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Facts of Sarie Kessler

Full NameSarie Kessler
First NameSarie
Last NameKessler
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CountryAustralia
Father NameHerb Kessler
Mother NameVerna Kessler
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SpouseDoug Robbie
No Of Children4
Date of BirthJune 22,1954
Age68 years

Sarie Kessler is the mother of Academy Award-nominated Australian actress Margot Robbie

Sarie was born to her parents, father Herb Kessler, and mother Verna Kessler. She is of Scottish descent and works as a physiotherapist. She is residing in a Gold Coast home in Australia that her daughter purchased.

Separated from her husband when Margot was just five

Sarie was married to her then-husband, a sugarcane tycoon Doug Robbie. The exact date of their marriage is not known, but they parted ways when Margot was just five years old. This was one of  the major tragedies of her life and also of Margot. 

After separating from Doug, she went on to stay with her parents on a farm belonging to her parents in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Sarie Kessler parents Herb Kessler and Verna Kessler are together for more than six decades.
Sarie Kessler parents Herb Kessler and Verna Kessler are together for more than six decades. Source: Instagram

She got her mortgage paid off as a sixtieth birthday present

In 2014, Margot surprised her by paying off her mortgages as the Sixtieth birthday present.

She considered the birthday to be the best birthday ever. Sarie was proud and, at the same time, was disappointed. 

She was disappointed because the news broke out publicly and she felt it was a personal present. The news was shared by her son Lachlan via his social media account. 

Sarie Kessler with her daughter Margot Robbie.
Sarie Kessler with her daughter Margot Robbie. Source: Pinterest

A single mother of her four children

Sarie and her ex-husband share four children, sons Lachlan Robbie and Cameron Robbie and daughters Anya Robbie and Margot

Margot is the second youngest child. Since her spouse left them while they were quite young, she became a single mom and raised them in her parent’s home on the Gold Coast

All of her children are doing great in their respective careers. Lachlan is a stunt performer and has worked in Aquaman and Birds of Prey as a stunt performer. 

Cameron followed in his sister’s footsteps. He is an aspiring actor as well.

Sarie Kessler with her four children, Lachlan, Anya, Cameron, and the one whose face is covered with emoji is Margot Robbie.
Sarie Kessler with her four children, Lachlan, Anya, Cameron, and the one whose face is covered with emoji is Margot Robbie. Source: Instagram

She had a python constrict around her neck 

While living on the Gold coast in Australia, snakes were often found at their house, and they chased them out. 

One day the huge python happened to enter the house, and she asked Margot to help her get the python out of the house. 

But Margot was busy on MSN, so she did not show up. She tried to pick the python with a broom and a stick, but the snake wound its way up around her arm, constricting around her neck.

Relationship of her children with their father

Margot and her siblings were abandoned by their father when they needed him the most. 

Sources revealed Margot and her sister don’t want to know him or talk about him. 

Though their father helped them pay for their studies in private schools, his absence in most of their lives became the reason for their weak connection. 

It seems Lalchan has no harsh feelings for his father. In September 2015, he posted his picture with his father on his Instagram on father’s day, thanking him for providing the education and the needed help. 

However, their father was spotted watching 2016 Oscar in a local cafe.

Sarie Kessler son Lalchan and ex-husband Doug Robbie.
Sarie Kessler son Lalchan and ex-husband Doug Robbie. Source: Instagram

Who is Margot married to?

Margot is happily married to British film producer Tom Ackerley whom she met in 2013 in the set of Suite Francaise, where Tom was working as an assistant director. 

They were dating since 2014 before tying a knot in a private ceremony in Byron Bay, New South Wales, in December 2016

Together they founded LuckyChap production company. The couple is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Sarie Kessler daughter Margot Robbie and son-in-law Tom Ackerley.
Sarie Kessler daughter Margot Robbie and son-in-law Tom Ackerley. Source: Pinterest

Her daughter shared the hilarious experience of taking her to the Oscars

Her daughter, back in 2019, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, shared her experience of taking her to the Oscars when her daughter was nominated for best actress for her performance in the film "I, Tonya" at the 2018 Oscars.  

She would take her mom as a date since the bond between them is incredibly strong. Margot revealed being extremely happy to be at the Oscars and having a great time with her mom. 

She recalled sitting her mom down beforehand, telling her to be cool, and asking her not to go up to anyone. 

To her surprise, when she turned around for five seconds and then turned to her mom, she was not there. 

She saw her mom in the front row talking to Nicole Kidman, with whom she hadn't worked until that time, and she didn't know. 

She was like, "Mom, get over here," and her mom said, "She talked to me first." 

Later it turned out to be Nicole who initiated the conversation, first asking someone what her name was and then calling her over and just wanting to make her feel comfortable.

Margot revealed the reason behind stealing the toilet papers

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon's show to promote her movie "Focus," Margot revealed stealing toilet papers from hotels. 

She, at the time, was staying with five of her roommates in London

During the conversation, Fallon said that roommates are tough for him and asked her if her roommates do the dishes, to which Margot replied some do, and some do not.  

Fallon asked if they had replaced the toilet paper. She said she lived with three boys and had a separate bathroom for boys and girls, confessing that the boys were sneaking up and stealing the toilet paper. 

Still, Fallon asked her instead that he had heard Margot stealing the toilet papers from the hotels, to which she admitted saying "it was one time." 

She went on to explain that she had a busy schedule due to which buying toilet papers would usually go out of her mind. 

She was bidding goodbye to her friend who was staying at the hotel and was going back to Australia, and her friend had asked her to take whatever she needed, her makeup and all. 

The toilet papers instantly came into her mind because she was not getting time to go to the shop. 

So she took her bag, which was a Ralph Lauren bag, and she realized it only after coming out from the hotel when Paparazzi started taking her photos.  

Later, her mom even called her and asked her what did he buy from Ralph Lauren, and she was like, "I didn't buy anything but stole toilet papers."

No one knew that inside the Ralph Lauren bag were stolen toilet papers until Sarie Kessler daughter Margot Robbie revealed it.
No one knew that inside the Ralph Lauren bag were stolen toilet papers until Sarie Kessler daughter Margot Robbie revealed it. Source: YouTube

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sarie is currently unavailable. We have the net worth of her daughter Margot who has achieved a milestone in her acting career. 

She has also produced several films and television series with her husband. Two of their films, I, Tonya (2017) and Promising Young Woman (2020), were nominated for the Academy Award

Forbes in 2019 ranked her among the top paid actresses. At the age of 30, she has amassed a fortune of:

Net Worth Source
$26 million Acting, Brand Endorsements 


  1. Sarie was born on the 22nd of June, 1954. She is currently 67 years old.

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