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Tomasa Guglielmi


Facts of Tomasa Guglielmi

Full NameTomasa Guglielmi
First NameTomasa
Last NameGuglielmi
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNoel Gugliemi
No Of Children1
Married Date2008

Tomasa Guglielmi is the wife of actor Noel Gugliemi.

Noel, full name Noel Albert Gugliemi is engaged in the entertainment industry as an actor recognized for the Southern Californian gangsters

Tomasa and Noel spill the beans of their marriage

Everyone's love story hits differently so do Noel and Tomasa

The couple had married and is living their life happily. But we are much interested in how it all got started? 

Well, in their relationship, the man stepped in front and shared his feelings with his partner. 

Yes, you heard it right. Noel proposed to the lady (Tomasa).

We all know he is an actor and is widely recognized in this industry. 

However, her spouse at that time, despite being popular, got attracted to the lady by her nature of how she valued him as a human rather than his stardom. 

The same goes on the other side; the lady was impressed how the man has believed in God and his humble nature. 

So, the pair tied the knot in 2008.

Tomasa Guglielmi with her husband Noel Gugliemi.
Tomasa Guglielmi with her husband Noel Gugliemi. Source: Youtube

Her husband supported the lady despite dark past

What had happened to Tomasa? How was her life before getting together with Noel?

Not detailed information is found, but a glimpse of it can be mentioned. 

His wife was back then a dancer in the club. Yes, you heard it right. 

The lady was with someone else whose name isn't disclosed in the media. 

But, Tomasa's ex-partner abused her. Knowing about her past, the man didn't care and chose to be with her. 

And now, they are living their life as a husband and wife having the strongest connection ever. What can we ask for more?

Parents of a child

Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi and daughter Noelle.
Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi and daughter Noelle. Source: Instagram

Noel is a secretive person and doesn't like to open up about his personal life much. 

Therefore, about the location and wedding, nothing can be found. 

But yes, they are parents to the child. His lady love gave birth to a beautiful daughter Noelle back then. 

Being a celebrity, too, he likes to keep his life low-key. 

His wife once said that Noel as a husband and now the father is very helpful, encouraging, and understanding. 

A total family of three is living their life happily in the United States. 

Also, they prefer to spend quality time whenever they are free. 

Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi and daughter.
Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi and daughter. Source: Instagram

Did Noel's father abandon him?

Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi with his parents.
Tomasa Guglielmi husband Noel Gugliemi with his parents. Source: Instagram

Yes, at a very young age, Noel's father abandoned him. 

Elaborating it, he grew in a middle-class family till thirteen, but his father went away, leaving with $500 only. 

It was a very difficult period for him to find the necessities like food, shelter, etc. 

He even slept on the couch, in Laundromats, stores. 

Then reaching 15, a pastor allowed him to live with them, which made him to attend the church. 

One day, his (pastor) daughter told Noel to attend an acting class, after which he got a chance to be in a commercial. 

Then his journey started in this industry.

Noel Guglielmi career take off

Noel, from participation in an acting class to be the most talented and famous face in the industry, is a huge success. 

Noel is an actor and a bunch of talent who serves in writing, content creation, talent recruitment, standup comedy, including coaching, mentoring, and motivational speaking. 

Moreover, discussing the man's career, he had been part of big movies including Fast and Furious, Purge Anarchy, The Dark Knight Rises, and many more.

Tomasa’s husband shared the whole story of his past

As mentioned earlier, Noel’s dad abandoned him. 

Elaborating, he says that at the age of 13, Noel had a good life in the sense that he had all those things a kid wants, like a bedroom, clothes, toys, and the whole deal. 

He says his dad was a full Italian, and his mom was a full Mexican. And Noel’s parents were only the ones who came down to California from their family. 

They didn’t know anyone from California, saying they all began from scratch. Noel further revealed that her mom struggled when Noel was just two years old

Noel shared that his mom was a typical housewife, and his dad was the breadwinner of the family. Noel's dad had the most miserable life as a construction worker. 

He used to work and then return home, watch TV, and do the same daily routine. But his father’s hobby was scuba diving. 

Noel remembers that his dad came out of nowhere and said he was going, packing up the suitcase, selling the house, and leaving. 

Noel shared that within one week, from having all those three bedrooms to clothes to toys, he became homeless with his clothes in his bag. 

Nevertheless, Noel doesn’t blame his mom for the fact that she would have stayed back with young Noel when he was 13 years old

There would be two homeless people instead of one, Noel added. Noel accepted the fact that he gave the impression to his mom that he had actually had the place to live with somebody. 

After that, his mom went but was back when Noel was 18 years old. Noel shared that now, his mom is his best friend. 

Nevertheless, the actor mentioned he wouldn’t blame his mom as his mom also didn’t have any money, and it would have been way too hard, Noel shared. 

Noel also confronted that he became homeless for two whole years. And when he wouldn’t have that spot to sleep at night, Noel would walk up the whole night here and there. 

Noel also revealed how he met a lady one day and broke out when asked why he wears the same clothes every day. To know more, click the link below.

Net worth

Tomasa's net worth is not precisely given, whereas her spouse has a total earning of 750 thousand dollars.

Net worth750 thousand dollars
Income sourceAmerican actor


  1. Her better half is 50 years old.

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