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Toby Watson


Facts of Toby Watson

Full NameToby Watson
First NameToby
Last NameWatson
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Father NameChris Watson
Mother NameJulie Watson
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsNina Watson, Lucy Watson, Emma Watson and Alex Watson
Date of Birth2003

Toby Watson is known as the younger brother of Emma Watson

Emma Watson is famous for her character of Hermione Granger in the movie “Harry Potter.”

Shocking Claims

In an interview with Paris Lees, Toby Watson's sister, Emma Watson, revealed her journey so far. Firstly, Paris lightens the mood by asking her goofy question like why she is not following her on Instagram. 

Emma replied that she was thinking about it and was going through her profile a day before and complimented her on her selfie skills. 

Talking about social media, Paris further talked about her following Gloria Steinem and curiously asked her how she met her. 

She explained she reached out to her to talk about imposter syndrome and feminism as she has been there in this field for a good period.

Social media and its influence on her life she mentioned that she finds it cruel and useful at the same time. 

As some people provoke her through comments, but some help her guide on the path that maybe no one would ever tell her in person. 

She shared her experiences about her University experience and history and how it is affecting her with the present scenario. 

When asked about how she felt about turning 30 soon, she responded that she feels anxious as she is still figuring out things. 

Out of curiosity Paris being transwoman herself asked Emma will she feel comfortable using the female toilet with her.

 To which she genuinely answered, she would and further explained her view on Trans people and how she feels for them. 

She further talked about her movie “Little Women,” her character, and the bond she shares with Merrill and Laura Diane.

On Paris's query about how she gets herself refreshed, she shared that she attend yoga classes, make friends, dance, and sneaks out. 

She even mentioned that she loves Halloween as she can be whoever she wants to be and be there. 

She shared her anxiety about going to public places or walking on the streets. At Paris's request, she explained about her spending time in silence once a year. 

She does ten days of silence course and how it has influenced people from all around the world. 

She further candidly talked about her dating experience, being a friend with her ex, and how she is a happy single.

We can see the entire interview from the link below 

Childhood Full Of Memories

Toby is lucky to have siblings like Emma Watson, Lucy Watson, Alex Watson and Nina Watson. They have beautiful memories with each other, and when they look back at the photographs of the past, it will make all of them smile.

Siblings, childhood picture
Siblings, childhood picture Source: Pinterest

The memories are so beautiful. Here is another picture from the past. Emma is hugging her siblings, and they were very young during that time. 

Emma and siblings
Emma and siblings Source: fanpop

Her sisters Lucy and Nina are identical twins. Here is a picture of them and they are adorable.

Twins Source: Twitter

His Family

Toby’s Parents are Chris Watson and Julie Watson. Chris is a lawyer. He was first married to Jacqueline Watson

They got separated after 6-7 years of their relationship. 

Chris had two children from his first marriage and three children from his second marriage.

Toby with his parents and twins sister
Toby with his parents and twins sister Source:

His Siblings

Toby has four Siblings. He has twin Sisters named Nina Watson and Lucy Watson

Emma Watson and Alex Watson are half-sisters and half-brothers.

His Marriage and Love Life

Toby is just a teenager. Thus he is not married nor has any rumors of dating anyone or having a girlfriend. 

He is more focused on his studies rather than relationships and affairs.

His Relationship with his Sister

Toby and Emma share an adorable bond. Despite being half-siblings, Emma seems to take care of and love her siblings. 

There are many photos on the internet of Emma with her brothers and sisters, which shows they share a beautiful bond. 

Emma Waking Her Brother To School
Emma Waking Her Brother To School Source: successstory

In the picture above, Emma is taking her younger brother Toby to school.

Why does Emma not like sharing her personal life?

His sister Emma Watson is a very private person and loves to keep her personal life out of the spotlight despite being one of Hollywood's top actresses. 

Here is the reason why she is so private about her personal life and why social media worries her. 

During an interview with Clevver News, she explained that social media draws a super-conscious line between what is public and private, which has helped her maintain a certain degree of sanity. 

Having people waiting and giving an opinion on everything about her destroys her as a human being, says Watson

You are posturing instead of living in it, and your whole life becomes how something looks instead of how it feels, and there is an emptiness in that, she added. 

During the same interview, she also responded to critics who claimed that Beauty and the Beast is a story that glamorizes Stockholm syndrome

She said that the character has none of the characteristics of someone who has Stockholm syndrome because she keeps her independence of mind. 

She had also previously said the reason she has been so passionate about having her private identity is her story of life being a subject of public interest. 

Adding to that, she said, when she steps into a character, people have to be able to suspend their disbelief and have to be able to divorce her from that girl and that not having everyone not getting to know every single intimate detail of her entire life is part of her trying to protect her ability to do her job well.

Emma used to borrow clothes from her step-mom

Emma, then-14 years used to borrow clothes from her step-mom or used to go to the bridesmaid department as a last-minute alternative when she had to attend movies premieres. 

She also revealed not having a hairstylist at the time. 

According to her, everyone imagines stylists were on tap from the studio, but they got nothing, and there were days when she had two days' notice, and there was nothing appropriate for a then 14-year-old girl. 

Since she would find nothing in the wardrobe, her ultimate alternative would be borrowing either from her mother or the bridesmaid department at Harrods.

His Net Worth And Sister's

Toby is still a child and thus does not have a net worth yet. However, her sister has a huge net worth.

Toby’s Sister Emma’s net worth is $80 Million. She has added it to her fortune throughout her career.

Emma is also a model and a social activist. She started her career when she was eleven years old as a lead in the Harry Potter Series. 

Her first movie was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone.” 

She was nominated 42 times and won 16 awards for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter Series.

Emma is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and serves as an advocate for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign which promotes gender equality. 

She has also worked in movies like “My Week With Marilyn,” “Beauty and the Beast,” Little Women,” “The Perks of Being A Wall Flower,” and many more. 

Emma is also named In the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest-Grossing Actress of the Decade as her films have grossed 5.4 billion dollars worldwide. 

She is also the first youngest person to be featured in Vogue Magazine.

Below is the list of the cast of “The Perks of Being A Wall Flower” along with their net worth:

S.NNameNet Worth
1Paul Rudd$70 Million
2Kate Walsh$22 Million
3Erin Wilhelmi$20 Million
4Dylan McDermott$15 Million
5Nina Dobrev$10 Million
6Logan Lerman$8 Million
7Joan Cusack$8 Million
8Tom Savini$5 Million
9Melanie Lynskey$5 Million
10Erza Miller$3 Million
11Nicholas Braun$3 Million
12Mae Whitman$1 Million
13Julia Garner$1 Million
14Johnny Simmons$1 Million
15Adam Hagenbuch$500 Thousand


  1. Toby was born in 2003, which makes him age 17 as of 2020.
  2. We cover most of the information about Toby Watson as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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