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Facts of Ski Bri

Full NameSki Bri
First NameSki
Last NameBri
Birth NameSkyler Bri
Professionsocial media star, adult actress
Birth CityLancaster
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
Height173 cm
Networth$2 M
Insta Profile
Date of BirthFebruary 21,1999
Age25 years

Ski Bri is an American-born social media star, model, and adult film actress. Her real name is Skyler Bri. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bri has been working for Onlyfans for more than two years. Before that, she worked at target store for three years. 

After appearing on the Adam22 Patreon series to promote her Onlyfans content that went viral, Adam and his partner, adult actress Lena were so impressed that they called her back. 

Lena taught Bri everything it took to become an adult model. She rose to prominence after she posted a video alongside Adam and his partner.

What do her parents think about her current job?

When Bri’s mother knew about her current job, as a concerned mother, she was a little weary in the beginning but is now very supportive of it. 

Bri says her mother is happy for her to see her financially stable, but at the same time, her dad disowned her. 

She said she hadn’t talked with her father for over a year. According to her, her mother’s side of the family is super chill with it. 

She recalled her grandmother pulling her aside and telling her that she was proud of what she had been doing during her visit to her hometown.

About her past relationships

Bri was dating her boyfriend until she caught him cheating on her. 

She was 18 when she got charged with assault for scratching her boyfriend’s face after she found him in bed with another girl. 

She got blacked out and beat him so badly that the mother called the police. 

After her boyfriend showed the scratches to the police, she was charged with two harassment charges. He was her first-ever boyfriend.

She was rumored to be dating Jake Paul

Bri was rumored to be dating Jake Paul after his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Julia Rose

The rumor of them dating swirled up after they shared the pictures of them sharing an intimate kiss on the beach. 

Bri, while appearing on TheSync Podcast, revealed her relationship with Jake Paul

Bri said Paul messaged her on Instagram initially, after which they face time, and Paul invited her to Puerto Rico

It was their first conversation ever. She asked if she could bring her best friend because she felt uncomfortable alone. 

So, she and her best friend headed to Puerto Rico the next day. 

She said they got each other name tattooed on the very first day before she revealed that it was basically like a throuple and to show their dedication and commitment to the throuple. 

They hung out in Puerto Rico for a week, then went to Miami for a few days before everyone headed back to their homes. 

It was almost instantly after that Paul was like, let’s not really do this anymore, and pretty sure you got it covered up a few later, she recalled. 

According to her, to have a name tattooed of a public figure was so much because whenever she would post a photo on her Instagram, people would tag him, and she used to get DMS all the time, so it was kind of relief for her that she no longer has to be seen with him. 

But she said she was curious to know how he was as a person. She found him freaking sweet, contrary to what most people think of him.

Her eyes almost fell off

Bri shared about the health scare that she recently experienced this year. She started by breaking her foot. 

She was drunk on a lime scooter and crashed onto the wall, which resulted in breaking her foot in half. 

Then she flew off the jet ski and broke off her ribs as she went full speed. She most recently almost lost her eye. 

Admitting to sleeping with her contacts a little bit more than she should, Bri said she slept with contact, and when she woke up, she felt like something was in it. 

It was not a contact lens but a scratch, so she went to her bathroom and looked in the mirror, where she saw her eyes fully red. 

Then she took her contact out, but it wasn’t going away. In the end, she went to the ER and discovered that her cornea was severely scratched and infected. 

She said she was going to do LASIK eye surgery in the next six months.

She is a minimalist 

Bri describes herself to be a minimalist. She lives in a tiny little studio apartment in Hollywood which, according to her, is very frugal. 

She doesn’t spend a lot of money. Her biggest purchases are shoes and bags.

Ski Bri has 1.4 million followers on her Instagram
Ski Bri has 1.4 million followers on her Instagram. Source: Instagram

Did her parents' divorce impact her career choice?

In her recent interview with Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk, she revealed how her parents got divorced when she was six and remarried when she was 12. 

But they divorced again when she was 18, so growing up, she witnessed her parents getting divorced twice. That had a huge effect on her. 

She described her father as the type of pathological liar who would lie about anything and everything. 

She also revealed that her father cheated on her mother so much, and her mother explained that is an ego thing as he is insecure and needs to know that he is loved and people find him attractive or something. 

She also revealed her father recently married the woman whom he cheated on with when Ski was six years old, but she was not invited to her father's wedding. 

She was not sad about it as she said she would not have attended the wedding anyway. 

She also added that when her father got a new girlfriend when Ski was young, his new girlfriend had a kid, and Ski thought her father would love that kid more than her. 

On the other side, her mom's new boyfriend was a state trooper and was super strict and recalled her childhood from 6 years to be super weird. 

Since she was too young, she had a difficult time understanding that her parents were separated and seeing other people. 

But luckily, they got back when she was 12. She also explained how she found her father cheating on her mom. 

After getting back together, her mom wanted to buy her and her brother Christmas presents, so she got two jobs, but when she would be at her second job, her father would be in the basement on the phone for hours. 

So one day, she thought of eavesdropping, and she found it was a girl and informed her mother. 

After that, her mom went through the phone records and found out he was cheating on her again. So they got divorced again. 

So in a way, this incident affected the way she makes decisions in her life. 

She added that it was her parents whom she grew up learning and got the earliest of lessons from. 

She said that even after getting remarried, her father was not a good person and was still cheating, and even though her mom suspected him for a while, she put up with it and didn't act until her daughter found out. 

Her mother's last straw was her daughter finding out, but till today, when Ski visits her mother, she says she regrets leaving her father and says if she had stayed with her father, Ski wouldn't be doing what she is doing right now. 

She believes the outcome would have been different if they had stayed together, but Ski disagrees. 

But maybe Ski understands her mother's worry as she herself would not want her child to go into s*x work.

Net Worth

Bri is a self-made millionaire at a young age. She has a net worth of around $2 million.


  1. She was born on February 21, 1999. She is currently 23 years old.

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