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Strahinja Jokic


Facts of Strahinja Jokic

Full NameStrahinja Jokic
First NameStrahinja
Last NameJokic
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Birth CitySombor
Birth CountrySerbia
Father NameBranislav Jokic
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsNikola Jokic and Nemanja Jokic
Date of Birth1985

Strahinja Jokic is the celebrity brother of Serbian professional basketball player Nikola Jokić who plays for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Strahinja used to play basketball as well. Nikola is a very talented and successful basketball player who loves to make people laugh. 

That is the reason why he is nicknamed as 'Joker’ as he always cracks jokes and does things that makes people happy and laugh. 

Though he is a very well-known player now, he was not always like this. 

The first time he started his training and came to Denver, he couldn’t even do a pushup because of his unhealthy lifestyle, but he changed it all, and now he is not planning to look back.


Strahinja is not yet married, and there is not much information about his dating life. 

He did get arrested for assaulting a woman whom he was dating, but there is not much information besides this.

Nikola is married to Natalija Macesic, who is a psychologist, and she has also played volleyball before. 

They got married on October 24, 2020. They were dating for a long before getting married.

They don’t have any children together yet. 

They love to travel as they have been seen in London and across Europe. They also like to spend time back in their hometown Serbia

Strahinja Jokic brother Nikola Jokic and sister-in-law Natalija.
Strahinja Jokic brother Nikola Jokic and sister-in-law Natalija. Source: YouTube

How they met:

Nikola and Natalija were high school sweethearts. They met at 16 and fell in love with each other. Even after so many years, they still love each other the same way.


Natalija moved to America after Nikola was drafted by the Denver Nuggets. At the time, Nikola lived with his two brothers, and Natalija moved in with them and has lived together since then.

Strahinja has two brother Nikola and Nemanja Jokic. The brothers have a very unique and tight bond. 

They love each other to death and are basically inseparable. Even though Stranhinja and Nikola have an age difference of 10 years, they are still very close. 

The brothers share that they are very close with each other and also very competitive. 

They used to play basketball from a very young age together, and Nikola even shared how they can’t win without cheating as the level of competitiveness is very high.

Strahinja and Nemanja are always in every game Nikola plays and always there to support him. They even get in verbal arguments sometimes with the opponent’s team. 

Strahinja once got in a fight with a referee for giving a false foul play card to his brother and had to be escorted from the game as the situation got out of hand.

Strahinja Jokic with his brothers Nemanja and Nikola Jokic.
Strahinja Jokic with his brothers Nemanja and Nikola Jokic. Source: YouTube

The assault:

Strahinja got arrested in 2019 for a second-degree assault charge as he choked a woman and refused to let her get out of the apartment. 

He also took her phone, and finally, the woman messaged someone, and the police came to the apartment. 

He was drunk, and they got into an argument about her dating history. 

Fan’s point of view towards Strahinja after the assault:

Well, fans and followers have commented negatively and positively regarding Strahinja

Let us start with the negative one, as one of them had mentioned Strahinja as nothing but a man with seven feet tall idiot who is only engaged in a drinking problem. 

Moreover, basketball fans don’t prefer Strahinja as they think of him having immature and irresponsible behavior. 

As of now, it’s also been said that his arrogance has been rising along with his NBA star brother’s amount of money. 

Also, Strahinja shouted at Serbian reporters just before the FIBA world cup, where he went F*** Off and left his brother Nikola alone. 

Besides this, regarding his assault case, NBA fans commented that he is very glad that this incident took place in the USA as back in Sombor, Serbia, there would be no charges on him.

Also, the other one said that Strahinja would never be in jail as his family is wealthy and can hire expensive lawyers. 

However, Strahinja should have understood that he has to behave in a good way as it’s not Serbia but the USA

While one of the Denver Nuggets and Nikola’s fans says that he has no sympathy for this thug, nevertheless, only worried about how the incident might affect Nikolas’s game. 

Nikolas’ fan didn’t stop here and added that Nikolas shares a very close bond with his siblings, and the fan knows how Nikola carries his emotional baggage to the court as well. 

One person also popped up and shared that they lived in the same building, and he had claimed that Strahinja was a scary m*. 

Nevertheless, regarding Strahinja, there is positive thinking too. One of the fans said that he had trained with Strahinja at the gym along with Strahinja’s second brother. 

He even praised Strahinja for being a super nice human being and friendly in nature. Strahinja even guided that person in taking landscape photos there in Serbia

That person also shared how Strahinja and his brother told him to inform them when he visits Serbia again in order to show him around. 

Lastly, that person also hopes that Strahinja gets counseling for his excessive alcohol addiction. 

Net worth:

The net worth of Strahinja is not known, and the work he does is also not known.  

Nikola has a net worth of around $30 million. His primary source of income is basketball and brand endorsements.

$30 millionProfessional basketball player, brand endorsements.


  1. Strahinja is 36 years old as of the year 2021. He was born in 1985.

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