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Sienna Wilson


Facts of Sienna Wilson

Full NameSienna Wilson
First NameSienna
Last NameWilson
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameBalke Wilson
Father ProfessionSocial media star
Mother NameJennifer Smith
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsBen Wilson, Kaya Wilson, and Taylor Wilson.
Date of BirthJune 16,2010
Age12 years

Sienna Wilson is a celebrity daughter and she is famous as the daughter of internet celebrity Batdad, Balke Wilson and Jennifer Smith

Her father first started his journey with Vine, and he has channels on YouTube and Instagram as well. 

He has a staggering 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone and over 3.5 million followers on Vine. 

She is a YouTube star as well and often appears in her father’s video. 

Do You Have A Boyfriend Sienna?

Her dad is asking her whether she has a boyfriend or not. This hilarious video is also a part of Batdad's Instagram account. 

She is asked who gave her all these valentine gifts, and she says her friends. 

She does not like boys; it seems as she explains that in the video. 

It is captioned as, 

"Still no boyfriend."

She Hates Summer Math

Here is a picture of her with her dad and she does not like summer math. 

She is holding a green paper and she is making faces in this cute picture of hers. 

She has written summer math and by her expression, it is quite clear that she does not love the subject.

Her father has uploaded this picture on his Instagram account on 22nd 2019 and has captioned this one as, 

"Summer math…"

Sienna Wilson Hates Maths
Sienna Wilson Hates Maths Source: Instagram

Funny video replying to her Batdad

Here is a super hilarious video of her with her papa. 

Her father is scolding her and is asking her to get off the computer and do something about her life.

She hilariously replies to her dad to take off that Batman masks and do something with his life. 

Her reply has people roll on the floor, laughing.  

Siblings, Adorable

She has three siblings as well. The names of her siblings are Ben Wilson, Kaya Wilson, and Taylor Wilson

Kaya is 12 years old and is a YouTube star too. 

Here is an adorable picture of her sibling, and they are dressed up in their avatars. 

Her brother is wearing a skeleton dress in this one and her sister has become a cat. She is looking adorable in that avatar of hers.

Her dad uploaded this picture on his Instagram account on 1st November 2015. It is an old picture, and they. 

They were very young at that time. He has captioned this one as, 


With Siblings
With Siblings Source: Instagram

Where Are You Velvet Suit Kaya Wilson? Asks Her Dad To Her Elder Sister 

She often appears in her Dad’s videos like her sister Kaya. 

Here is one from her dad, Instagram account and her dad is asking her sister for her velvet space suit. 

This video was uploaded on his Instagram account on 5th November 2017. 

Her dad is asking her sister whether she is going to the astronaut with that helmet one. She runs away from her dad with her siblings. 

Her dad is also asking who she is texting. Her sister replies that she is texting Cole. The video is hilarious.

Does Mini Kaya Junior Exist Ask Her Dad To Her Elder Sister Kaya?

Here is a picture in which her sister is calling her father a douch****. 

Her father is asking why she named her doll mini Kaya junior when Kaya Junior also does not exist. 

These videos are super hilarious and can make anyone’s day. Her elder sister Kaya is holding her doll and wants to beat Batdad with it. 

They are inside a car, and Blake is asking his wife to take a selfie of all of it. 

Her sister Kaya has got all A’s in her report card. Her dad burns her report card and throws it out of the car. 

This video is also made for fun. Frist Kaya is running around waiting for her report card and she has done brilliantly with her result. 

Her father asks her to open the report card and sees straight As which he does not like. This is nothing more than comedy purpose videos. 

Her Family

Here is a picture of her family with the WWE Superstar Sheamus. 

This picture is of 2018 and was uploaded on her father’s Instagram account. Blake, her dad, has captioned this picture as 

“The Bar!....”

The whole family is happy to meet the WWE star. 

Moments With Sheamus
Moments With Sheamus Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Her father has a staggering net worth of 250 thousand dollars, and it has been ever increasing. 

He also did sponsorship and endorsements through his channel. 

He is also involved in selling t-shirt, mugs, trousers and undergarments with his channel. 

He gets paid from 3045 dollars to 5075 dollars per post from his Instagram profile. The engagement rate is 2.18 percentages

Profile NameEngagement RateEstimated Earnings Per Post
batdadblake2.18 percentage3,045 to 5,075

Here is a table that shows his Instagram influencing income and the figures are astonishing. 


1. She was born in the year 2010, and this makes her age 9 in 2020. She celebrates her birthday on 26th June

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