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Facts of Steve Damstra

Full NameSteve Damstra Steve Damstra
First NameSteve Damstra
Last NameSteve Damstra
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePaget Brewster
Networth$1 M
Date of BirthSeptember 21,1981
Age42 years
Married DateNovember 29,2014

Steve Damstra is an American musician, songwriter, and film score composer who is best known as a member of the music group Whirlwind Heat since 1996.

Revealing In An Interview

Conan, host of the show, welcome the actress, Paget Brewster, and greeted her as a very talented actress. In the show, both clowned to create amusing circumstances. 

Also, the bubbly actress nature enhanced the cheerful environment. She said we could die, with jovially, when she heard the unpleasant noise in the show. 

The host taunted her and assured that professional shows like this never put people in jeopardy

To keep the audience animated, the host mocked on how she pronounced 'hooked' and 'whor*' while she was sharing about her previous work of picking up the phone in a brothel. 

When asked about her family's reaction of working in a brothel, she said that her family members were radical and acceptance but sometimes her dad, the school's Principle, had to tolerate the satire of parents of his students.

Further, the host made a sarcastic comment about the fantasy of a man who offered her to work as a whor*. 

They both flatter with each other to maintain the entertainment on the show. Before they split, he promotes her show, criminal minds.

Interesting Facts about His Wife

  1. She was also in a relationship before with Jay Johnston.
Paget ex boyfriend
Paget ex-boyfriend Source: YouTube
  1. She is a gorgeous actress, and she was a diva when she was young.
  2. Here is a young picture of hers in a gorgeous white dress.
Vintage Picture Of His Wife
Vintage Picture Of His Wife Source: YouTube
  1. Her childhood picture is adorable too.
His Wife Childhood
His Wife Childhood Source: YouTube
  1. Her father is a school administrator. She went to schools where her parents were teachers.
  2. She went to Parsons, the New School for Design, but she dropped out from there.
  3. She did so to pursue her acting career. She took acting classes after that.
  4. She also hosted a late-night show. Her fame took a rise when she appeared in Friends, one of the best T.V. series.

Wedding, Married 

Steve is happily married to famous American actress Paget Brewster, who is popularly known for her recurring role as Kathy on NBC’s sitcom Friends

On March 16, 2013, his wife, Paget, let the world know about her big day through Twitter. The love-struck couple got engaged on March 17, 2013. 

Paget was so excited about the engagement that she even posted a picture of her beautiful jade ring.

After dating for a few years, the couple exchanged the wedding vows on November 29, 2014, in Los Angeles, California

Their marriage ceremony was officiated by Matthew Gray Gubler, one of their mutual friends and Paget’s co-star from Criminal Minds.

Steve Damstra Wedding
Steve Damstra Wedding Source: Twitter

The couple has been married for almost four years now, and the bond between them is growing every day. 

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They are spotted together holding hands as if they have just started dating. They are seen together in most of the events.

Steve Damstra Dating
Steve Damstra Dating Source:

For now, Steve and his wife are focusing on their career. They do not have any children. However, they might start a family soon.

Madly In Love

Their feelings for each other is still the same since they fell in love and started dating. The couple is one of the most adorable couples in town.

Here is a picture of his wife whispering something in his ear, and they look adorable.

They have gone out for a little walk, and both of looking cool in their black shades. 

Madly IN Love
Madly IN Love Source: Pinterest

Adorable Fan Base

Celebrities have a fantastic fan base, and their fans love them with all their heart.

Here is an adorable video of their fans uploaded on YouTube.

The cute teenage fans describe how the couple won't see this but still wishes her all the best for their marriage life. She also describes them as her idol. 

She describes how she fell in love with Paget after she appeared on Criminal Minds

She has used papers to make these beautiful hearts for the adorable couple.

Love from fans
Love from fans Source: YouTube

Paget has described him as the best, and her fan terms him very lucky to have her, all so adorable.

 She adds that she listened to his songs after the couple came together. She adds that she loves his Folded Light.

Interesting nicknames of Paget

Paget, the spouse of Steve, got interviewed by Darren Paltrowitz. The conversation got started by them telling the place they currently are. 

Paget informed she was in Los Angeles, how her day was going well, and meeting nice people through zoom from all over the country. 

Darren then continued the conversation asking about Paget’s nickname or if there is any other second name that anyone around calls her by.

Paget replied the question saying that she jokingly calls herself Babs de Niro if she is wearing any velour tracksuit. 

She further added that Paget is a weird name. So, the actress shared how on the first day at anywhere at the set, the people around walkie called Pagat Hadjute, Pagette.  

The actress also confirmed that she never corrects anyone if they spell her name incorrectly. 

Paget thinks it is more fun to hear what people can come up with the name. She keeps on adding that people also call her Bhaji and PB

Moreover, she asked the host if he had any nickname for her, on which Darren said he would choose PB or master P as the variation on the rapper name. 

Interesting facts about Steve’s partner

Steve’s partner Paget has confronted herself with being the worst dater. Back then, the actress was asked if her role on Criminal Minds had helped her improve her dating life. 

Paget replied that her dating skills are the worst. Moreover, she said she is amazed how she choose the wrong man. 

She is awful, further claiming to be the worst dater. Other than that, the lady also freelances as a photographer. 

Besides acting, she is involved as a photographer for; a modeling website. 

Moreover, in the Young storytellers program, Paget volunteered as an actress. Many of you might not be aware, but she is spotted regularly at The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast.

Paul F. Tompkins, a comedian, and Paget are captured performing an act as a couple of high society married mediums there. 

Recently, the actress confronted that she is extremely happy and enjoys standing on the list of Worst Dressed

Net Worth

Steve Damstra has a net worth of $1 million. His career as a musician and a composer has helped him to accumulate wealth.

A composer in the USA is supposed to earn an average income of $45 thousand to $140 thousand per year. 

He is involved in composing since 2002, which means he has earned a reasonable sum of money until now.

He is one of the founding members of the famous band Whirlwind Heat. He has composed songs and music for various movies and television series.

He worked as a composer in movies like Cheap Thrills, The Hot Chick, The Saint Bernard Syndicate, Teenage Cocktail, The Learning Curve, Excision, and more.

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He has written songs like You’re Pretty Good Looking, Air Miami, and Gene Pool Style.

A film’s score can turn any good movie into an extraordinary one. Below is the list of some of the famous film score composers’ and their net worth:

Composer NameNet Worth
Vangelis$245 million
Enio Morricone$215 million
John Williams$100 million
Hans Zimmer$90 million
Danny Elfman$75 million
Daft Punk$70 million
Trent Reznor$55 million
Jerry Goldsmith$30 million

Steve’s wife Paget has an estimated net worth of $245 million, which she has accumulated through her career in acting, smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl Cosmetics.

She also owns several restaurants in Washington and a Football team named Concord Angels.

She is the owner of a fashion line called ‘Paget Brewster Seduction,’ top-selling perfume named ‘With

Love from Paget and has launched her brand of Vodka.

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday, Height)

  1. Steve’s current age is 37 years.
  2. His birthday is on September 21.
  3. His zodiac sign is Virgo.
  4. He has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.
  5. His nationality is American.
  6. The man with blue eyes belongs to White ethnicity.
  7. He is active on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram.
  8. We cover most of the details about Steve Damstra as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.
  9. He was born in the United States in 1981. He has not disclosed his parents and siblings in any of his biography.
  10. He began his career in music by joining the band Whirlwind Heat in the year 1996, which was based in Rapids, Michigan.

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