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Facts of Shane Fury

Full NameShane Fury
First NameShane
Last NameFury
ProfessionRetired boxer
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameJohn Fury
Father ProfessionBoxer Conerman and former professional boxer and bare-knuckle fighter
Mother NameAmber Fury
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseHelen Fury
SibilingsJohn Fury Jr., Tyson Fury, Hugh Fury, Tommy Fury, Roman Fury
Date of Birth1990

Shane Fury is a retired super heavy-weight amateur boxer mainly recognized as the son of boxer cornerman and former professional boxer and bare-knuckle fighter John Fury

He is also the brother of two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

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Who is his mother?

Shane was born to Irish Traveler parents, John and Amber Fury. His mother is the first wife of his father. 

His mother had a total of 14 pregnancies during their marriage, but sadly, only four of the children survived. 

They later parted ways. Following their divorce, his father married his second wife Chantal.

How many siblings does he have?

Shane is the third oldest child of his parents, John and Amber. His older brothers are John Fury Jr. and Tyson. He has a younger brother, Hugh Fury

Besides that, he has two half-brothers, Tommy, and Roman Fury, born to his father with his second wife Chantal

Tyson was born three months premature and was just 1 pound at his birth. 

According to their father, John, the doctor told him that he had less chance of surviving. 

He luckily survived because his two sisters had died before him. After all, they were also born prematurely. 

He was named after Mike Tyson, who at the time was the heavyweight champion. Tyson and Shane would have an elder sister, Ramona if she had survived. 

She was born in 1997, but sadly, she passed away within a few days. Like Tyson, his other brothers, Tommy and Roman, are both professional boxers.

He is extremely close to Tyson

Sane, during a podcast, said he is super close to Tyson out of all his brothers. Growing up, they always looked up to another brother John

Because he and Tyson were just two years apart, they were even closer and more like friends. They would do almost everything together. 

They used to go to work at a young age, including shoveling snow.

Shane also said that his brothers have been a good influence in his life and revealed that they didn’t have that strong bond with Tommy and Roman until recently.

They are now brothers as brothers can be but didn’t know about one another until five years ago which was a shame, and they never did have a relationship with Tommy and Roman until recently.

His brother Tyson blamed him for his phobia 

His brother Tyson, who is a two-time heavyweight champion and who is unafraid of any challenges inside the ring, is afraid of one thing outside the ring, and that is worms. 

In an interview, he revealed that he has a fear of worms. 

While appearing on the red carpet before his crossover bout with Francis Ngannou, when asked to tell something no one knows about him, he said he has a phobia of worms and that he is terrified of them. 

It’s because Shane used to fill his wellies up with worms. 

According to him, Shane used to pick out the biggest worms, because of which he still has nightmares about it, even when he sees adult-size welly boots.

The reason why he is not into social media

Shane describes himself to be a farmer boy, not in the sense he works on a farm, but he is an old-traditioned guy. 

He doesn’t use social media, and when asked the reason, he said he is not interested in it. 

“There will be four people around the table looking at one another, having the shittest time ever, and then they will take a 30-second clip from the phone as they will be bouncing and laughing, and when they put the phone down, it’s all back to reality”, he explained. 

He also thinks there is no benefit to him and does interviews sometimes for no benefit of his own at all, he added.

He is happily married 

Shane is happily married to his beautiful wife, Helen, with whom he shares kids. 

Like him, Helen also lives out the spotlight and doesn’t have an Instagram account. 

She often appears on her sister–in–law Paris Fury’s Instagram account.

Shane Fury with his beautiful wife Helen
Shane Fury with his beautiful wife Helen. Source: Instagram 
Shane Fury wife Helen and sister-in-law Paris Fury are super close
Shane Fury wife Helen and sister-in-law Paris Fury are super close. Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

His net worth is currently under review, but we have the net worth of his father. His father has a net worth of $2 million.


  1. He was born in 1990. He is currently 33 years old.
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