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Facts of Emma Sweeten

Full NameEmma Sweeten
First NameEmma
Last NameSweeten
Professionchild celebrity
Father NameJerry Gini
Mother NameElizabeth Grace Gini
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsGuiliana Gini, Jaymeson Gini, Elliette Gini, Claudia Gini, Sawyer Sweeten, Sullivan Sweeten, Maysa Sweeten, and Madylin Sweeten
Date of Birth2007

Emma Sweeten is a child celebrity best known to the world as the half-sister of Sawyer Sweeten and Madylin Sweeten.

Her Parents

She is the daughter of Elizabeth Grace Gini and Jerry Gini. Her parents got married in 2017 after dating for a few years.

Emma’s Parents
Emma’s Parents Source:

Her mother changed her name after tying the knot with Jerry. She was previously known as Elizabeth Anne Millsap.

Jerry is not the first person her mother walked the aisle with. 

Her mother was previously married to a man named Timothy Lynn Sweeten

The couple lived a happy married life until their divorce for some personal reasons.

Her Siblings

She has eight siblings, including her half-brothers and sisters from her mother’s first marriage. 

Her siblings are Guiliana Gini, Jaymeson Gini, Elliette Gini, and Claudia Gini.

She has four half-siblings whose names are Sawyer Sweeten, Sullivan Sweeten, Maysa Sweeten, and Madylin Sweeten.

Emma, with her parents and siblings
Emma, with her parents and siblings Source: People

Unfortunately, one of her half-brothers, Sawyer, is no more in this world.

Sawyer committed suicide on April 23, 2015, at his aunt’s house in Austin, Texas. 

As per the report of the police, he shot himself with a handgun.

One of his family members mentioned that he was fighting depression and also had a history of mental issues. 

Before he shot himself, he wrote a suicide letter, which said that it was his insecurity to come out as gay that led him to take this huge step.

Her Mother’s Say On Sawyer’s Suicide

Sawyer’s death left everyone depressed, especially his family. His mother took a long time to recover from this incident.

In an interview with People, Elizabeth said that there were signs that were missed. She added, 

“I saw him saying things that were delusional and didn’t make sense.”

Her daughter Maysa was affected more than any other child. Post Sawyer’s death, Maysa suffered from insomnia and panic attacks.

The memory of her brother coming to the house and crying just two weeks before his death haunted her for an extended period. 

Maysa with her siblings Sawyer, Madylin, and Sullivan
Maysa with her siblings Sawyer, Madylin, and Sullivan Source: Pinterest

Her Net Worth

Emma is too young to have her net worth. She is currently enjoying her life with the earnings of her parents. 

Her Sister Madylin is a Millionaire

Her half-sister Madylin has an estimated net worth of $5 million, which she has accumulated from her career as an actress.

She is widely known for her role as Ally Barone in the CBS series “Everybody Loves Raymond,” where she appeared alongside her twin brothers Sawyer and Sullivan.

She has appeared in several movies and TV shows such as Eagle Eye, American Splendor, Becky, Sam and Me, New Year’s Eve, Choice, Grey’s Anatomy, and more. 

She recently appeared in TV series, Lucifer. Below is the list of Lucifer cast and their respective net worth:

NameNet Worth
Tom Ellis$6 million
Lauren German$1 million
Lesley-Ann Brandt$21 million
D.B. Woodside$3 million
Kevin Alejandro$49 million

Besides movies and TV series, she has appeared in commercials as well. In 1997 she starred in the McDonalds TV commercial.


  1. Emma was born in the year 2007, which makes her age 13 as of 2020.
  2. Her sister Madylin is married to her boyfriend, Sean Durrie. The couple were having an affair for a few years and got hitched in 2018.
  3. We cover most of the information about Emma Sweeten as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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