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Facts of Winston Elba

Full NameWinston Elba
First NameWinston
Last NameElba
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameIdris Elba
Father ProfessionEnglish actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ
Mother NameNaiyana Garth
Mother ProfessionBritish make-up artist
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsIsan Elba
Date of BirthApril,2014
Age10 years

Winston Elba is recognized as the son of actor, singer, D.J., rapper, and writer Idris Elba.

His Father, Idris Elba

Idris Elba, full name Idrissa Akuna Elba, was born on 6 September 1972 in Hackney, London, England

His parents are the late Winston Elba, who worked at the Ford Dagenham plant, and Eve Elba.

He is best known for his role as Stringer Bell in the crime drama series ‘The Wire.’ He began his acting career in his school days. 

His Mother

His mother’s name is Naiyana Garth. She is a high-profile make-up artist from England. 

According to sources, she was born in 1987, but her exact birthday is not available on her Wiki sites.

She came to prominence after having a love affair with Idris Ebla. Her marital status is unknown. 

Parents Love Affair 

After the divorce of Idris from his then-wife Sonya Nicole Hamlin in just four months in 2006, he had dated several women. 

After some years, he met Naiyana Garth, and they both began dating each other in 2012 and came public in early 2013. 

She became pregnant with her baby in August 2013. The couple was spotted together in many places. 

The couple was seen in the 71st Golden Globe Award together that was in 2014. 

At that time, she was pregnant, and her baby bump could be easily seen in her black dress gown. 

She looked beautiful with her child’s father.

His parents Idris Elba and Naiyana Garth at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Award in Los Angeles
His parents Idris Elba and Naiyana Garth at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Award in Los Angeles. Source: [Pinterest] 

Parents Broke Up (tragedy)

After the birth of their son, they were happily spending their love life together with their son in a London home. 

But all of a sudden, they ended their relationship in February 2016. 

The reason behind their break up is his multiple affairs

At that time, the news provoked that he was spotted enjoying a night out with supermodel Naomi Campbell in New York. 

She was so loyal to their love relationship, and that news was very devastating for her.

They terminated their relationship on good terms for the sake of their 22-month-old son. 

After they broke up, Idris moved out of their place and shifted to nearby apartments.

His Father Married

His father is a married man. He got married to Sabrina Dhowre on 26 April 2019 in Marrakesh. 

She is a Somali-Canadian by nationality. They began dating in 2017 and got engaged on 10 February 2018.

They have no children together to date. 

His father and stepmother, Sabrina Dhowre
His father and stepmother, Sabrina Dhowre Source: [Just Jared] 

The couple is still together and enjoying their married life. 

Currently, the couple tested positive for COVID-19 in 2020, and they are in isolation.

His Adorable Moment With Dad

Idris is a good father. He never misses a chance to spend quality time with his children.

He was often seen carrying Winston on his shoulder when they were outing. 

Winston also looked so happy and comfortable on his dad's shoulder.

His father has always held his hand when they are walking and going for an outing. 

The father-son duo gave a pose at E-Prix 2018 on 28 April 2018 in Paris, France. 

Winston was wearing a white cowboy hat and a black jacket and sitting on the shoulder of his father. 

Winston's dad earned $750,000 by going on dates?

Winston's dad did indeed earn a huge amount of money by going on dates. 

The artist was involved in running a campaign on the website offering an opportunity for someone to go on a date with Idris himself. 

Winston clarified that it was time of Valentine's Day, and he wanted to raise some money along with creating awareness for a charity called "We Can Lead." 

The charity's main motive is to help young African girls of teenage age and give them the skills they need for leadership, claiming it to be a great charity. 

He said that it's a young charity, so New Caster on CNN asked Idris to get involved. Interestingly, he said he has nothing because he lives in bags, Idris added. 

On that note, Idris came up with the idea that he would go on a date, Valentine's Date. Therefore, on Valentine's Date, they raised $750,000 in total. 

He continued sharing that many people donated, and the charity is doing well. Also, he mentioned a woman whose name is Sandra praising her as an amazing woman. 

She also did win another Omaze competition too. 

Crush on Meryl Streep?

Idris himself had admitted that he had a big crush on Meryl. Idris shared a fun fact about meeting Meryl Streep

The actor said that he was so nervous at the time of meeting her that his tongue swelled up. He couldn't even say a word with his mouth, indeed. 

Other than that, he mentioned Denzel Washington, as he is also the biggest fan of Denzel

Idris has further confessed that one day in the future, he would like to work with Denzel pointing him as a hero of Idris

Other than that, in his earlier days, Idris, with his mates, had opened a DJ company. After that, the artist also got a grant from Prince's Trust

This approval gave him the chance to secure his place at the National Music Theatre, which is a great thing.

Does he have another half-sibling?

Everyone knew his father, Idris, had two children: a daughter named Isan and a son named Winston

However, shocking news surfaced in March of 2023, when Idris himself revealed that he has an elder son who is 31 years old as of now. 

He said he has three kids actually and has a son who is 31, and even if he wants to introduce his son to the world, he wouldn't want to put him out there by naming him until and unless he consents to it. 

So, he has not even revealed his elder son's name or let others know any information about him. 

His father is proud to be a father

Idris loves to be a father and views parenting as a gift and an absolute honor. 

He says one has to be extremely lucky to have children, which is a whole magical, wonderful thing called procreation works, and the outcome is this beautiful human being that is their own person, ten fingers and toes, and they communicate with you and learn from you. 

He cannot stop talking about his children and telling people how proud he is to be their father. 

While talking with People in November of 2018, he showed how much he loves and cares for his children. 

He said the biggest and most best thing in his life was when he witnessed the birth of his children and how happy and healthy they were. 

He revealed he likes to give big kisses and big hugs to his children but also added that his daughter is like, All right, dad, chill out, but his son, Winston, is still at an age where he loves a cuddle. 

He has had lots of embarrassing dad moments and tries to give his daughter space. But he is a super doting father and would do anything for his kids. 

In another interview, he revealed how his children's love for him made him love himself even more. 

He said that a girl and a boy are different. But being a father of a girl and a boy, he would never give different advice to his children. 

He would advise the same thing to his son as well as his daughter. He added he is not going to give a different advice to his daughter just because she is a girl. 

Net Worth

He is too young to have his net worth and salary. His father, Idris, has a net worth of 25 million dollars with a huge salary. 

He accumulates that sum of fortune from his versatile career as an actor, producer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ.

He has appeared in several movies and television series so far. He is also a voice-over artist

He has released several mixtapes, singles, and EP also, which helped him to add to his fortune.

Some of his movies with their budget and box office collections are shown below.

He has appeared in the role of Tango in the crime drama film ‘American Gangster.’

The total budget and box office collection of that movie were 100 million and 266.5 million, respectively.

He played the role of Nelson Mandela in the biographical film ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.’ 

The total budget of that movie was 35 million dollars, and the box office collection was 27.3 million dollars. 

He has appeared in the role of Janek in the science fiction film ‘Prometheus.’ 

The total budget and box office collection of that movie were 120-130 million and 403.4 million, respectively.

Name of the movieBudget (Dollars)Box Office 
American Gangster100 million266.5 million
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom35 million27.3 million
Prometheus120-130 million403.4 million


  1. He was born in 2014 in the United Kingdom. He celebrates his birthday in April.
  2. He is British by nationality.
  3. He is named after his dead grandfather, who died in 2013.
  4. He has one half-sister, Isan Ebla, from his father’s first wife, Kim Norgaard.

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