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Facts of Anne Stringfield

Full NameAnne Stringfield
First NameAnne
Last NameStringfield
Birth CityPensacola, Florida
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameDr. James Stringfield
Father ProfessionPulmonologis
Mother NameMargo Stringfield
Mother ProfessionArchaeologist
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSteven Martin
No Of Children1
Height170 cm
Weight60 kg
Date of Birth1972
Married DateJuly 28,2007

Anne Stringfield is an American writer. She is the former writer and editor of The New Yorker magazine

She is best known for being the wife of Steve Martin, who is a veteran actor and comedian. 

Anne Stringfield’s Wedding, Husband

Anne Stringfield is a married woman. She is married to Steve Martin, who is a famous veteran actor and comedian. Even though she is married to a celebrity, she prefers to stay away from fame. 

They met each other for the first time when Anne Stringfield was working as a fact-checker in The New Yorker. They met each other during the mid-2000s.

 She had to call him several times due to her work responsibility. She had to check his comedy pieces. Several phone calls led them to talk over the phone for about a year. 

After meeting her for the first time, her husband, Steve Martin, was mesmerized by her looks and described her beauty, inspiring the romantic poet to create “that whole ’violet by a mossy stone’ thing.” 

They dated for three years and shocked the world when they secretly got married at Steven Martin’s Los Angeles home at a surprise party. They tied their knots in marriage on July 28, 2007. 

They held an outdoor wedding. The wedding was presided by Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey. Both of them choose their close family member and close friend as their maid of honor and best man. 

The maid of honor of Anne Stringfield was her sister, and Steven Martin’s best man was Lorne Michaels. 

Anne Stringfield With Her Husband
Anne Stringfield With Her Husband Source: US Weekly

About 75 guests attended their wedding, including their close friends, Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy, Ricky Jay, and Carl Reiner. 

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The guests were unaware of the wedding and were just at Steven Martin’s house to attend the party. 

They went to the West Indies for their honeymoon. They are happily married and are very much in love. 

They welcomed their first child in December 2012 after five years of marriage. They are blessed with an adorable daughter whom they named Mary. 

Anne Stringfield gave birth to her daughter at the age of 40, and Steve Martin became a father at 67

While Anne Stringfield was pregnant with her daughter, she was spotted flaunting her baby bump many times. She looked adorable with her baby bump.  


Anne Stringfield With Her Daughter
Anne Stringfield With Her Daughter Source: Daily Mail

In an interview, he said that he will not be a lousy father now as he can give as much as the time he wants to spend with his daughter as he will not be busy in his acting career while sharing his experience of being a father. 

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They wanted to keep their daughter away from the lame light, so they did not share her name with the world for a long period of time. 

Steven Martin is so much in love with his daughter and loves to spend time with her that he has only made a few appearances in media since Mary’s birth. 

They only have a daughter as their children and have not revealed any information regarding their planning to have more kids. 

Even though this wedding was the first wedding of Anne Stringfield, her husband was previously married to Victoria Tennant, who is a British Actress. 

They tied their knot in marriage in 1986. But their marriage could not last, and they ended their marriage in divorce in 1994. 

Anne Stringfield’s husband had dated a few famous celebrities before marrying her, including Bernadette Peters, an actress, the late Carrie Fisher, and Cindy Sherman, who is an artist. 

She is happily married to her husband, so there is no chance of divorce. There is no information regarding her past partners. There are no rumors of extramarital affairs as well. 

Steve Martin talks about the Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Anne Stringfield’s spouse Steve Martin talks about the Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, bestowing him with an Honorary Academy Award

Steve honestly never thought it would happen as per him, comedy tends to be ignored by the Academy as there were only a few who were honored by it like Charlie Chaplin, Roberto Benigni, and Tom Hanks.

 He shared the story of how a couple of weeks ago, he got a phone call from Cheryl Isaac Boone, who was the head of the Board of Governors of The Academy and has left the message. 

He thought he would be the one to announce the nominees as he has previously hosted the Oscar. Steve was flattered and deeply moved when they mentioned that they wanted to give him an honorary Oscar. 

When asked whether the honorary be telecast, Steve mentioned it wouldn’t, but it might be webcast. He explained that they would have to go to dinner, and he would be allowed to invite some of the people closest to him and then make a little warm speech. 

About his physic and health, Steve stated that he went on a diet and has lost some weight. He even videotaped and documented it and had brought that into the show. 

Speaking about his business apart from comedy, the host was surprised to know that Steve was also involved in the video game a ‘Banjo Touring.’

He does it with ET Boo Kelvin, Steep Canyon Rangers, and even has its merchandise. They further talk about their game, board members, and the awards. 

Steve Martin gave the fake name of his daughter

Shortly after Steve and Anne's daughter was born, Steve was invited to The David Letterman Show, where the host Letterman asked him about his daughter's name. 

Steve said he had named his daughter Conquistador because he did not want to go with one of those weird Hollywood names. 

He also added that 

"Conquistador is a statement." 

Steve said it as a joke, but many people thought it was his daughter's name. Steve and Anne have named their daughter Mary Martin.

 Steve embraces his fatherhood and says that the feeling of being a father is fantastic.

 He also added that he would have been a lousy father if he had kids at an early age as, at that time, his only focus used to be his work. Now he can give his full time to raising his daughter.

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What makes Steve Martin so great as a comedian?

As we know, Steve Martin is an all-rounder

He has given different variations in this field, starring as an actor, writer, musician, producer, and comedian. 

But when his close mate was asked about the question regarding Steve being great as a comedian, Martin Short stated his mind is hilarious but makes him deeply kind. 

Mr. Short also shared back the story of the 1980s, during the award function, where Steve was presenting the nominations on the stage. 

He was spotted without pants but with a boxer.

Meanwhile, one of the crew pops up, carrying a pair of pants on the hanger. Steve then wears it in front of millions of people. 

Lastly, Mr. short mentioned how brilliant that joke was. 

And he couldn’t mind paying millions of dollars for it. For more detailed information, click on the YouTube link below.

Steve Martin's Biggest Hobby declared

Everyone has their hobby besides their professional work. Here, we will take a look at Steve’s most unique hobby. 

Steve is a big avid art collector. Many of you might feel surprised. But, in his early twenties, he began his collection of art. 

His first purchase was from James Gale Tyler, a 19th-century American artist.

Further, the man mentioned it is a great way for him to be away from the tiresome thoughts. 

Steve added that it let him feel very calm and relaxed inside. Moreover, being an active collector for many years, Steve decided to establish a small section to flourish his private art collection. 

Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity for his fans and the public to get to know his taste and choices in Arts. 

James Mann, an Art critic, stated that Steve had done a great job. The collection he has is of good quality. James was also praised and admired for his work and efforts arranged greatly.  

Steve Martin and Martin Short on their friendship through the years and how it works

Steve Martin and Martin Short have shared a special bond for more than 35 years. While appearing on the American Talk Show "The View," the duo reminisced their long years of friendship. 

When asked if they remembered when they first met, Short said he first met Steve in the July of 1985

Reminiscing the memory of his first meeting, he added that since Steve co-wrote Three Amigos with Lorne Michaels and Randy Newman, he went to Steve's house in Beverly Hills to get the script. 

He went in and looked around the house and found the Picasso and the Hopper, after which his question to him was, 

"How did you get that rich because I have seen your work"? 

And towards the end of the conversation, Steve's said to him, 

"it was great meeting you, but I was expecting more charisma." 

They have worked together in the "Father of the Bride," toured together, and most recently on the hit series "Only Murders in the Building." 

The series is about the three neighbors working together to solve a murder in their New York City Apartment. 

Talking about how their relationships work while not performing, Short said it's not about the show business but is like any great friendship. 

He continued, 

"You make a film, and you are in location for a couple of months, and often you never see that person Or you make a conscientious effort to say I am not going to lose you, and that is what we do." 

Adding to that, Steve said they don't talk to each other daily. They only call if they have something to talk about, even if the days go by. 

He says he never says to him if he is ok. When they were asked if they envy each other or are competitive with each other, Short said they never. 

According to him, when they do live shows, they will go over their jokes and figure out their jokes, and Steve will say, 

"You know that joke is great, but it's better for you." 

This is how their bond is and how their relationship works, and it is their comedy that has bonded them even closer.

Anne Stringfield’s Net Worth

Anne Stringfield was remarkable in her work in The New Yorker magazine.

 As a writer and editor at The New Yorker, she has earned a handsome amount of money. According to Glassdoor, a writer in New York earns an average salary of 39 thousand dollars to 84 thousand dollars, and an editor earns an average salary from 39 thousand dollars to 82 thousand dollars. 

So we can safely say that she has a huge net worth. Her net worth is still under review and has not been published yet. 

While talking about her husband, he has a huge net worth of 130 million dollars

His main source of income is his acting career, producing, comedy, and many others. 

She is living a luxurious life with her family. Writers and editors of The New Yorker have amazing net worth and salaries. 

Here is a list of a few very successful writers.

Writers NameNet Worth
Andy Borowitz10 million dollars
John Cassidy5.02 million dollars
George Saunders1 million dollars


  1. She was born in 1972 in Pensacola, Florida.
  2. Her nationality is American.
  3. Her parents are Dr. James, who is a pulmonologist, and Margo Stringfield, an archaeologist at the University of West Florida.
  4. She completed her schooling at Pensacola High School, and she graduated from college from Davidson College in 1994.
  5. Her wiki is not available on Wikipedia, but her bio is available at different sites.
  6. She is a very camera-shy person and prefers to stay away from media. The couple is rarely seen in public.
  7. She has not even walked on the red carpet once with her husband
  8. Her current age is 47 years old, but she has not revealed any information about when her birthday is.
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