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Si Li


Facts of Si Li

Full NameSi Li
First NameSi
Last NameLi
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Father NameJet Li
Father ProfessionFilm Actor
Mother NameQiuyan Huang
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsTaimi Li, Jada Li, Jane Li
Date of Birth1988

Si Li is the daughter of Jet Li. She was born to mom Huang Qiuyan and dad Jet and was raised with numerous siblings. 

Si served as a Chinese calligrapher, philosopher, politician, and writer of the Qin dynasty

Li Lianjie professionally is recognized as a Chinese actor, martial artist, film producer, and retired Wushu champion. 

Jet is said to be a naturalized Singaporean citizen.

Why did her parents split up?

First of all, Si’s mom also is known as a former actress belonging to Hong Kong. They together tied the wedding knot in the year 1987

Jet later shared that while he was young, there was a girl who loved him, and he also thought he loved her. 

After meeting his new partner, he realized it was love for sure, such deep love that for her, he would give up his fame and fortune and die for her too. 

He describes being full of passion every day. 

However, her dad realized he should apologize to his former wife and Si’s mom Qiuyan as he just realized what true love is after meeting his current spouse.

How many siblings does Si have in total?

Si’s dad has married two ladies in his life. From his former wife, he has two kids, Si’s biological sister named Taimi Li

And from his current wife, he has two kids named Jada Li and Jane Li, who are Si's half-siblings. 

While her own sister is in her early thirties, her other two half-siblings are 19 and 22 years old. 

Taimi chose to stay away from the limelight. She is living a low-key life, and no information about her is available. 

Despite being Jet Li’s daughter, it seems that she doesn’t want the same level of attention as her dad. 

Si Li father Jet Li and half siblings.
Si Li father Jet Li and half siblings. Source: Instagram

Were Jet and Aaliyah dating?

Sadly, Aaliyah is no more as she died in a plane crash in 2001. Late. Aaliyah starred in the movie named “Romeo Must Die.” 

Jet and Aaliyah were not dating, nor he has been her boyfriend, but it was counted as one of the friendship and professional respect. 

Jet still misses his former late costar. He praised her by stating Aaliyah was a talented girl. 

He even shared still today that when you pass from some location, you still think about Aaliyah.

Si Li father Jet Li with Aaliyah.
Si Li father Jet Li with Aaliyah. Source: Pinterest

Jet’s current wife waited for a decade to marry him?

Beginning from the top, Jet and his present wife Nina Li Chi met on the set of Dragon Fight in 1989 for the very first time. 

The movie was basically a Hong Kong action film shot in San Francisco. Jet fell for Nina at first sight only. 

However, it was very difficult for Jet as he was married to Qiuyan at that time. 

Jet suggested to Nina that if both individuals felt the same way even after ten years, they should be officially together. 

Nina agreed to him and waited for a decade. Therefore, on September 19, 1999, they tied the knot.

Does Jet Li come from a low-income family?

Jet originally belonged to Beijing, China. He was said to be the youngest born to mom Zhang Feng Lan and dad Li Qingquan

He was raised along with two older brothers and two older sisters. While Jet was just two years old, he lost his dad, after which his mom raised all the kids. 

His mom then became so protective that she wouldn’t allow Jet to even go on a ride of bicycle or swimming. 

While he was just eight years old, his skills for wushu became tough to ignore. 

His low-income family then sent him to a special school which is now known by the name Beijing Sports and Exercise school. 

Si Li father Jet Li while he was Young with his friend.
Si Li father Jet Li while he was Young with his friend. Source: Instagram

Net worth

Since Si Li’s income is not given, we will rely on her dad, whose net worth is said to be $265 million in 2022.

Net worth$265 million
Income sourceSingaporean Film Actor


  1. Si Li is 34 years old.

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