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Samantha Taffer


Facts of Samantha Taffer

Full NameSamantha Taffer
First NameSamantha
Last NameTaffer
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameJon Taffer
Father Professionentrepreneur and television personality
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCody Hanley
No Of Children1
Date of Birth1989
Married DateSeptember 13,2015

Samantha Taffer is the celebrity daughter of an American entrepreneur and television personality named Jon Taffer

Samantha is also in the entertainment business and works as an actress. She is known for the role she played as a Bar Recon Specialist

She was born and raised in America. She has Russian roots and is Jewish by religion. She is the only daughter of Jon

Jon is a very successful and well-known television personality. He is currently known for his work on TV. 

His first job was as a bartender, which he did in 1973 in Barney's Beanery, located in West Hollywood, where he also used to be a drummer in a live band. 

He then started to get more and more successful with time and reached where he is now, and by the look of it, he is not planning to look back any time soon.


Samantha is married to a man named Cody Hanley. They are a very adorable couple and don't hesitate to show their love to the world. 

The couple got married after dating for some time. They exchanged vows on 13 September 2015 and have been together since then.

The couple also has a son named Rhett Hanley, born on 21st May 2019

Samantha Taffer with her husband Cody.
Samantha Taffer with her husband Cody. Source: Instagram

The wedding:

Samantha and Cody had a beautiful wedding. Samantha looked fabulous in her mermaid white gown, and Cody looked like a perfect gentleman in his tux. 

Their families, friends and relatives attended their big day, and everyone was very happy.

The first look:

Both Samantha and Jon got quite emotional on the wedding day as they had a special moment. 

Samantha wanted her father, Jon, to be the first one to see her in her wedding dress. 

And he got very emotional when his little girl was in the white gown and about to get married. It was a beautiful moment, and both of them got quite emotional.

Samantha Taffer with her father Jon Taffer on her wedding day.
Samantha Taffer with her father Jon Taffer on her wedding day. Source: Instagram

Jon's love life:

Jon first married a woman whose identity is not revealed and not known of. They had a daughter together who is Samantha. The marriage didn't last long, and they separated ways. 

Jon then got wed to a woman named Nicole Taffer. The couple exchanged vows on 4th April 2000. They have an age gap of 19 years

Besides having a huge age gap, the couple has a very strong bond and understands and supports each other all the time. 

They love spending time with each other and love traveling to various destinations. 

We can see the pictures of their vacations and getaways on their social media accounts. They don't have any children together.

Samantha Taffer with her father Jon Taffer with Nicole on vacation.
Samantha Taffer with her father Jon Taffer with Nicole on vacation. Source: Instagram

Nicole's death rumors:

Once, there was a huge rumor that spread very quickly that Nicole had died, which was not true. 

The rumors started as Nicole used to be a frequent guest on the show called "Bar Rescue," which is hosted by Jon, and Samantha is also a part of the show. 

But suddenly, in 2013, she stopped appearing on the show, which led to the rumors.

Jon is a communicator

Samantha’s dad, Jon, shared his words, where he mentioned stating 

"I do one thing for a living, I am a communicator." 

He shared about coming into the business world, and as the manager, he had to communicate with the people and had to communicate standards, messages, and visions, which he became good at. 

And then, when his role shifted to being a public speaker 35 years ago, he would have books in the room and speak to people. 

He shared that if you cross your arms, Jon would know he was on the wrong topic, and if you put your hand on your face, you would know he was on the right topic. 

That’s how he started to learn, choose his words more carefully, and through those basic communications skills, he would communicate with people in a way they understand. 

Also, Jon shared that while he was young, he was raised in an environment where his mom, dad, and grandfather were also successful. 

Jon says he used to mimic their success, mimic their language, and also he saw the consequences of not communicating at a young age. 

Jon revealed that he learned that you better say the right things in the right way at a young age, and you better not say the things that cause moods to go in the wrong direction, resulting in him being sensitive. 

To know more about his powerful words, visit the link below.

Began his career by losing $600,000?

Jon himself mentioned that he chose the wrong business partner. Despite his friends warning him and telling him not to get involved in business with a person, Jon didn’t listen and headed anyway. 

He did the contract, and the latter got ripped off for $600,000. Jon then realized this, making him more conscious about choosing a partner. 

It is an important lesson, but it also denotes that Jon has worn the same shoes as those seeking his help indeed. 

Lastly, he confronted that he would not open a bar today, explaining that establishing a bar would be someone’s dream, but it is more difficult than it looks.

Net worth:

The net worth of Samantha is not known yet. Jon has a net worth estimated to be around $14 million.

$14 millionEntrepreneur, TV shows, hosting


  1. Samantha is currently 32 years old. She was born in the year 1989.
  2. Jon is currently 67 years old. He was born on 7th November 1954.

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