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Skyler Banks


Facts of Skyler Banks

Full NameSkyler Banks
First NameSkyler
Last NameBanks
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameLil Durk
Father ProfessionAmerican rapper, singer, and songwriter
Mother NameIndia Royale
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsZayden Banks, Du'mier Banks, Willow Banks, Bella Banks and Angelo Banks
Date of Birth2014

Skyler Banks is a celebrity kid. She is one of the daughters of a famous American rapper and a founder of the Chicago rap collection Only the Family, Lil Durk

Before fame

One of the notorious rappers who sing and write his lyrics had come a long way from the past struggles he faced while growing up in Chicago streets. 

He grew up with his mother, two sisters, and a brother as his father Dontay Banks was sentenced to life in prison while he was just seven months old. 

His mother did what she could do to feed them, working as a nurse. There was a time when they had nothing to eat. 

Searching for a way of feeding his family, he started making mixtapes forming his rap collective named Only the Family at the early age of ten and uploaded them in Myspace and YouTube

In 2011 he was arrested on weapon possession and was sentenced to three months in jail. At that time, his long-time girlfriend was already pregnant.

While being in the prison, he realized that he did not want his child to grow up without his father like him. 

After being released from jail, he took his career as a rapper seriously to uplift his family, and the rest is history.

Failed first marriage 

Durk was married to his girlfriend, Nicole Covone. The couple dated for years before getting into marital bliss. 

However, the couple split after the birth of their second child in 2013. Durk was seventeen years old when they had their first baby in 2011.

Skyler Banks Father Lil Durk With Ex-Partner
Skyler Banks Father Lil Durk With Ex-Partner Source: Pinterest

A secret wedding ceremony 

After a few months of a split with Nicole, Durk became father of his third child. The baby mama of the child is not revealed. 

He became the father of his fourth child without revealing the baby mama. The same year in 2014, Skyler Banks became his fifth child. 

As per the source, Tameka Kute is Skyler's baby mama. His parents are no longer together and this is one of the harsh truths of Skyler's life. 

Her father's bad past with d*ugs and prison time has always been in her mind. She has been through tragedies but she is a strong kid. However, her father has moved on from his relationship with Tameka. 

In 2017, he started dating social media influencer India Royale

He proposed to her in 2018 before tying a knot in a secret wedding ceremony.

Lil Durk with current partner India Royale
Lil Durk with current partner India Royale Source: Twitter


Skyler has five half-siblings altogether. Her elder brother, Angelo Banks, was born in 2011. Her elder sister, Bella Banks, was born in 2013

Her second brother Zayden was born in 2013, and her third brother Du'mier Banks in 2004. She has one younger sister named Willow Banks, who was born in November 2018

According to the news, her father is expecting his seventh child with his partner India Royale.

Skyler Banks Siblings
Skyler Banks Siblings Source: Pinterest

Dating history 

As per the source, Durk dated Tameka Kute, who is supposed to be Skyler's mother. The duo knew each other for a long time and was in on and off relationship. 

In 2015, American rapper, singer, and songwriter DeJ Loaf revealed that she is in a relationship with Durk. The duo has been featured in several videos.  

At the time, he was already in a relationship with someone else. Later, the news of her being gay circulated because of a woman named Aye Redd, the woman who claimed to be Loaf's soulmate. 

She also claimed that Loaf is just faking being in a relationship with Durk to hide her sexual orientation. In the year 2016, there was news of Durk dating Takala W.

Skyler and her sister Willow have an Instagram and YouTube account under the name The Royale Girls

Skyler is super close to her step-mom, India Royale, and shares a strong bond. 

Her step-mom has created Instagram and YouTube account under the name Royale Girls that features Skyler and her half-sister Willow with 233k followers on Instagram and 2.54k subscribers on YouTube. 

The siblings are often seen in twinning dresses and spending qualities time together. 

They are growing up alongside each other, and Skyler as a big sister, is passionately taking care of her little sister. They are also seen doing TikTok videos.

Skyler Banks with little sister Willow in twinning dress.
Skyler Banks with little sister Willow in twinning dress. Source: Instagram

Her step-mom wants to have two more babies

It seems that Lil Durk’s family is soon going to expand. Her step-mom confessed to wanting to have two more babies.  

Sharing in her Twitter account, India Royale tweeted, 

"I want my next two kids back to back. Then I am done”. 

After her tweet, she added another tweet where she talked about Durk’s obsession, saying that Lil was never more obsessed with her than during her last pregnancy.  

One month before her tweet, Lil had tweeted, 

“I want another son.”

Skyler Banks father Lil Durk and India Royale are ready to welcome more kids in the future.
Skyler Banks father Lil Durk and India Royale are ready to welcome more kids in the future. Source: Instagram

Her father is alleged of not paying child support to his seven-year-old son

During an exclusive interview with “Unwinewithtashak,” Lil Durk’s secret baby mama Travonna alleged he never sent money to his son. 

She also recalled the moment when they first met. According to her, she and Lil met one and a half years ago before their son was born. 

Their son Romeo was born on the 1st of July,2014.  She claimed that they had known each other before Lil was famous since she used to go to school with one of his cousins. 

She used to give rides to him because, at the time, he had no car. She revealed sleeping together around his birthday, saying she got pregnant after their first s*x. 

She was 21 at the time and was doing a regular job which she still is doing. She said she was scared and needed abortion money as he already had two kids with another woman, so she didn’t want to get caught up in that. 

She confessed to dealing with another man while she was pregnant with another child, but Durk knew that it was his son. 

Durk said he would take paternity tests but never did, but as their son got older, she sent the picture of their son to Durk’s brother DThang which he forwarded to his mom. 

Durk’s mom contacted her, and she and her son went to meet Durk’s mom, where they got the paternity test. 

Later, India went on to say she was the sixth baby mama after initially saying she was fifth. Travonna revealed that India got an e-mail that said that Durk has a child that he doesn’t take care of, and it’s a DNA test and all. 

She claimed that her son had not seen his father to date except in facetime while he was a baby. She knows Durk has a family, so she does not want to interrupt, but it is about her child, and they were repeatedly giving false hopes. 

Then she asked for child support if he was not going to be a part of their lives because he never sent money to his son. 

She said that her son cried seeing his dad’s picture with his other kids in Disney land and asked her why couldn’t he go. 

The only issue with her, according to her is she is tired of being calm and considerate, not speaking on the matter that was bothering her son, and she is fed up not getting any support for her son and asks Durk not to leave one out. 

She added that if he was not going to be actively involved, her son needed support because all she cares about is her son.

As a single mom, she has been supporting her son since day one, and she is asking Durk to make it easier for her by supporting her in raising him and fulfilling her son’s dream of becoming an NFL player by sponsoring him. 

She came in front to be the voice of her son.

How her grandfather became Big Durk from Dontay Banks

Her grandfather Big Durk (Dontay Banks), had a tough life growing up in the mean streets of Inglewood, Chicago

Due to his mom’s addiction to d*ugs, he and his nine siblings ended up being homeless. 

With nine siblings and several older brothers who were locked up at the time, Big Durk became the man of the house around when he was 12 or 13 years old

According to Big Durk, growing up in Inglewood was tough but at the same time exciting too because to him, it was like watching T.V. as there was always something happening outside like it was a show of its own. 

The turning point when he became Big Durk from Dontay Banks was after seeing his mother crying and going from door to door, and he was bound. 

He said in an interview that he had a cousin with whom he asked work who happened to be dealing with the d*ugs at the time. 

So his cousin gave him 8-ball. His grandmom, with whom he ended up staying, always pushed him toward education to keep his words he went to high school. 

By the time, he was already enrolled in d*ugs and already had guys working with him but without having authority. 

Then while in high school, he was introduced to Gangster disciples or G.D.s after his schoolmates recommended his name when asked by the authority about the most influential guy who could help organize that area, and that was how he entered the world of Chicago gangs. 

In a short period, he rose high and even met the leader and the founder of the Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover

When they asked Big Durk if they wanted him to be the shot-caller for that neighborhood, Durk made a smart move saying he got to see him and meet him and needed to know if he was real, after which the meeting was set up with Hoover personally, in jail from where their relationship flourished. 

Soon after, Durk started living a lavish style as he and his gang were in 24/7 operation. 

Durk thought his success would never come to an end unless he got tired of it, but unfortunately, there was a series of minor mistakes that eventually landed him in jail, allowing the world to see the enormous scale that he had built up. 

One mistake led to another, which continued. The court document described Durk as the primary organizer of crack c*caine between 1991 and 1993

It stated that Durk obtained c*caine powder from the suppliers and cooked them down on the stove of his kitchen by himself, and the scales of individual crack c*caine were carried out by the street dealers with scales made around the clock by two shifts of workers. 

The operation fell apart in 1993 when Big Durk tried to delegate three kilograms of c*caine through his cousin Tosha Woods who ended up flipping on the gang and stitching. 

Then again, Durk was caught talking about the candy with one of his enforces, who at the time was handcuffed by the cops. 

Only after four days of an unfortunate phone conversation went down the FBI swoop in a storage unit that Big Durk’s crew was using to store ten bricks and a million dollars in cash. 

The conspiracy case even went further against Durk after he was overheard on the phone calls instructing his underlings to stay in school, referring to not stitching while in jail. 

The court document read around 49 kilograms were involved in the conspiracy. 

As a result of the huge range of operations, Big Durk was facing a mandatory minimum of 30 years, with him at the age of just 25, ultimately being life sentence in jail. 

Big Durk said that the indictment only referred to nine months period, but later they said because he had sold too many d*ugs in nine months, he didn’t need to be on the streets. 

It was later reported in the news that the judge even didn’t want to hand down such a harsh punishment but had his hands tight due to compulsory guidelines associated with crack c*caine.

After serving 25 years in jail, he was released in February 2019. While in jail, Big Durk ended up converting himself to Islam by doing a whole lot of reading. 

Today, he prefers people to know him not from his past but present as Abdul Haq, the Muslim brother who is seeking the righteous path in life.

Net Worth 

Skyler is currently relishing the lavish lifestyle provided by her father. 

Since her father had to struggle to survive in his early days, he is working hard so that his children do not have to go through that situation once again. 

He took his career seriously after he became the father at the age of seventeen. He has amassed a decent wealth from his career as a rapper. His net worth is:

 yearNet worth
Durk2020$3 million


  1. Skyler was born in the year 2014. She is currently six years old.

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