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Facts of Terry Reynolds

Full NameTerry Reynolds
First NameTerry
Last NameReynolds
ProfessionPolice Officer
Birth CountryCanada
Father NameJames Chester Reynolds
Father ProfessionRetired police officer, food wholesaler
Mother NameTammy Reynolds
Mother ProfessionRetail sales
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsPatrick Reynolds, Jeff Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds

Terry Reynolds is famous as a celebrity brother. He is the brother of a Canadian-American actor, film producer, and businessman, Ryan Reynolds

Terry is a police officer. He works for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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Who are his parents?

He was born to his parents, James Chester Reynolds and Tammy Reynolds

His father was a retired policeman who served in the federal and national police service of Canada, the Mounties. 

He later worked as a food wholesaler while his mother worked in retail sales. Terry is the second oldest of his parents' four children, all boys. 

He has an elder brother Patrick who is a schoolteacher. His younger brothers are Jeff and Ryan. His celebrity brother Ryan is the youngest son. 

During an interview, he said growing up as the youngest of four boys was intense. 

He said that when you are the youngest of four boys, you sort of activate all these other survival aspects you would normally cultivate.

Childhood pictures of Terry Reynolds with his parents and siblings
Childhood pictures of Terry Reynolds with his parents and siblings. Source: Instagram

He also told how his parents were poles apart. 

He said his father, as a blue-collar guy, worked very hard and was sort of a no-nonsense guy, not very talkative, while his mother was the exact opposite. 

She nurtured performer in him and sort of things, he said.

His father was tough and hard to impress

His father passed away in October 2015 due to Parkinson's disease at the age of 74 at White Rock Hospital, British Columbia, Canada

Ryan, in an interview with Vogue back in 2017, shared that his father was tough and hard to impress. He was not only tough on him but all four of them. 

He was not easy on anyone, he wasn't easy on himself, he said. 

He revealed suffering from anxiety since an early age trying to find ways to control others, trying to control himself.

Young Ryan with his father James Chester Reynolds
Young Ryan with his father James Chester Reynolds. Source: Instagram

Ryan recalls how his brothers saved his life

Ryan, during an interview with David Letterman on Netflix's My Next Guest with David Letterman, opened up about growing up with his elder brothers and how they saved his life. 

He said there were times of real darkness, but they had each other and found those slivers of light. 

He recalled even in their rebellious moments, he wanted to get an earring as a kid. He was 12 at the time and thought that would be a good idea, a cool thing to do. 

His three brothers had warned him, saying that he was going to die as he would show up at dinner tonight. 

Dad will take one of the utensils to stab you, they said. Still, he went off with one of his friends and his mom. 

She signed the consent form, and he got an earring. 

He recalled going back home with his face all flushed with blood and heat, thinking about the toll that was about to take place. 

He was sweating at the dinner table that was dripping onto his lap with his head down. 

His father was muttering swear words under his breath, and as he mustered the courage to look up, he was amazed to see all of his three brothers with earrings. 

They had gotten an earring to sort of save him. It's one of the most beautiful things that he has seen in his life, he said.

Terry Reynolds with his three siblings
Terry Reynolds with his three siblings. Source: Instagram
Terry Reynolds with his brother Ryan Reynolds
Terry Reynolds with his brother Ryan Reynolds. Source: Instagram

When asked if his father lived long enough to enjoy his success, he said he sort of did, but at the same time, he said that his father was disappointed by his moving to Los Angeles

His father wanted him to go to the University, which he tried, he said.

Net Worth

As a police officer, he earns an impressive income, but his exact net worth is still to be revealed. 

As of now, we have the net worth of his celebrity brother, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan has a jaw-dropping fortune of $350 million.


  1. His age is under review.
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