough, and these actions might cost him dearly in his career.

However, he is a talented lad, and he will surely improve upon his actions. 

He is the next Ballon D'Or for sure, and a little bit of humbleness might get him to the Greatest Line like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

She is coming out like a wolf

For years, she worked as a manager of her son in the shadows, but she is a mother above that. When things started getting out of hand after Euros, where people began to make up anything and everything, she felt the urge to speak out no matter what; she first came out via Twitter and asked them to stop and later gave an interview defending her son. 

Kylian was heavily criticized for his attitude towards his opponent during FC Metz and Paris Saint's game last September. 

After losing the game, he addressed FC Metz goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja and later turned to his opponent, creating turmoil in the ground. 

Commenting on his behavior FC Metz boss Frederick Antonetti said Kylian Mbappe had better behaved differently if he wanted to be loved. 

In an interview, Lamari stated that her son became the one to knock down in public, and at that point, the mother intervenes. 

She defended her son, saying that her son is just 22 and makes mistakes, but he didn't deserve everything that happened to him, and that was why she is coming out like a wolf. 

Talking about the gap between his image in the media and reality, she further added, saying Kylian needs to open up more. There is a need to communicate better to get closer to his real personality, as he is not the same behind the scenes. 

She also ensured that her son possessed his father's assuredness, which made him strong.

PSG's attempt to stop Kylian's move to Real Madrid

Since Real Madrid is interested in Kylian as he has not signed a contract extension at PSG with his contract to expire in the summer, PSG is trying their level best not to let go of their hand one of the top players in the world. 

They are luring him with the jaw-dropping amount that would make him the world's highest-paid player. 

According to the sources, they have come up with the offer to pay him the basic wage that would be excess of pound sterling 50,0000 and closer to pound sterling 1 million per week, the wage that no other clubs could hardly offer.

Kylian on his journey

Kylian recalled his journey, saying that he came here when he was only 18 years old. He was obviously a developing player at that time and was certain that he would change. 

He also stated that when one comes into this type of dressing room, Kylian explained being around the payers who had won everything, players who had experienced everything in their career. 

Kylian admitted to knowing different coaches, which had allowed him to learn different philosophies as well because these coaches have a different way of looking at football. 

Kylian shared how being a player allows you to add numerous strings to your bow. So, in his view, he thinks that he has had more maturity in his game too. 

He also said that he has grown up with age and claimed to be much more mature. Kylian thinks that he still has to improve on some aspects. 

Nevertheless, he now also understood the importance of paying attention to each and every detail of the game in football and also the Paris Saint-Germain club.  

Not only this, Kylian says that it is not necessarily just ego, but sometimes you are in your own bubble, and you are locked in a world where you play every three days and where you are just looking for performances where you don’t necessarily see all the aspects of the game, Kylian added. 

Not only this, he says that it is always good to get criticism and is not necessarily just a slap in the face, it may sometimes be a reminder or sometimes warnings reflecting that it is good to take them into account. 

He also clarifies his view that those things should not be taken personally because it is not personal as it is not against him. 

Kylian clearly explains that it is just people who are judging a player’s performance at that moment. 

So for Kylian, it is normal and even more when you play or contribute for Paris-Saint Germain as it is considered to be the most-watched club in the country. 

Lastly, he also says that people will definitely talk about you every day, so they are not always going to say nice things, otherwise, it is too linear, he said. 

Net Worth of Son

Her son has a staggering net worth of 83 million pounds. It is around 95 million Euros, and his current market value is a staggering 175 million pounds. It is about 200 million Euros. 

He makes his money from his salary and endorsements.

Kylian's Salary

He gets paid 18,600,000 Euros per year and 1,550,000 Euros per month. Here is a table which shows his salary.

S.NTime FrameSalary (Euros)

Son's Lifestyle

Her son loves watersports. Here is a super cool picture of her son, which he has uploaded on his Instagram account. This was uploaded on 1st August 2018, and this has been captioned as 

"Fin des…."

He loves the sport, and he is posing with the Jet Ski in this one. The place is Corse, France

Son Loves Watersport
Son Loves Watersport Source: Instagram


  1. She was born in the year 1974, and this makes her age 46 in 2020.

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