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Xavier Simmons


Facts of Xavier Simmons

Full NameXavier Simmons
First NameXavier
Last NameSimmons
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameDMX
Mother NameTashera Simmons
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsShawn Simmons and Tocoma Simmons
Insta Profile

Xavier Simmons is a celebrity son of an American rapper, songwriter, and actor named DMX. Following his father’s footsteps, Xavier is also in the entertainment industry as an actor. 

DMX was a very successful and talented person. He used to be one of the greatest rappers of his time. He is no more among us, but his music will always remind people about him. 

He started his journey in the entertainment industry from 1991 until the day he died in 2021. He has sold a total of 74 million records worldwide. 

He was also the first artist to debut an album at No.1 five times in a row on the Billboard 200 charts. He has been nominated for and won many awards. He is an inspiration to many people.

Xavier Simmons's father DMX
Xavier Simmons's father DMX. Source: Instagram


Xavier is not married yet, and there is no information about his dating and love life.

On the other hand, DMX has a very long record when it comes to his love life. He is the father of 15 kids with nine different women.

His first wedding was in 1999 to his childhood sweetheart Tashera Simmons. They share four children named Sean, Xavier, Tacoma, and Praise Mary Ella

They separated because of his wild lifestyle as he got arrested three times, and he was also cheating on her with other women.

He has a child with a woman named Patricia Trejo. They had a daughter named Sasha when DMX was still married to Tashera

A woman named Monique Wayne also filed a case against DMX, claiming he was the father of her child, and later it was proved through DNA testing.

He also had another child in 2008 and had two more kids with his ex-girlfriend Yadira Borrego

His daughter Sonovah Junior was born a year later in 2009

Then in 2011, his other daughter Aaliyah was born. She was named after his close friend Aaliyah.

On August 16 2016, his youngest child Desiree Lindstrom was born. DMX had Desiree with his then-fiance, Exodus Simmons

Xavier Simmons with his siblings
Xavier Simmons with his siblings. Source: YouTube

Child support

DMX had a long legal fight for child support for his children as he had to pay a lot of child support and failed to pay them many times. 

Tashera, Patrica, and Monique sued him for failing to pay the child support. 

Time in Jail        

DMX has gone to jail more than 30 times. 

As he is a Christian and follows Christianity very strictly, he always believed that he was there for a reason, and he was sent here by Jesus to meet somebody and pass them the message that God loves them. 

He also read the Bible daily while he was in prison.

Xavier Simmons spokes out about the powerful stand taken by his mom at her podcast

Xavier was invited as a special guest on his mom’s podcast named Tashera Simmons. The main objective of the program was to talk about Freedom of Truth

Meanwhile, Xavier opens up about the time when his mom took a stand for herself and her kids.

Xavier recalled the memories of that moment where Tashera tells Xavier’s dad that these (d*ugs) are not healthy for her and the kids and You Have to Go. 

Xavier admitted that it was one of the powerful and biggest stand his mom would have ever taken for all her kids. 

Moreover, Xavier also thanked her for the huge step she had taken years back. Other than that, his mom Tashera shared how the responsibilities of her children have taught her to heal herself from the situation. 

Nevertheless, she admitted the fact that the decision she had taken put them into life-changing things. Xavier also thanked her mom for accepting and hearing when they needed it. 

Also, he heartly thanked her for greatly embracing it as a parent.  Xavier shared how he feels safe to share things with his mother. To know more about their real part, visit the link given down below.

Xavier began doing music at 14?

Well, Xavier opened up about his musical journey. When asked, Xavier stated that he started his journey to music at 14 years of age. 

He elaborated, saying that back then, while he was young, he listened to songs and created his melodies to them. 

Xavier said he would hear what chord progression was there before it arrived. One of his friends went to the studio, which was owned by a local guy. 

While insisted he also visited the place. He began with the rapping and started loving it to the core. 

However, he also revealed that after splitting up with his partner, he had suicidal thoughts and the music was the only source of expressing his feelings or taking himself out.

Net Worth

The net worth of Xavier is not known, but as an actor who has been seen in movies like Belly, Never Die Alone, and Angel: One More Road to Cross, he must be making good money.

The net worth of DMX was estimated to be around -$1 million. Yes, his net worth was negative when he died.

-$1 millionrapper, songwriter, actor


  • Xavier is currently 28 years old.
  • DMX was 50 years old when he died. He was born on December 18, 1970.
  • DMX was born to parents Arnett Simmons and Joe Barker.

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