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Yusef Rasheed


Facts of Yusef Rasheed

Full NameYusef Rasheed
First NameYusef
Last NameRasheed
ProfessionCelebrity Husband
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseOracene Price
No Of Children3

Yusef Rasheed is recognized as the former husband of Oracene Price. He was a married man until his demise. He was mostly known as being a celebrity husband. 

Originally, he was from the United States of America. Yusef was an American citizen, reflecting an African American ethnic background. 

Oracene, on another side, professionally served as the coach and mother of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams

All about Yusef and Oracene's marriage

Late. Yusef had already tied the knot with Oracene Price. The duo took the ritual vows back in the year 1972

It’s been stated that their special day was organized in a private way. The lovely couple was happily spending time with each other and had been together for nearly a decade. 

Suddenly, their married life came to an end after Yusef’s sudden demise. Yusef has a sudden heart stroke in the year 1979.

Father of three children

Late. Yusef was the father of three beautiful daughters. Starting with his eldest one, her name is Yetunde Price

She came into this world in the year 1972. Unfortunately, Yetunde is already dead. However, she professionally served as a registered nurse, a beauty salon owner, and as an assistant for her half-sisters. 

The second one is Lyndrea Price. She was born just after a year of Yetunde. Professionally, she serves as a model and also a creative executive for plugin company Lezchat,”; a translation website. 

The last one is Isha Price, who was born in 1975. She is working in the field of underprivileged communities and humanitarian works.

Get a sneak peek at Yusef’s Wife.

Elaborating a bit on Yusef’s wife, Oracene was born as Brandy Price. She is from Saginaw, Michigan. Young Oracene graduated from Buena Vista High school

However, later she enrolled at Western Michigan University. Nevertheless, the lady’s father served as an automotive worker. 

Other than that, Oracene has also established the OWL Foundation. Its main motive is to help and encourage students to educate and help them financially. 

Also, she is actively involved in numerous charity work.

Yusef’s spouse’s second wedding?

After the demise of Yusef, Oracene hosted her second wedding in the year 1980. She tied the knot with a man named Richard Williams

Professionally Richard is a tennis coach. Richard and Oracene were together for more than two decades. 

Sadly, in 2002, the pair decided to separate from each other. The reason was stated to be irreconcilable

Oracene Price expressed her happiness.

Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with daughter at the field.
Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with daughter at the field. Source: Pinterest

Oracene is the mother of two great tennis stars. Their names are Serena Williams and Venus Williams

It’s been said that her calm nature and unflappable attitude have won millions of hearts. Other than that, the lady was given credit for the successful career of her daughters. 

Oracene has undoubtedly motivated her star kids to become the best version of themselves. 

Also, the lady was captured expressing her enormous joy on numerous occasions in relation to her daughter’s achievements. She is known to be a good mother and efficient coach too.

Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with her daughter Serena Williams.
Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with her daughter Serena Williams. Source: Pinterest

This is how his eldest daughter Yetunde lost her life

Yetunde was 31 and a mom of three when she was gunned down in September 2003, and her boyfriend Rolland Wormley shared his side of the story after years when he recalled the night of murder in front of his eyes. 

According to Wormley, he and Yetunde first met at a surprise birthday party in Compton, hosted by his mutual friend for his birthday, where he and Yetunde ended up talking the whole night. 

They soon got along and got into a serious relationship. On the night of the murder, Yetunde constantly called Wormley and was upset with him for not remembering their planned date. 

Yetunde picked him up before midnight from his friend’s house in West Compton, where he had been watching a boxing match on T.V. On the way, Wormley was asked to take the wheel since Yetunde had drunk a little bit. 

He did not have a valid driver’s license, so he was stuck on side streets. Their car was right across the street where her sisters practiced tennis. 

He could see the sparks but could not hear anything outside as the windows were up. Then his eyes suddenly went to a guy standing outside the house and shooting at them. 

He instantly grabbed Yetunde’s hand and pressed the gas, floored it, and drove through the next set of lights. 

It was quite dark, and the back window was all shattered; he pulled over and lifted Yetunde. There was blood dripping out from her body, and he could not figure out where she got shot. 

He was clueless and was freaking out and drove to his mom’s nearby apartment, where she called 911.

According to Wormley, Yetunde, who was shot by an AK-47 assault rifle, was still in the passenger seat when the police arrested him on suspicion of assault with dealing with a deadly weapon. 

He said they could have saved Yetunde if she was immediately rushed to the hospital, alleging the police left her on the truck while she was still living as they didn’t care about anybody, especially when it was gun violence until they found Yetunde to be a celebrity sister.

Wormley was kept behind bars for over a week, due to which he missed Yetunde’s funeral, which he claimed to be the painful part. 

In January 2004, police arrested former Crips gang member Robert Maxfield, then 23, for Yetinde’s murder, and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison which he served 12.

Yusef Rasheed daughters Late Yetunde Price and Serena Williams.
Yusef Rasheed daughters Late Yetunde Price and Serena Williams. Source: Facebook

Behind the success of the Williams sisters, there is a family effort, says their mom Oracene

For the first time, Oracene and her four daughters gave an interview together in Red table talk, taken over by actor Will Smith who played Serena and William’s father Richard in their movie “King Richard.” 

In an exclusive interview, they talked about how they worked together to make the thing happen. Isha Price admired the ongoing tenacity of her father, Richard, to never give up and go out and chase the dream. 

He always had a big dream, and her mother always said to work together as a unit if they wanted to make that dream come true. 

Oracene added the success of Serena and Venus was the result of the whole family's effort to emphasize having a good foundation. 

Serena then said that the siblings all played tennis while growing up, but when it narrowed down to herself and Venus, her sisters were out there every day picking up the balls. 

Lyndrea recalled when she felt like she did not go out in the rain and cold and would hide under the bed. She was just five at the time and could fit under the bed, so she did. 

She further added they always had each other, and that’s the reason their bond is strong now, to which Serena said of not having a doubt ever if it was going to happen, but there was always ”It is going to happen.”

Venus added they became each other’s biggest supporters because that was what they were told to be so that they could keep their family together, which is the biggest support one can ever have in life. 

People are always waiting for the other shoe to drop like they secretly hate each other and all, but secretly they don’t.

Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with her daughters.
Yusef Rasheed wife Oracene Price with her daughters. Source: Facebook

Serena signed up her four-year-old daughter for tennis lessons

Serena opened up about signing her four-year-old daughter Olympia for tennis lessons recently while appearing on the “The Ellen Show,” and the most interesting thing is that she didn’t let her daughter’s coach know that she was her mother. 

She confessed to not having the patience to teach tennis and not liking to play with those who do not know how to play tennis well. So she enrolled her daughter in a private class. 

She didn’t tell her daughter’s private teacher who she was initially but what happened was that Williams, on her Instagram, shared that she had a class for Olympia and all. 

The teacher happened to be following Williams on her Instagram page. The teacher had the feeling that Olympia might be Williams’s daughter. 

However, her daughter is just four, so she doesn’t push, and her ambition, for now, is the princess game. “The more we can play anything with the princess, that’s her whole life, she added.

Williams shares her four-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. with her husband Alexis Ohanian, who she married in 2017 in a lavish wedding ceremony. 

During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Alexis recalled how he met his future wife, Serena Williams

According to Alexis, they met through random circumstances where he happened to be at the conference in Rome, and she was playing a tournament there, and there were staying at the same hotel.

He had drunk too much the night before and overslept, so he missed the breakfast. After a folk at the hotel suggested having a coffee outside, he grabbed a table, and Serena and her team happened to be sitting next to him. 

They ended up chatting together, and Serena later invited him to French Open to see her play. 

He flew to Paris and tried acting cool by letting her know that he was going to be in the town, and it was a perfect coincidence. 

He was supposed to be in Paris anyway, but he wasn’t. Eventually, they ended up spending time together wandering around Paris

Then they walked up to the nearby zoo. It was feeding time, so they threw out a dead bunny to a leopard, and there was blood around. 

Serena, who was standing in front of him, was unsettled by it, so he held her and said, “alright, it’s cool.” At that moment, Alexis felt that connection that she was special. 

Yusef Rasheed daughter Serena Williams with her husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Olympia.
Yusef Rasheed daughter Serena Williams with her husband Alexis Ohanian and daughter Olympia. Source: Instagram

Net worth

Since Yusef’s income details are not available, and also there is very little information regarding his professional and personal life. Instead, we will rely on his former spouse, Oracene. It’s been said that she has a total estimated net worth of between $1 million - $5 million, respectively.

Net worth$1 million -$5 million
Income sourceCoach


  1. Born on April 3, 1952, Late. Yusef’s former wife is currently 69 years old.

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