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Ryan Nikolaos Sampras


Facts of Ryan Nikolaos Sampras

Full NameRyan Nikolaos Sampras
First NameRyan
Middle NameNikolaos
Last NameSampras
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Father NamePete Sampras
Father Professiontennis player
Mother NameBridgette Wilson
Mother Professionformer actress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsChristian Charles Sampras
Date of BirthJuly 29,2005
Age18 years

Ryan Nikolaos Sampras is known as the son of Pete Sampras

Pete is a professional tennis player and has won 14 Grand Slam in his entire career. 

It was an Open Era record at the time of his retirement

Pete began his professional career in 1988 and ended at the 2002 US Open.

He was born to parents Georgia Sampras and Sam Sampras.

Ryan's mother, Bridgette Wilson, quit acting to focus on her family

Ryan is the second born of Pete Sampras and his wife, Bridgette Wilson

He has an elder sibling named Christian Charles Sampras. Bridgette is a Miss Teen USA 1990

She started acting by starring in shows like 'Santa Barbara.' 

She further worked in 'Murder,' 'The Wedding Planner,' and many more but opted to step away from acting after her movie 'Phantom Punch' in 2008

As per People story from 2000 reveals, Wilson stated that she wanted to be a homemaker and that her family is the most important thing

As per interviews, Wilson stated that she could not bear to be apart from her children, and it was devastating to have to get a babysitter that wasn't family. 

Ryan Nikolaos Sampras with his mother, Bridgette Wilson, and brother.
Ryan Nikolaos Sampras with his mother, Bridgette Wilson, and brother. Source:

Ryan's interest in Tennis

Ryan is trying to walk in his father's foot-steps and desires to become a professional player

As per his father, he plays a lot and even started playing junior tennis and knows what it means to play the game

He has played team sports to date and is still far from professional sport. 

His father, Pete, further added that he is happy that his son has a passion for the game and likes it.

Ryan Nikolaos Sampras with his father, Pete Sampras, enjoying the game.
Ryan Nikolaos Sampras with his father, Pete Sampras, enjoying the game. Source:

His Parent's Love-Life

Pete and Bridgette got married on September 30, 2000

The pair met after Sampras spotted her at a Los Angeles movie theatre

He jokingly told his friend that he would love to meet her, and later on, that friend went through connecting them

The loving duo dated for nine months before Pete proposed to her at his Los Angeles home

Almost after sixteen weeks, the couple took the wedding vows in the backyard of their home.

Ryan Nikolaos Sampras's parents, Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson.
Ryan Nikolaos Sampras's parents, Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson. Source:

Achievements of Ryan's father 

Pete is a former world number 1 professional tennis player. He developed an interest in the game at the age of 3

His nickname is 'Pistol Pete' because of his rapid-fire serves that were constantly fired across the net

He has won five times in the open era, two Australian Open titles, but never won the French

He is the only player who won all seven Wimbledon finals and won 14 Grand Slam titles.

His father shares the match of his lifetime

Ryan’s dad Pete shared that the best match throughout his lifetime was his sixth Wimbledon when he played with Andre. Pete added, 

He just won the French, and I played him and really got into that zone which in Wimbledon finals is hard to do. 

He further continued by saying that even though there was immense pressure and other things, he just played great and just truly dominated. 

He claims it is just perfect tennis as well as he can play, pointing out being served well, moved well, and volleyed well; it just clicked; he mentioned. 

Other than that, he admitted that it was just so special. Pete still looks back at it and he feels everything came so easy but felt big. He had all the time in the world. 

He also says that he always played as a serve and volley player. Wimbledon’s final first guy, Pete, played from the baseline. 

Therefore, he admitted to having time to play a little bit which he liked. 

Pete’s life after retirement

Many of you might have a question regarding what Pete is doing for a living after retirement? 

Well, he is now actively involved in numerous entrepreneurial activities and earns money for a living. After professional tennis, he has begun numerous businesses. 

He has a business in designing clothing for a clothing brand named Hingis Sportswear

Moreover, he also has a restaurant chain named SIP Sunset Grill & Bar, including a nightclub named “La Vie Bistro.” 

Not only this, but producing documentaries about David Lynch and Deepak Chopra, he also manufactures music too. 

His company has also sponsored Delta Faucet Company which is a Strings sportswear company. 

Nevertheless, Pete has proved himself and established himself as a reputed businessman. 

Pete’s response to Agassi’s claims

Agassi back then claimed Pete as a person with a lack of inspiration and a dull one in his book published in the year 2010

Pete had denied his claims and responded by stating that Agassi was a big rival, and in his view, he wasn’t aware of the reflection that Andre was during their competitive days. 

However, Pete confronted that he got to know about Agassi as they started getting older. 

Continuing with the context, Pete says that during their mid-20s, Agassi was there, but more often, he was a bit removed. 

Later, he also stated that he didn’t have any idea that Agassi was going to be involved in bad decisions. 

Recalling those days, Agassi had confronted that he had used crystal meth and, at the same time, lying to tennis officials after getting a positive report. 

Pete then says that everyone around was asking about the topic and the crystal meth. 

Nevertheless, Agassi decided to bring it out now, which was a bit surprising, but he did always want to separate himself from the good or bad or even the rest. 

Other than that, we know that Pete retired before Agassi, as taking the lead would have been difficult for him, and he was six matches away from scoring. 

Some facts about Pete 

Mentioning his family, even though his mom and dad are very much happier about his achievement and success, they don’t watch his live matches more often. 

Also, he had spent most of the time outdoors. Well, the whole Pete family resided in Rancho, which had a warmer climate than Potomac

This climatic condition had let young Pete, along with their siblings, spend most of their time outdoors and at the Peninsula Racquet Club, where they whole began taking tennis lessons. 

Pete attended Palos Verdes High School. Surprisingly, his skill in tennis grew while he was at that school. 

Seeing growth in the field, he decided to leave the school in 1988 and began his professional career in tennis.

Net Worth

Ryan's net worth has not been estimated. 

His parents have a combined net worth of $175 Million, which they have added to their fortune through their respective careers. 

His father, Pete's career prize money is $43.28 Million.

Below is the list of American tennis player along with their career prize money

NamePrize Money
Serena Williams$92.7 Million
Andre Agassi$30 Million
John McEnroe$12.55 Million
Jimmy Connors$8.6 Million

Age and height

  1. Ryan is born on July 29, 2005, which makes him age 15 as of 2020.
  2. As Ryan is in his teenage, his height has not been mentioned yet.
  3. His father, Pete, has a β-thalassemia minor, which is a genetic trait that sometimes causes mild anemia.

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