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Ayesha Minhaj


Facts of Ayesha Minhaj

Full NameAyesha Minhaj
First NameAyesha
Last NameMinhaj
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Networth$300 k
Insta Profile
Date of Birth1989

Ayesha Minhaj is a talented woman, and she is also famous as the sister of Hasan Minhaj. 

Hasan is a prominent and famous comedian known for his roles in The Daily Show and Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, but Ayesha is no less hard-working and successful.

Her brother is a star and can make anyone's bad mood go away. Watch this video and laugh. 

5 Interesting Facts About Ayesha Minhaj- Hasan Minhaj Sister

5. Ayesha did not know about her brother and vice versa until they became young. Hasan met Ayesha first time when he was eight years old.

4. Ayesha is a prominent lawyer and makes arguments in court, which is very unlikely and unorthodox when you have a comedian brother. However, both are very successful in what they do. 

3. Her net worth will shock you. It is a staggering 300,000 dollars.

2. She often posts pictures of her superstar brother on her Instagram account. She has posted this picture of her brother and father on her Instagram. 

Ayesha Minhaj Foodie Father And Brother
Ayesha Minhaj Foodie Father And Brother Source: Instagram
  1. Ayesha's Vacations And Lifestyle are very luxurious. She is a real foodie and uploads delicacies on her Instagram account. This one is for YOU! from Ayesha.
Ayesha Minhaj Foodie (Lifestyle)
Ayesha Minhaj Foodie (Lifestyle) Source: Instagram

Hasan talked about his fertility, fatherhood, and freedom of speech journey

Hasan, on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, shared that his favorite type of comedy is confessional. 

Hasan also revealed that he will tell Trevor about something that he is very scared to share with other people. 

Hasan revealed that back then when he was still working on “The Daily Show,”, that time his wife Beena and he was trying to get pregnant but couldn’t be successful in getting pregnant, and Hasan confessed that all fault was his. 

He also says that his genitals don’t work either. However, he says that it’s a thing you kind of carry. Also, most men don’t usually talk about it. 

Hasan mentioned that he began the show that way, i.e., fertility, fatherhood, freedom of speech, and all those things he has been going through within those past four-five years of his life. 

When asked, Hasan says he is now enjoying his fatherhood with his two kids. 

He also shared that he wanted his children in the future to know that for their dad Hasan, it has been a thrill of a lifetime and a true honor and privilege to be their dad. 

Also, he pointed out that their kids are really funny, especially his daughter. Hasan explains that his daughter knows how to needle his spouse and him. 

Hasan also recalls that their daughter was arguing with his wife one day, and she goes like Momma, don’t tell me what to do, you are fake. 

Hasan remembers how Beena’s expression looked so funny, and the content of her character was just different. 

While Hassan was saying don’t be cruel to her mother, his daughter says that he was projecting. 

Lastly, Hasan expressed that Trevor was one of the first people that kind of gave Hasan his first test drive through fame. 

He also says that for him, it just came to this moment in his career and life where he was like, all he really wanted to do was close the gap between who he is on Instagram and who he really is on iMessage. 

Facts about her brother Hasan Minhaj

While he was growing up, he was into drawing, so he aspired to become an animator. His dream was to be an animator for the Batman animated series.

Minhaj lived with his parents when he was at college. He used to tell his parents that he was going to the library, but he used to go to stand-up comedy. 

His mother said she used to cover him up, saying to his father that he was in the library studying late when he used to go to the Bay Area

At one point, his father asked if he was doing drugs because Minhaj used to be home at 1 or 2 in the morning sometimes. 

But one day, when he was driving back from San Francisco to his home in Davis, his car hydroplaned and hit a median on a freeway in Vallejo, 40 minutes away from Davis

When he called his mother, his mother asked him to talk to his father, saying she could not lie for him anymore. 

His father asked him if he was okay and hung up the phone when he heard he was in Vallejo

His father, upon reaching Vallejo, picked him up on the side of the road and asked him if the library in Vallejo was good. 

Minhaj thought it was the time to tell the truth. He said to his father that he didn’t go to the library but was doing stand-up comedy. 

His father was like, ”O dammit, Hassan, I was really hoping that you were just smoking weed.” It was the first time that he knew his father was 420-friendly.

Hasan, on embarrassing his parents 

Hasan, while appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show, talked about embarrassing his parents. 

He said he stole his teacher’s homework answer sheet copy to sell it to his classmates. He thought his teacher would never doubt an Indian Kid. 

Unfortunately, he was caught, and the teacher called his father. “It was the longest 45 minutes I had ever had”, he recalled. 

His father said his son didn’t do that. Hassan thought his father trusted him. 

But then his father told his teacher that his son was a coward and that he didn’t have the guts to pull that off.

Net Worth

She is a very successful attorney, and she is earning a good amount of money at a very young age. 

She has a net worth above 300,000 dollars, and she has worked very hard to earn this amount of money.

There is a legendary attorney in the world, and their net worth is shocking. 

She might have plans to reach their levels. We will discuss some outstanding attorney and their jaw-dropping net worth. 

Legendary Harish Salve has a net worth of 6 million dollars, and Jose Baez has a net worth of 8 million dollars

The net worth of Lynn Toler is very impressive, too, as it is 15 million dollars. Here is a list of other successful lawyers and attorneys whose net worth is a dream. 

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S.NAttorneys Name (Legends)Net Worth 
1.Harish Salve6 Million Dollars
2. Jose Baez8 Million Dollars
3.Bill Neukom850 Million Dollars
4.William Lerach900 Million Dollars
5.Wichai Thongtang:1.1 billion dollars
6.Joe Jamail1.7 billion dollars
7.Richard Scruggs1.7 billion dollars
8.Lynn Toler15 million dollars
9.David Boies20 million dollars
10.Alan Dershowitz:25 million dollars

She has recently posted this video of her having fun with this hoverboard. She has posted this video in Templo De Deboid Madrid with a caption, 

“We’d make excellent mall cops...

Here is another picture of her luxurious vacation. She has posted this from JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa, and she has captioned this picture as, 


Ayesha Minhaj Luxurious Vacation (Lifestyle)
Ayesha Minhaj Luxurious Vacation (Lifestyle) Source: Instagram

She is a foodie, and she posts a lot of pictures on her Instagram of the food she eats. She has posted this picture on her Instagram, and she has captioned this picture as, 

“Vegas brunch 

Ayesha Minhaj Foodie
Ayesha Minhaj Foodie Source: Instagram

Ayesha Minhaj’s LinkedIn

Her LinkedIn profile has the details of her career. She is an Associate Security Counsel at Google

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She worked as a Litigation Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, and Affiliates from September 2015 to January 2019

She also worked as a News Associate at NBC News from September 2011 to September 2012. She has a Doctor of Law (J.D) from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. 

She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles

Her Husband, Boyfriend

She has managed to share her lifestyle on social media, but she has also managed to keep her personal life very low profile. 

She is not married and does not have a husband right now. She might be dating her boyfriend, but she has not talked about her personal life anywhere. She might have decided to keep it a secret.

She might be single, too, and might be looking for someone to mingle with. As very little information is available, no random guesses can be made. 


Her brother Hasan Minhaj is a sensation.

He has been brilliant with his performance in TV shows and movies, and this has taken his fame to new heights. He is a successful comedian and political commentator as well. 

He has been fantastic in his work as a writer too. 

He played a role in a comedy movie called Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King, and he was impressed with this role of his. The video has an impressive 8.3 ratings from IMDb

He also did fantastic work in The Spy Who Dumped Me

The movie has six ratings from IMDb, and it was made with a budget of 40 million dollars. The film managed to earn 75.3 million dollars at the box office. 

Other movies and TV Shows he has been brilliant in are included in the table below with additional details — first, the list of movies.

Movies NameBudgetBox Office
The Spy Who Dumped Me4075.3
Rough Night2647.3
Most Likely to MurderN/AN/A

His incredible work in TV shows and sitcoms is vital to his success. 

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His performance in a comedy series called Failosophy was brilliant. The series has 4.7 ratings from IMDb. Other TV series he has been fantastic at include the likes of:

TV Shows and SitcomIMDb RatingsFirst Episode Date
Failosophy4.7 February 14, 2013
Disaster Date5.6September 28, 2009
Arrested Development8.8November 2, 2003
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj8.1

October 28, 2018


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  1. Ayesha Minhaj was born in 1989, and her age is 29 in 2019. She is the daughter of Indian and Muslim parents.
  2. As Hasan had mentioned, she only came to know about her brother when she was eight years old, and it was very strange, the whole scenario.
  3. Talking about her career, she is a legal practitioner in law firms.
  4. Ayesha is not popular, but when Hasan mentioned her in one of the comedy satirical remarks, people wanted to know more about her.
  5. Hasan had mentioned that meeting his sister for the very first time and it was not when they were kids, and the overall scenario was so strange.
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