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Susan Anne Povich


Facts of Susan Anne Povich

Full NameSusan Anne Povich
First NameSusan
Middle NameAnne
Last NamePovich
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Father NameMaury Povich
Father ProfessionAmerican TV personality
Mother NamePhyllis Minkoff
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SibilingsAmy Povich

Susan Anne Povich is a celebrity child known as the daughter of American TV personality Maury Povich

Her Parents

She was born to father Maury Povich and mother Phyllis Minkoff. Her parents started dating in the early 1960s

After dating, the couple exchanged wedding vows in 1962

The husband and wife stayed together for 17 years before getting separated in 1979. 

The couple is blessed with two children, namely Susan and Amy

One of the two siblings named Amy Povich is now married to David Agus

Life After Divorce

Life was not stagnant for either of her parents after divorce. Her mother met her second love named Philip Baskin

They got married in 1980

From their marriage, they had two daughters, namely Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman.

Susan Anne Povich’s Children.
Susan Anne Povich’s Children. Source:

The family of four were living happily until the death of Philip separated them apart. 

In 2005, Philip passed away due to complications related to Alzheimer’s

Her Step Mother

Maury, too moved on after divorce. He went on to start a new life with news anchor and host Connie Chung

The pair dated for several months before tying the knot in 1984. They don’t have children of their own

They have adopted a son named Matthew Jay Povich

Susan Anne Povich father Maury Povich and brother Matthew Jay Povich.
Susan Anne Povich father Maury Povich and brother Matthew Jay Povich. Source: Pinterest

Maury was not ready to commit after his first failed marriage

He had cheated on Connie several times while they were dating. He did not want to be in a committed relationship

Thus he had adopted the policy of neither asking nor telling his partner. 

This did not last for a long time as Connie was fed up, and she gave an ultimatum.

Life changed for him after they walked down the aisle. He never looked back, and there were no more cheating days.

His wife was successful at making him loyal. 

Susan Anne Povich’s father, Maury Povich, and stepmother, Connie Chung.
Susan Anne Povich’s father, Maury Povich, and stepmother, Connie Chung. Source: Daily Mail 

Co-Founder of Red Hook Lobster Pound

She is a lucky woman who has found her business partner in her life partner

The idea to start the business came up after the duo came back from a family vacation to Maine

Susan Anne Povich and her husband.
Susan Anne Povich and her husband. Source:

The couple picked up some lobster from friends in Portland

She cooked the lobsters they had brought, and it tasted delicious. 

It was not costly, either. Her better half then suggested to get the taste to New York and open a lobster pound

Lawyer or Chef?

She previously worked as a lawyer in tech and music

She also had an interest in cooking and thus took cooking classes as well. 

During her early days in her career, she ran a restaurant. However, she closed it due to frustration

Since cooking is a passion for her, it never left her. Thus she finally started a business related to food in 2009

Maury on his retirement after 31 years 

The longest-running daytime show host in broadcast history, Maury Povich, announced his retirement after 31 years. 

He wrapped filming in the mid of March 2022. In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, Maury talked about his retirement and what’s next. 

Maury said he will miss the storytelling more than anything else as he has always said he is nothing more than a storyteller, but he is going to miss the crew and the staff. 

Among his top memories during the show, there is one particular that’s etched in his memory forever and that is when a woman was accusing a guy of being the father of her twins. 

At the time, he didn’t want to know the results of lie detector tests or DNA tests more than his guests, his live audiences, or the audience at home. 

So when he opened up the envelope, he said to the guy that he was the father of one, not the other. 

Maury himself was completely shocked and was like What? According to the scientist, it’s a million to one shot. 

With fraternal twins, if someone is active over a 24-48 hour period, one can have two fathers. 

When asked about how it feels not having a show to do, Maury said he is clueless about how he is going to feel when there are no red lights, no staff and crew, and his friends for so many years.

He thinks he will feel empty and lost, but all he knows is that they have had such a good run; he thinks now is the time to end it. 

Talking about how his wife feels about his retirement, he said his beloved wife Connie believes that she would rather be married to the kind of a guy who does the show rather than a guy who comes home every day. 

So, she is going to find some creative ways to keep me out of the house, and she wants to be around the guy on T.V, he added humorously.

After his retirement, Maury, as an avid golfer, has a lot of free time to work on his golf. It has been his therapy for the last 50 years, he says.

Net Worth

She must have accumulated a decent amount of fortune from her business

Her father is estimated to have a whopping net worth of $80 million, which he has garnered through his career as a TV personality, news anchor, and former journalist.

How did her father make money?

He is best known for his show, The Maury Povich Show. He earns a salary of $14 million per year

He has appeared in movies and TV shows as well. 

Below is a list of movies he has worked in. 

1The Imagemaker
2The Swinger

Age and Height

  1. Her father’s current age is 81.
  2. His height is 6 feet.

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