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Facts of Silvia Fortini

Full NameSilvia Fortini
First NameSilvia
Last NameFortini
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRoberto Mancini
Married Date2018

Silvia Fortini is the wife of an Italian football manager and a former player named Roberto Mancini. Silvia is a lawyer by profession, and she likes to keep her personal life out of the media. 

Roberto is a very well-known and successful football manager in Italy. He has also represented his country many times as a football player as well. 

He was a great player of his time and now coaches and manages the national team of Italy

During his time as a player, he had played a total of 550 matches and made his team win the Serie A league title along with four Coppa Italia titles. 

He also helped Italy win the European Cup Winners's Cup. He started his journey as a football player professionally in 1981 with the team Bologna and started his career as a manager in 2001 with the team Florentina.


Silvia is currently married to Roberto. Their wedding took place in 2018 and have been together since then. The couple doesn't have any children together yet.

Silvia Fortin with her husband Roberto Mancini
Silvia Fortin with her husband Roberto Mancini. Source: Pinterest

There is no information available about Silvia's past relationships.

Before Silvia

Roberto was married to a different woman before meeting Silvia.

Roberto was first married to a woman named Federica Mancini in 1990. The couple stayed married for 25 years before they got divorced in 2016.

They share three kids named Andrea Mancini, Filippo Mancini and Camilla Mancini

Roberto's children

Roberto is very close with his kids and loves to spend time with them. 

There is not much information about what Camilla does for a living, but Roberto's sons Andrea and Filippo have followed their father's footsteps and are currently football players. 

Silvia Fortini's husband Roberto Mancini and step-children Andrea Mancini, Filippo Mancini and Camilla Mancini
Silvia Fortini's husband Roberto Mancini and step-children Andrea Mancini, Filippo Mancini and Camilla Mancini. Source: Instagram

Andrea and Filippo have played for the Inter youth ranks, and Filippo has also played for the Coppa Italia match for ten minutes. 

Both of them have also played for Manchester City's under-21 youth team in the past. They are both busy building their career on the football field with the advice of their successful father.


Roberto once accused Sarri of a homophobe because there was a controversy involving him. 

It was the time of the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match and Antonio, the coach, called up players Eder and Franco Vazquez, but they were born outside Italy

In response to that, Roberto told that the Italian citizens born in Italy should be given a chance to play for the country rather than the players who have citizenships but were born outside Italy

This slowly led to a heated word exchange between Roberto and Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri

Consequently, Maurizio was fined €20,000 and was also banned for two Coppa Italia matches by Lega Serie A as he had directed extremely insulting epithets at the coach of the opposing team.


News had come out that Roberto was shown positive for the new covid-19 virus on November 6, 2020. But he fought the virus bravely and tested negative within 14 days on November 20

Roberto went missing?

Going back to the old days, everyone knows that Roberto comes from a Catholic family. 

From the very beginning, he is a devout Christian and was also an altar boy at the local church. 

Young Roberto used to help the priest in the church with the daily activities. 

One day there was a program Roberto had to attend, which was his first ever holy communion, and at the same particular time, his local team had a big match. 

He gave up the game and went on to attend his duty. Nevertheless, in the middle of nowhere, he went missing. 

His father tried to find him and search for him everywhere around, but Roberto wasn’t there. 

His dad knew that Roberto had gone on to attend his game with his local team. 

His father felt so ashamed that he directly went to the priest and apologized to him for his son’s guilty behavior. 

Well, the priest then said that it was the priest who told Roberto to go and play the match with his team at half-time. Undoubtedly, it was written in Roberto’s destiny to be a footballer one day. 

Other than that, players who have the ability to manage a team show an early sign of leadership, and Roberto was one of them. 

When Roberto was younger, he used to adore giving big talks and motivational speeches to his team in order to win. 

Due to his leadership qualities, he had a great additional advantage to his on-field skills. 

Recalling his old days, while he was just 27 years old, at Sampdoria, he was a part of an interview that selected Sven Goran Eriksson in the role of a manager. 

Moreover, he had also given his view on the club’s transfer business. 

Nevertheless, he had spent more than a decade with the club. Roberto was also said to be the president’s son by seeing his relationship with Paolo Mantovani, a club president. 

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Silvia is not known, but as an average lawyer in Italy makes around 7,500 EURO per month, her income should be something similar.

The net worth of Roberto is estimated to be around $45 million

7,500 EUR per monthLawyer
$45 millionFormer football player, football manager, and coach.


  • The age of Silvia is not known.
  • Roberto is currently 56 years old. He was born on November 27, 1964.

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