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Veronica Gutierrez


Facts of Veronica Gutierrez

Full NameVeronica Gutierrez
First NameVeronica
Last NameGutierrez
Father NameMelvin Booker
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children3

Veronica Gutierrez is a Cosmetologist by profession. 

She is known best as the mother of American professional basketball player Devin Booker, who is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns in the National Basketball Association.

Devin Booker, the youngest player scoring 60 over

Devin started playing basketball during his school days. 

His excellent performance during his high school days inspired him to enhance his skills in basketball and to have a career in it. 

After completing school, he was offered various Universities, but he chose to be with the University of Kentucky and played there for some years. 

In 2015, the 'Phoenix Suns' offered him as their 13th overall Pick. 

After completing the 2015-2016 season there, he competed in the Rookie of the Year award. 

Later, he was honored to include the 'National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Rookie First Team.' 

In March 2017, he became the first youngest player scoring 60 over in a single 'NBA' game. 

His outstanding performance led him to grasp one of the key players in the squad and the youngest NBA history with consecutive 50-point games.

Stay with Melvin without getting married. 

Veronica first meets Devin's father, Melvin Booker, a basketball player, at the Continental Basketball Association's Grand Hoops

At that time, Melvin was playing for Grand Rapids Mackers in the 1995-1996 season. After their first meeting, the couple started seeing each other and fell in love. 

Later, the couple became closer, and on October 30, 1996, the couple had their first baby, Devin

Veronica was staying with Melvin at that time, and they were not married. 

Veronica Gutierrez with her son, Devin Booker (middle), and ex-partner, Melvin Booker (right).
Veronica Gutierrez with her son, Devin Booker (middle), and ex-partner, Melvin Booker (right). Source: Gossip Gist

Veronica's partner Melvin was also a stunning volleyball player and has played for three teams in the NBA

But he was never recognized as the star of basketball; instead, he was an international player who spent most of his playing days abroad, especially in Europe and Asia

He has played for Sony Milano, Scavolina Pesaro, and Khimki

Although not a star, he knows the incredible insight about the game that will help a player to have a successful career.

Husband is the trainer of Devin.

After retiring in 2008, Veronica's husband passed insight of volleyball games to a son, Devin

After realizing their son's unique talent and gift as a basketball player, her husband tried to convince her to let Devin stay with him in Mississippi

She agreed, and Melvin became an assistant basketball coach at Devin's school and University. 

He taught Devin about everything related to games to become a great and better professional player. 

He taught about the game rules and the work ethic and discipline, which contribute a lot to becoming a successful player. Melvin's work paid off. 

Devin played exceptionally and was endowed with Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year for 2013 and became the second player to win the Sun Herald Player of the Year award.

A wedding that never happened

Unfortunately, the beautiful relationship between Veronica and Melvin did not last for long. 

The couple got separated and started living separately even before exchanging their vows. 

Although their wedding never happened, they decided to raise their child, Devin as a co-parent. The couple remained on good terms even after their separation. 

He mostly took care of him while Melvin was out of the country for playing. 

Devin only visited his father during his summer break in Moss Point, Mississippi, where remarkable numbers were black.

She was gifted with a Mercedes-Benz G550 on her birthday

Gutierrez recently celebrated her birthday, and like usual, Booker did not fail to surprise her this time. 

On her birthday, he surprised her, gifting her a Mercedes-Benz G550. He presented the gift with a red bow on the hood. 

Booker captured the moment with his mom posing in front of the SUV and shared it in his Instagram story.

Kylie's daughter Stormi has the biggest crush on Booker

Booker has been dating supermodel Kendall Jenner since April 2020, and it's just amazing to see how Booker is bonding well with the Kardashian family. 

Jenner, on "The Tonight Show Starring Jilly Fallon," gushed about her boyfriend Booker's bond with her family and at the same time revealed that her niece Stormi has a big crush on her boyfriend. 

She confessed to sometimes being jealous because of it. 

Besides that, she also shared having a one-on-one basketball competition sometimes and reminisced when Booker once cut her hand with his nail opening a little after they took the game way too seriously. 

She said that the cut bothered her for two weeks.

Booker wants to set himself up for life after basketball 

Basketball has been a part of his life since an early age, and getting into the NBA became his ultimate dream after he saw the lifestyle of his basketball player dad visiting him overseas, where he got to know how basketball changed his dad's life taking him into different parts of the world. 

Even after becoming one of the finest NBA players, he still thinks there is a long way to go. 

According to Booker, he wants to continue to grow in all aspects of life and set himself up for life after basketball, but at the same time fears about life after basketball and building businesses that he will be there as soon as the ball stops bouncing. 

Booker said he always aspired to become an entrepreneur as he didn't want to be labeled a "dumb jock." 

He is co-owner of a beverage(coconut-water brand) called COCO5 and has acquired multiple stakes in multiple companies. 

In 2021, he joined the Global Ambassador hotel projects in Phoenix.

Devin Booker on his relationships

Devin has been dating “KUWTK” alum Kendall Jenner, but the lovely duo usually tries to keep their relationship low-key. 

During a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, Booker gave a rare interview on his brooding romance with supermodel Kendall Jenner when asked if it’s hard to have the spotlight both on his personal and private life. 

He said he would not call it hard. He added that he is enjoying his life to the fullest, which came off his tongue so easily because it wasn’t always that way. 

He feels he is in a good place right now. He further added,

I love my family, I love the people around me, and I love the impact that I get to have on this world, the younger generation under me, and the kids who look up to me.

Kendall, who is very private about her relationship, confirmed her relationship with Devin in the KUWTK reunion part two

They had sparked rumors but not officially confirmed their relationship until the reunion. 

Kendal’s mom Kris Jenner is already predicting who is next after welcoming her 11th grandchild Wolf

During an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kris Jenner was asked which of her daughters she hopes will have a baby next to which she took Kendall’s name, giving the reason she is the only one who doesn’t have a baby. 

When Ellen asked if she wanted to have a baby, then Kris replied she would eventually love to have a baby. 

However, it is her mom Kris Jenner who keeps on putting intense pressure on Kendall to have a child of her own as she is the only one to not have a baby among all of her kids. 

In an interview with E! News, Kendall said that her mom has been on her neck for ages sending random messages that said it’s time she has to have to baby, and she would always respond by saying, “Mom, Is this not up to me.” 

Kendall feels it’s up to her to decide when she is ready to become a mom and that no one can make that decision for her.

Her son and Kendall Jenner quietly broke up after two years of relationship

Devin and "KUWTK" alum Kendall Jenner called it quits after dating for two years. 

As confirmed by People, both came to the decision because of their respective demanded jobs as both have hectic schedules with their respective careers and decided to prioritize their careers. 

The source also confirmed to People that the decision was mutual and both have huge respect for each other.

Kendall Jenner is rumored to be dating Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny

They first met through a mutual friend after he moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of February 2023

They have been spotted together since then, from going to dinner to attending concerts to going on a horse date. 

In March, they were spotted sharing a kiss in a parking lot following a night out with friends. 

The inspirations behind her son's performance 

Devin credits his younger sister, Mya Powell, who is six years younger, for his performances. 

During an interview, he shared that life for him is bigger than basketball. 

Growing up with his younger sister, who has to face new challenges every day, puts life into perspective, and as an elder brother, he is making her feel comfortable and feels like he has taught her a lot of things. 

He doesn't know if she has realized how much she has taught him about himself, he said.

What are the ten essentials her son cannot live without?

Devin sat down with GQ to mention ten essentials he cannot live without. Below are the ten essentials."


Devin fell in love with traveling ever since he was 12 years old when he went to visit his dad in Italy. Every summer, he flies to different countries. He is always excited about the stamps.

Bicycle playing cards

Devin loves to spend his spare time playing cards. He said he grew up playing cards. He used to play Spades initially, but after he got into the NBA, he learned booray. He plays with his mates on planes and hotels.


Devin loves listening to music. He watches the games on the television and mutes the volume to listen to music on the speaker.

Wine drop stopper

Devin felt the need for the drop-stopper after he visited Napa Valley. The stopper prevents the dripping of wine while pouring into the glass.

Custom notebook 

He carries the custom notebook to jot down his thoughts. He writes in his own language. He says it's like an open book.

Air Force Shoes

He is fond of Nike Air Force 1 "Moss Point." It is also special to him because Moss Point represents his high school.

Travel Bag

He carries a Maison Goyard bag because it has plenty of space to fit stuff. It's the perfect size for him.


He wears a Patek 5711 Rose Gold Watch, which is his favorite timepiece. He grew up watching his father taking care of watches and how much he valued him. Since his father is fond of watches and has a great collection, he lets him wear them.


He was first introduced to Le Labo fragrance while staying at the hotel in New York. It is so powerful that he doesn't need to wear cologne.


He uses Apple wired headphones because of their cords, and they never get stolen.

Net worth

The net worth of Melvin, along with one of the younger players of the NBA, Shai Gilgeous Alexander, is as follows:

Net worth- Melvin$ 2 Million
Net worth- Shai Gilgeous Alexander $(1-5) Million

As both are rising player and has already signed a contract with the NBA, their net worth will likely increase in the coming days.

Veronica Gutierrez's daughter, and son, Devin Booker.
Veronica Gutierrez's daughter and son, Devin Booker. Source:

Another son from a previous relationship

Veronica has two other children except for Melvin from her previous relationship. 

Her son, Davon Wade, is a graduate of Western Michigan University. There is not much information regarding him, except he is a real state entrepreneur. 

Her next kid is her daughter, Mya Powell, who suffers from Microdeletion Syndrome

Veronica Gutierrez's sons, Devin Booker and Davon Wade.
Veronica Gutierrez's sons, Devin Booker and Davon Wade. Source:

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