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Facts of Ronald Biles

Full NameRonald Biles
First NameRonald
Last NameBiles
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNellie Biles
No Of Children6
Married Date1977

Ronald Biles is the celebrity father of Simone Biles, who is an American artistic gymnast. Ronald is originally from the United States, and his nationality is American. 

He practices Catholicism as a religion, and so does his family. He is known for having a great heart and for being a great person.

Ronald Biles with his wife and daughter Simone Biles.
Ronald Biles with his wife and daughter Simone Biles. Source: Instagram

Simone is one of the best artistic gymnastics in the world. She is a very hardworking, dedicated, successful, and famous athlete and is known for the mind-blowing skills that she shows as a gymnast. 

She started her journey as a professional gymnast in the year 2011. She began learning gymnastics at the young age of six and got better and better since then. 

She has won multiple competitions and championships and also has a huge fan base. She has come a long way and has no intentions to stop anytime soon. 


Ronald is currently married to a woman named Nellie Biles, who is from Belize. She is the second wife of Ronald

The couple has been together for a long time now and is very happy together. Nellie often shares pictures of them and with the family, and all of them have a very nice and tight bond with each other. 

The couple also shares a very deep love between them which only grows with time. 

Ronald Biles with his wife Nellie.
Ronald Biles with his wife Nellie. Source: Instagram


Ronald and Nellie have four children named Ron Biles Jr., Adam, Simone, and Adria but Simone and Adria are not their biological children as they adopted them, but they have the same bloodline somehow.

Whereas Ronald has his own two daughters named Shanon and Harriet from his previous marriage. 

The truth behind the relation:

Simone and Adria are the grandchildren of Ronald and Nellie, and the actual mother is Shanon. Shanon also had two other older kids. 

She could not take care of her children at all, and it became harder for them. All the four kids went into foster care and bounced from house to house until Ronald and Nellie found out about the situation and took them under their shelter. 

After that, they adopted Simone and Adria, and the older two kids were adopted by Harriet.  

Ronald Biles wife and children.
Ronald Biles wife and children. Source: Instagram

Simone’s love life:

Simone is currently in a relationship with a man named Jonathan Owens, a professional football player. The couple has been dating for nearly a year now. 

They started dating in August of 2020 and have been together since then. Both of them often post pictures of them together on their social media accounts, and they look adorable together. 

Both of them are always seen supporting and cheering for one another and are each other’s biggest fans. 

Before getting in a relationship with Jonathan, Simone was in a relationship with Stacey Ervin Jr, a gymnast. They dated from the year 2017 to the year 2020

Ronald Biles daughter Simone Biles with her boyfriend Jonathan Owens.
Ronald Biles daughter Simone Biles with her boyfriend Jonathan Owens. Source: Instagram


In the year 2018, Simone came forward and posted on Twitter that she was sexually assaulted by the former USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar

There were other victims as well. She didn’t come for the trial as she stated that she was not ready to face him again. She also called out USA gymnastics for covering up for him.

Simone Biles got engaged to her boyfriend  on a valentine's day

Simone and her boyfriend Jonathan Owens got engaged on valentine's day. The couple confirmed the news via their Instagram posting their pictures where Owens was seen proposing in a gazebo in Houston, Texas

Talking to "TODAY," Simone said about the engagement that she thought might happen this year, but she was not expecting Valentine's day, which was a complete shock for her. 

While Jonathan confessed to a lot of planning involved which probably took him two and a half months that started with talking to the jeweler. 

He also confessed to being quite nervous while talking to Simone's father, Ronald, as Simone was sitting right to them, due to which he could not say what he wanted, but he did after she left. 

When asked about their first meeting, Simone replied that they first met through Instagram. Since they are both athletes and have the same busy schedules, it helped them get along soon. 

Then it was a Covid relationship. They were together 24/7. Since they were used to one another all the time during the pandemic, she said it's almost weird for them now if they are not with each other and are always calling or texting each other. 

They also revealed that they are already in the early stage of planning their wedding. After the valentine's day surprise, Simone had to catch a flight, due to which she was unable to see Owens for three days, but they planned a little bit of their wedding over the phone. 

Talking about her engagement ring, she said that her ring is definitely the most prized possession now and is always wearing it. 

She had to wash her hair the other day, and she took it off just in case it was going to get caught or anything. She said she had to ask her mom when to take it off, or do you ever take it off? But it beats a gold medal.

Ronald Biles daughter Simone Biles said yes to the proposal of her boyfriend Jonathan Owens on valentines day.
Ronald Biles daughter Simone Biles said yes to the proposal of her boyfriend Jonathan Owens on valentines day. Source: Instagram

Her major wedding details

Simone was captured sharing about her soon to be happening wedding. 

The lady said that their wedding process was pretty seamless so far, but it is now heading towards the stressful part. 

Simone revealed that she had already picked out her dresses, and it is now in production. 

Explaining the process of picking the dresses, she said that every time she met Jonathan, she had those feeling and she went with her guts, whereas while going through the dresses too, she had the maid of honor and her mom with her. 

Simone says that she knew that outfit was perfect for her big day and her mom and maid of honor cried while seeing her in the dress. 

Simone also said neither the wedding event is big nor small but there will be around 120 guests on her big day. 

She further mentioned that they wanted to share their love with the people they also love. Later, she also said to have her best friend’s wedding on the same timeline. 

She revealed that she and her friend’s bridesmaids are almost the same, so they plan to do a combined bachelorette. 

And also, she says that the one thing it made her sure that Jonathan was the right person was when they both set aside their athletics and were vulnerable as humans, and the pandemic also gave them options. 

They also had that feeling they had when they met at a game night and just a glass of wine which felt right, and admitting that they felt right and understood each other. 

Also, she shared that his dog peed everywhere as his dog was excited to meet her; she added. 

She mentioned that they are trying to make an impact on the younger generation, too, which is said to be super exciting. To know more about it, visit the link below.

A Pizza Girl

It’s been stated that she eats pizza every single time after the meet. Well, her favorite activity to do after a competition is to order pizza. 

Especially a pepperoni pizza mixed with a stuffed crust. 

She also revealed in an interview with ABC News back in August 2016 that the truth about her success is that whether she wins or loses, the answer is always the pizza. 

She further added that it didn’t bother her if she won self-gold, but after each meeting, she had pizza; Simone added.

Net Worth:

The net worth of Ronald is not known. The net worth of his daughter, Simone, is $6 million.

$6 millionProfessional artistic gymnast


  1. His daughter, Simone, is currently 24 years old. She was born on March 14, 1997.

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