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Rowan Francis Henchy


Facts of Rowan Francis Henchy

Full NameRowan Francis Henchy
First NameRowan
Middle NameFrancis
Last NameHenchy
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CityManhattan, New York
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameChris Henchy
Father ProfessionAmerican screenwriter and producer
Mother NameBrooke Shields
Mother ProfessionAmerican actress and model
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsGrier Hammond Henchy
Date of BirthMay 15,2003
Age20 years

Rowan Francis Henchy is best known as the daughter of an American model and actress, Brooke Shields.

She lives in New York, America.

Rowan Francis Henchy and her mother Brooke Shields
Rowan Francis Henchy and her mother Brooke Shields. Source: Instagram

Brooke's Love Life

Brooke's love life started with actor Dean Cain at age 22. The pair had both been studying at Princeton University

She has also dated Michael Jackson. The king of pop was very much in love and adored Brooke

He had even proposed to her and wanted to raise an adopted child together.

Rowan Francis Henchy mother Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson.
Rowan Francis Henchy mother Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson. Source: Pinterest

Her first marriage was with Andre Agassi, a tennis player. 

Even though Brooke and Andre had been dating since 1993, their marital life lasted only three years before their divorce in 1999

After her failed marriage, she met her second husband, Chris Henchy, in 1999 through her friends. 

She had her second wedding with Chris in 2001.

Brooke and Chris are blessed with two children, and they reside in Manhattan, New York.

Brooke Struggled With Depression

Brooke has revealed her struggles with postpartum depression in a magazine and interview. 

This mental illness affected her mood and is known to be associated with the birth of a child. 

She shared it might have started to form with her father's death a month prior to her delivery. 

Along with this, she was also stressed out by her miscarriage and in vitro fertilization. 

The last trigger was her agonizing childbirth.

The postpartum depression and her new life and hormonal changes were so painful that she even thought of committing suicide. 

Her depression caused her to be unable to respond to her young baby's physical and emotional needs. 

She had trouble bonding with the baby too.

Luckily with the help of psychiatry and medical treatments, she was able to overcome a depression which helped her motherhood experience.  

Brooke Wants To Be A Cool Mother

Popular actress, Brooke Shields, is a mother to teenage daughters Rowan and Grier Hammond Henchy

She has said that she has quite a tough time trying to be the perfect mother and gaining favorable reactions from her daughters.

Unlike her daughters, it was an opposite experience for Brooke with her mother as she was the one who wanted to be looked on favorably by her mother.

She shared that she tries to be cooler and less cozy with her daughters, not to come off as clingy and cheesy, but sometimes her attempts fail, and her daughters are quick to tell her that they dislike her jokingly. 

Rowan Is A Tiktoker

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rowan has started to make TikTok to utilize her time in quarantine. 

She is usually seen with her mother in the TikTok videos, and sometimes, her whole family joins in the fun.

She once tried to do a viral TikTok trend with her mother where one is supposed to hit the other with a bag accidentally. 

Her mother did not know about this at all because she meant to record her genuine reaction. 

The problem was that Rowan hit her mother so hard that she got a 'fat lip.' 

Soon after this, the mother-daughter erupted in laughter while Rowan tried to apologize repeatedly. 

They also make videos dubbing movie lines in TikTok.

Rowan Francis Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields.
Rowan Francis Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields. Source: Instagram

She has also uploaded a video where her whole family was dressed up for a Met Gala event-themed dinner at home.

Who Are Rowan's Family?

Rowan was born on May 15, 2003, to parents Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy.

Her mother is a popular model turned actress who was once hailed as the most beautiful baby in the US, while her father is a screenwriter and producer. 

He is also the co-creator of the Funny or Die website. 

Rowan also has a younger sibling named Grier Hammond Henchy.

Rowan Francis Henchy with her parents Chris Henchy and Brooke Shields and sibling Grier Hammond Henchy
Rowan Francis Henchy with her parents Chris Henchy and Brooke Shields and sibling Grier Hammond Henchy. Source: Instagram

Get to know more about Rowan’s mom at “Ask Brooke Shields Anything.”

Rowan’s mom Brooke answered all the social questions during an interview. Her first answer was if she wasn’t involved in show business, she would have chosen the writing field. 

Brooke revealed that she enjoys the writing procedures, and to let you know, the actress has written three/ four books to date. 

So either she would be a writer or she would work with animals, despite being allergic to everything. Brooke stated that she loves show business so much that she couldn’t even imagine being anything else than an actress. 

Later on, she was asked a question by the live audience, to which Brooke confronted that never wait for an opportunity to come. 

She explained how she is lucky enough to have a very good family, surrounded by few good people she could trust blindly, and her education gave her an entire life, she added. 

Further telling people if you have to listen to “NO” more often in your life, which happens more in the entertainment industry, then keep going to where there is an opportunity. 

Don’t Take No for an answer, Brooke stated. Lastly, she was asked about her view on if she would encourage parents on letting their young girls pursue their careers in industry or rather wait for a while until they would decide themselves?

In return, Brooke clearly said that they should wait. The shining and interesting part of it on Instagram is not a reality more often. 

If it’s a passion, then go ahead; if not, first educate them and wait a bit. It’s not fun but claiming the industry to be a difficult business. 

Further revealing that now, it’s tougher than it was while she was younger. Brooke even shared how her kids would say to her anything based on the comments in social media, referring to it as feeling devastating; Brooke added.

Brooke protects her daughters

In one of the events, Brooke discussed the sexualization of girls and how she is always aware of protecting both daughters from social media critique. 

Brooke stated that they both enjoy Instagram and TikTok but should know the difference between self-expression and validation. 

Since both her girls are in school, the modeling agency shows a keen interest in one, but she didn’t mention which daughter. 

However, she is into finding out why. Brooke said that she is aware of the dark side of the acting and modeling industry. 

Rowan re-wore her mom’s 1998 Golden Globes dress to prom

Then 18-year-old Rowan found a proper vintage dress to wear on her senior prom, and it was her mother’s 1998 Golden dress. For a mother, there is nothing prouder than that. 

Her mom took her Instagram with a picture of them together, where she wrote she thought it was a special night when she was nominated for a Golden Globe and wore the dress in 1998, but nothing could have prepared her to see her daughter wearing it on a prom. 

She also captioned proud mama.

Rowan Francis Henchy in her mother Brooke Shields dress for the prom.
Rowan Francis Henchy in her mother Brooke Shields dress for the prom. Source: Instagram

Brooke Shields reveals the secret of keeping her daughters grounded and keeping her relationship strong

While attending the New York Academy of Art’s 2022 Tribeca ball, Brooke revealed the secret behind keeping her daughters grounded and keep her relationship strong. 

Talking to US Weekly about keeping her daughters grounded, she said she had been a tough mother since they were born. 

She added that it is all about respect, manners, appreciation, and giving back. They could say Please and Thank you before they could even say the words. 

It was like a tone. She added that they would say “peas” or “Ta Tu” or something.

Besides that, she also shared how she keeps her relationship strong with her husband, Chris Henchy, whom she wed in 2001

She said she never holds anything in but waits for the right time to bring it up. 

Neither of them explodes, but if there is something egregious to her based on what a couple to be, she finds the right time and way to discuss it. 

After she finds the right time, she says, this is how I interpreted things, not what you did to me, this is how you made me feel, this is how I felt when I heard this. 

That is how their relationship works.

When asked how has college been for Rowan, she said she is enthralled with how much she is doing. She further added,

If you have done it seemingly right, they fly, and they take off and do what they are supposed to do and live and become who they are.

Net Worth

As Rowan Francis Henchy is just a teenager, she is yet to have a professional career. 

So, her net worth is unavailable. However, her mother, Brooke Shields, has a net worth of $40 million.

Her income is structured as shown below:

Movies$4.33 million
Sponsorships$2,409.75 - $4,016.25

Age, Height, And Weight

  1. Rowan Francis Henchy is 17 years old.
  2. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 4 inches.
  3. Her weight is unknown.
  4. She has red-colored hair.
  5. Her eyes are blue colored.

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