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Facts of Stacy Moore

Full NameStacy Moore
First NameStacy
Last NameMoore
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationLesbian
Marital StatusRelation
SpouseDonald Moore
Relation WithClaudette Laliberte
No Of Children3

Stacy Moore is the loving mother of “This Is Us” actress and singer Mandy Moore. Stacy is a former news reporter. 

She worked for Orlando Sentinel as a reporter. Stacy came out as a lesbian lately. 

Stacy Moore with her daughter Mandy Moore.
Stacy Moore with her daughter Mandy Moore. Source: Instagram

Broke her three decades of marriage for another woman

Stacy was married to Donald Moore, a commercial airline pilot, for three decades before she broke her marriage for another woman. 

She had intended to leave her ex-husband and had drafted a mail for her children to read later on, but her daughter Mandy found out earlier. 

According to Mandy, she was setting up the email accounts of her parents on the laptops she had brought for them when her eyes suddenly reached the drafted email of her mother meant for her and her brothers. 

She was heartbroken knowing that her parents were soon going to split but managed to keep quiet at the time since the family was about to go on a vacation, and she did not want to spoil the mood.

A few months later, Stacy moved on with her new partner to Arizona. Mandy was 23 at the time.

Stacy is currently living a blissful life with her partner Claudette Laliberte, a professional tennis player.

Stacy Moore with her partner Claudette Laliberte.
Stacy Moore with her partner Claudette Laliberte. Source: YouTube

Her ex-husband Donald was heartbroken until he got remarried 

Donald was heartbroken when she left him for another woman. Later, he remarried an American Airlines flight-attendant wife, Marz Olson Moore, and is currently living a blissful life. 

Mandy confessed to flying with her father for the first time in 2019 in his 40 years of pilot career, and it was so strange for Mandy and her husband to hear from her flight attendant stepmom asking them what they would like to have that she starved and dehydrated herself the whole flight. 

Donald retired from his aircraft career after serving 42 years as a pilot for American Airlines

In December 2021, Mandy took her Instagram to share the news where she posted the picture of her and her father sitting in a cockpit and with a beautiful caption honoring her father‘s 42 years career. 

Her caption read that her dad, Captain Don, was retiring from his 42 years at the company after having reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, the career he always claimed more like a hobby, and it was an absolute gift to have spent 2/3 of his career sticking at one job and raising his three kids making a living from the job he was always passionate about. 

She also expressed her excitement for the next chapter of his life and the unfiltered Grandpa time that her son Gus was about to experience. 

Stacy Moore daughter Mandy Moore and ex-husband Donald.
Stacy Moore daughter Mandy Moore and ex-husband Donald. Source: Instagram

How did her kids react after she came out?

Stacy is the mother of her three kids, two sons, Kyle and Scott, and a daughter Mandy. Both of her sons came out as gay earlier in their life. 

When her daughter Mandy learned about her sexuality, she did not care if her mother was interested in a woman though she was sad that her parents were on the verge of separation. 

On the other hand, her son Scott during an interview with Access, said the situation was tough for a certain period because, according to him, any child, no matter what age they are in, finds it hard to see the parents’ break-up especially when they are growing up. 

Seeing his parents getting divorced after 30 years of togetherness was tough, and it took some time to work through it. 

But now, they have accepted it and become a piece of old news for them, and everyone is doing great in their lives. 

Scott added that he was proud of his mom for uprooting her entire life to make the change that needed courage and strength. 

When Scott first realized that he was gay, his sister was the first person to know. Mandy full-heartedly supported him as it was no big deal for her as she knew many people in the industry coming out.

Mandy is incredibly close to her family and is happy that nobody in the family is hiding who they are. 

She said that her family does not have any secrets in their lives and that she loves and supports her mom and brother with her whole heart. 

And for her, nothing makes her happier than seeing anybody live their authentic self and choose love. 

Stacy Moore children Scott, Kyle and Mandy Moore.
Stacy Moore children Scott, Kyle and Mandy Moore. Source: YouTube

Net Worth 

The net worth of Stacy is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her celebrity daughter, which is given below:

Net Worth Source
$14 millionActor, Singer-Song Writer, Model, Actor, Voice Actor, Fashion Designer


  1. Stacy is 64 years old.

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