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Zoe Yasemin Oz


Facts of Zoe Yasemin Oz

Full NameZoe Yasemin Oz
First NameZoe
Middle NameYasemin
Last NameOz
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameDr. Mehmet Oz
Father ProfessionTV personality
Mother NameLisa Oz
Mother ProfessionTV personality
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusRelation
Relation WithJames Shecter
SibilingsDaphne Oz, Arabella Sezen Oz, Oliver Mustafa Oz
Height167 cm
Weight62 kg
Networth$500 k
Insta Profile
Date of Birth1995

Zoe Yasemin Oz is the daughter of Mehmet Oz. She comes in third among the daughters. 

Zoe came into the limelight for being a celebrity daughter and her profession as a digital creator. She has a passion and spark for arts and design. 

So that led her to be the Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos from August 2018. Her father, Mehmet, is recognized as a Turkish-American TV personality. 

Mehmet is recognized by the name Dr. Oz

Zoe Yasemin Oz with her father Mehmet Oz.
Zoe Yasemin Oz with her father Mehmet Oz. Source: Instagram

Who are Zoe’s parents?

Beautiful Zoe was born to dad Mehmet and mom Lisa Oz. Since she was very young, she was raised under her parent’s supervision. 

It seems she shares a closer bond with her mom, dad, and three siblings; two sisters named Daphne Oz and Arabella Sezen Oz and a brother named Oliver Mustafa Oz

Among them, Zoe is the third child.

Zoe Yasemin Oz parents Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz.
Zoe Yasemin Oz parents Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz. Source: Instagram

Coming towards Zoe’s father, Mehmet originally belongs to Cleveland, Ohio, United States

He serves as an author, a political leader, and a retired physician. The political party he is associated with is the Republican

Moreover, he is recognized for being a famous surgeon, fighter, and health care advocate around the world. 

Also, it’s been said that he has spent his three decades in medicine with special interests. 

Not only this, but Dr. Oz also motivates people by saying that they have the power to change their life for the better. 

Well, when it comes to her mother, Lisa Oz serves as an American author and also a radio and television personality. 

Originally, the lady belonged to Philadelphia, United States of America

Moreover, Lisa is engaged as a professional radio host and TV co-host and served for her spouse’s show. 

Not only this, the lady has actively participated in portraying the role of a radio host for the Friends XM radio telecasts and Oprah

Zoe Yasemin Oz with her siblings.
Zoe Yasemin Oz with her siblings. Source: Instagram

Mehmet Oz recalls his first time being on Oprah

Mehmet, on the Ellen show, when asked about his first time being on Oprah, he said he would never forget that moment in his entire life. 

He shared that he was wearing a nice suit and also confronted at that time that he was so naive about the television that he didn’t want to get his clothes dirty. 

Mehmet then took off his nice suit and wore 14 dollars cotton scrubs, participated the whole show in those scrubs, then later he again wore back his suits. 

He admitted that he wasn’t aware that the audience would see him like that for the next five years of his life. 

Mehmet however admitted that it is easy to wash and doesn’t smell like formalin. 

Other than that, Mehmet also shares about the moment when he was attending a social event. 

He said that Carmen, the daughter of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, was there too. So, Carmen wanted to have their tooth examined, Oz added. 

So Mehmet revealed how they pulled her tooth. Even though he is not a dentist, he says one learns a little dental. 

He explained the whole procedure of pulling the tooth in the video, which is presented below. 

Continuing, he also checks Ellen’s Hurt neck during the conversation.


Zoe is currently dating James Shecter. James has described himself as an investor, man of music, and existential ponderer. 

It seems like they have been in a romantic relationship for quite some time. They are seen flaunting their love on their respective social media accounts.

Zoe Yasemin Oz with her boyfriend James Shecter.
Zoe Yasemin Oz with her boyfriend James Shecter. Source: Instagram

Inside the successful marriage of her parents

Her parents have been married for nearly four decades, and their marriage is going as strong as ever. 

But how did the power couple first meet, and what is the secret behind their successful and happy marriage? 

Dr. Oz, in an interview, said his marriage to Lisa was sort of an arranged marriage. 

According to him, his parents were mates, and they were the ones to set them up. In fact, their first date was in the presence of their parents. 

When Lisa first saw Dr. Oz, she thought he was the maître d and was like, wow, that waiter is hot, Lisa recalled in an interview. 

The couple soon started dating, but they got into an argument during their seven months of dating. 

And as Lisa was walking away from him after the heated argument, Dr. Oz realized Lisa was the one without whom he could not live. 

So he chased her down the streets, picked up a tab from an aluminum can on the ground, used it as a makeshift ring, and popped the question. 

The couple got married in 1985. Dr. Oz confessed to renewing their wedding vows every seven years for marriage and work and friendships, especially in marriage.

While talking about her book US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most, Lisa opened up about her marriage and revealed the secret to a successful marriage. 

According to her, they never get bored of each other, which is one of the things that has kept them together. 

With that, they also make sure that they do not try to take each other for granted. 

She says when we are appreciative and grateful for our relationship, it keeps little things in perspective. 

And that in a relationship, if we want to be different, the only thing we can do is change ourselves. 

Lisa, via her book, tried to convey the message that relationship matters. 

We all are the product of our relationships, and none of us exists in isolation, who we are and what we want to become is all manifest through our relationships.

Net worth

Zoe Yasemin Oz is an independent lady, and as per the sources, she has earned a total estimated net worth of $500 thousand now. 

Nevertheless, the lady was born into the wealthiest family, where his father’s worth is $100 million

On the other side, her mom has $12 million and her sibling Arbella has a total of $4.5 million.

Net worth$500 thousand
Income sourceTelevision personality and a digital creator


  1. She is 27 years old.

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