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Shanna Evans


Facts of Shanna Evans

Full NameShanna Evans
First NameShanna
Last NameEvans
Professioncostume designer
Birth CityJamaica, New York
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameG. Robert Evans III
Father ProfessionDentist
Mother NameLisa Evans
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsCarly Evans, Scott Evans and Chris Evans
Date of Birth1964

Shanna Evans is sister of well-known actor Chris Evans. She is a costume designer.


Shanna Evans was born to her parents, Mother Lisa Capuano, who is an artistic director at the Concord youth theater and Father G. Robert Evans III who is a dentist by profession. 

She has three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Both of the brothers Chris and Scott are in the acting profession

Her sister Carry is a graduate of New York University's of Tisch School of Arts and high school drama and English teacher at Lincoln-Sudbury regional high school

She has an uncle named Mike Capuano, who represents the same Massachusetts Congressional district formerly represented by Tip O'Neil

Her mother is half of Italian and half of Irish ancestry, while her father is half German ad half British ancestry

She and her siblings were raised as Catholic.

Her elder sister Carly Evans is married to Ryan and has three children, Ethan, miles, and Stella.

Marriage And Relationship

There is no information of who she is currently dating, and she is not open much about her private life, so it is still unknown.

Who Are Her Brothers?

She is the sister of famous brothers Chris Evans and Scott Evans

Chris Evans is a phenomenal American actor who is known for his superheroes roles as Marvel Comics Characters Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four (2004) and its 2007 sequel

Scott Evans is also an actor who was featured on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live

He is gay since the age of 19. 

This news was accidentally shared by his brother Chris while talking about his younger brother's sexual orientation. 

Scott was shocked when he saw the news at first and was quite upset with his brother disclosing the news to the world without his permission. 

But later they solve the disputes and also accepted the truth about himself.


Chris Evans is very fond of his siblings. He shares special bonds with his siblings. 

He often brings his family members to celebrity events such as Oscars.

Shanna is the youngest in Evan's family. 

This is a picture of both the actor and her sister Shanna, who attended the 89th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood and highlighted center on February 26, 2017, California.

He opted for blue Tuxedo while her sister was wearing a black gown.

Shanna Evans with her brother, Chris Evan attend the 89th Annual Academy Awards.
Shanna Evans with her brother, Chris Evan attend the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Source: Daily Chris R. Evans

Recently the actor Chris Evans makes debut on Instagram on May 2, 2020, and he revealed in an interview that he opened the account so that he can share the pictures of his lovely dogs. 

He is a huge animal lover.

The actor shared a picture of his mom with his siblings on Mother's Day. He wrote captioned as 


All of them in the picture look cute and happy being photographed.

Shanna Evans with her mother and siblings.
Shanna Evans with her mother and siblings. Source: Instagram

The actor shared a grumpy morning picture of his dog and captioned as 

'just woke up ….'. 

Both sisters Shanna and Chris love their dogs. Earlier, she also was on Instagram.

Chris Evan's dog.
Chris Evan's dog. Source: Instagram

This picture of Evans's family is shared by Scott Evans in his Instagram, as they were ready for the premiere of Avengers: End game

This picture is proof of how much they love spending time together and enjoys each other's company.

Shanna Evans with her family on the premiere of Avengers: End game
Shanna Evans with her family on the premiere of Avengers: End game. Source: Instagram

Shanna And Chris Bond

Shanna and Chris share very special relationships as brother-sister though she is adopted in Evans's family but never felt left out as she gets all the love as any children get from their family. 

They both are animal lovers. As she is the youngest one, she gets more love from all her siblings. 

She addresses Chris as her big brother.

Chris Evans talked about being political and his Dog Dodger

Shanna’s one of the siblings, Chris, was questioned about him being politically minded, which in return, he has accepted the statement asked by Jimmy Kimmel.

Also, many of you might not know about the app and website he has created named

Basically, Chris explained that this app is specially designed for people who want to get an update regarding the political subject

Moreover, he was actively involved in the website project for the whole three years. 

Chris shared the idea that it clicked his mind back in 2017

After a year, he started collecting interviews with elective officials. Well, it sure wasn’t easy for him being a famous face to be practically involved in. 

Chris further added how people around him thought that it would be a prank. 

During an interview, when the subject turned into his Dog named Dodger, he explained it is one of the truest relationships he has had till now. Also, his name has been tattooed in Chris Chest for several years now. To find out more, check the video below.

Shanna brother Chris nickname and unique hobby explored

You will be surprised by the onset nickname given to Chris by none other than Anthony Mackie

Chris himself revealed that on Marvel set, he used to be called Captain Little Ass. He further explained that the name came up as a joke. 

It’s all about his fitness routine and following physique. 

Besides his professional work, the man is more interested in tap-dancing skills. Also, Chris has given credit to his beloved mom for the steps he has learned. 

Not to deny, but he is often spotted talking about his fondest hobby of tap in several interviews. 

If you do not believe in the words, you can see him doing it. Yes, Chris Evans showed his unique talent on the Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2017.

Chris interviews with Puppy?

Chris claims that the interview with puppies surrounded is one of his best interviews to date. When asked Chris if he could play any Marvel villain, who would be his preference. 

To which the actor replied Who Cares and laughed. Nevertheless, he stated that Loki seems to have the most fun.

Moving on to the next part, Chris says that he loved Toy Story when he used to be younger, further claiming that he loved Toy Story

Also, in the middle of the interview, he admitted that this was impossible as the puppies were playing with him, which resulted in him not hearing the questions properly. 

Later, when asked about his reaction to being cast as Buzz Lightyear, Chris said that he was all nervous and intimidated but also excited. 

Chris then says Rex would be a good movie if there would be an option if any other toy from a Toy Story could get an origin story. 

On choosing between playing the role of heroes or villains, Chris replies, saying that it depends on the movie. 

However, he added that Villains are fun as they give you a little bit more chance to play. 

When asked what was the one question he wished to get asked during interviews and what would the answer be to the question? Chris said that he couldn’t think of anything at that moment. 

Nevertheless, the career or the profession Chris would have chosen if not an actor, then he says that while he was a younger kid, he wanted to be an animator. 

The good song he prefers is the “Return of the Mack.” In Chris’s view, the voice acting is kind of daunting because you only have one string to play on. 

And also takes a minute to realize how colorful one can be. 

When asked if he had taken any props from the set till now, Chris giggled and said he would take the puppies from that set now. 

Lastly, we know that Dodger was adopted by Chris

So, when asked why he chose to adopt an older dog and why it is important for him to adopt older dogs, he says that Dodger was rescued by him, and he was a puppy.

However, he was two years old at the time. However, Chris always thought that when he adopted a dog or rescued a dog, it would be a little puppy. 

He confessed that Dodger is a full-grown dog. However, it wasn’t the story he had in his mind, but pointing it as the best decision of his life, Chris added. 

Net Worth

Chris is estimated to have a net worth of $70 Million. He also gets ranked at position 18th in a list of highest-paid actors earning $18 Million in 2017. 

He earned $15 Million per film for "Avengers: Infinity War," "Captain America: Civil War" and "Avengers: End game." 

His major source of income is acting, brand endorsement.

How did Chris Evan spend his Money?

He lives a lavish lifestyle. He owns a home in California, which cost $3.52 Million

He also has a home in Hollywood Hills, which he bought in 2007, which cost as $1.26 Million.


  1. Her brother, Chris Evan loves to tap dance, and his childhood crush was Sandra Bullock.

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