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Vibeke Hjulmand

Facts of Vibeke Hjulmand

Full NameVibeke Hjulmand
First NameVibeke
Last NameHjulmand
ProfessionCelebrity Spouse
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKasper Hjulmand
No Of Children3

Vibeke Hjulmand is the wife of a Danish football manager and former player, Kasper Hjulmand.

Kasper is one of the very successful and famous football personalities in Denmark. He also used to play for Denmark in the past, and now he is managing the national football team of Denmark

He has come a long way since he started his football journey. His career as a football player started in 1987 with the team Randers Freja to 1998 with Team B 93

After that, he played with other teams. He then started his journey as a football manager in 1998 and has managed many teams in his career as a manager. 

Vibeke Hjulmand's husband Kasper Hjulmand
Vibeke Hjulmand's husband Kasper Hjulmand. Source: Instagram


Vibeke is married to Kasper. They have three children together named Mikkel Hjulmand, Marcus Hjulmand, and Liva Hjulmand

Marcus is 22 years old, Mikkel is 19 years old, and Liva is the youngest; she is 12 years old.

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There is not much information about their marriage, as Kasper prefers to keep his personal life and family out of the media and has successfully maintained a low-key life.

The three elements

Kasper has always been open about his thoughts, and he has also presented his views regarding success. According to him, there are three elements behind the team's success. 

The elements are strategy, which means the vision of the team; know-how, which means the people to complete the strategy; and resources which means the resources to receive the team's vision.

Kasper has always kept the three elements in his head and said he has worked with many plans and found the people who can implement his strategies.

Vibeke Hjulmand's husband Kasper Hjulmand in the field
Vibeke Hjulmand's husband Kasper Hjulmand in the field. Source: Instagram

Trust and honesty

Kasper started his football career as a player initially but didn't do so well. He was injured a lot, so he also began to go to the University of Copenhagen and studied sports as his main subject. 

He then went to the US for his master's degree in sports and learned a lot of new things from there. By that time, his primary focus was to be a football manager. 

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When he returned from there, he had a very different mindset. He said that he trusts people a lot and whatever they say, and that's how he lives. 

However, he is brutally honest with his words toward his team and doesn't hesitate to tell them about their flaws. 

He also added that he knows not all the things people say to him are true, but still, he ignores that part and trusts them. 

According to him, if he trusts people's words, only the people will trust his words.

Happiness beyond the trophy

As Kasper once said, his main focus is never the trophy but the happiness that the trophy brings to many other people in the country who are counting on them and supporting them, and for him that is his goal.

Her husband is still madly in love with her even after three decades of togetherness

The beautiful love story of Vibeke and her husband Kasper started in the spring of 1992 when they both started at Vejle Idraetshojskole

Kasper, in an interview, recalled the day when Vibeke caught him by surprise one night. 

He said most people had already been at college for four months when he arrived, so he was new and didn’t know anyone. 

And there was one evening in town when Vibeke caught me by surprise. I fell for her quite quickly, he said. 

In high school, he had girlfriends, but after he met Vibeke, she was the one and only. 

Instead of taking his family to the EC final in Sweden, Kasper went to see his in-laws in Bornholm that summer. 

When they married in 2000, Kasper had to give a speech, and he sobbed his way through. Kasper considers Vibeke his back, his source of strength. 

He says they are a team, and when people ask him what he has been through, he always says what they have been through. 

He says his wife has made all things possible by keeping things together throughout since it hasn’t always been easy for them. 

There were periods when he had not been there very much because of his passion.

When asked if he had never had any crisis along the way in 30 years, he said they do not spend time on it. 

He recalled his daughter hearing his and Vibeke’s argument for the first time. 

He said his daughter had never heard a voice being raised, so she was quite affected by it. 

It was their first and last argument at home. He says they don’t argue at home, and it is actually going well.

Get to know more about her husband

He is a passionate golfer. He loves being with friends and family.

He lived in Osterbro for several years. Now his son lives in an apartment a few meters from where he started his life at Osterbro.

His brother is autistic. He became the Danish champion in his first season with Nordsjaelland and moved to Mainz but returned to Denmark to take care of his brother. 

He is not only passionate about football but also passionate about helping children both in Denmark and abroad, as well as fighting for better legal security for disabled people in Denmark.

Net Worth

The net worth of Vibeke is not known, and the job she does is also not known.

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The net worth of Kasper is estimated to be around $1-$5 million.

$1 Million - $5 MillionFormer football player, football manager, and coach


  1. The exact age of Vibeke is not known.
  2. Kasper is currently 49 years old as of 2021. He was born on April 9, 1972.

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