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Facts of Robert Noah

Full NameRobert Noah
First NameRobert
Last NameNoah
ProfessionCelebrity Parent
Birth CountryGermany
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Relation WithPatricia Nombuyiselo

Robert Noah, in relation, is the father of Trevor Noah. Who is Trevor?

Professionally, he is recognized as an artist who portrayed several roles such as South African comedian, television host, producer, writer, political commentator, and actor, respectively

Robert's son was from Patricia Noah, Trevor's mother. Patricia has had other relationship which was not peaceful. She also has two sons Isaac Shingange and Andrew Shingange from her marriage with Abel Shingange. Abel was abusive and not a good human being.

Robert Noah with his son Trevor Noah.
Robert Noah with his son Trevor Noah. Source: Pinterest

Is Robert’s son Trevor married to Minka Kelly?

It’s been said that the artist had been dating the lady Minka Kelly (actress) for most of 2020

Giving a short description of a lady, she is also a model

Moreover, the lady is spotted on numerous shows and had got the first breakthrough in the NBC drama series. 

However, both the artists had maintained silent on giving any reaction to their relationship. 

Reportedly, it’s stated that the cause might be the ongoing pandemic. 

The pair had self-isolated themselves for months, not individually but together in Trevor’s apartment in New York City

It seems that they are damn serious about each other and enjoying their time as a couple.

Robert Noah son Trevor Noah with Minka Kelly spotted together during Pandemic.
Robert Noah son Trevor Noah with Minka Kelly spotted together during Pandemic. Source: Pinterest

Trevor’s viewpoint on living separately after a wedding

Yes, Trevor had expressed his view that even after the wedding, it’s not compulsory to live together. 

Elaborating it, the artist had stated that he believes in the rituals of marriage but not in an old way. 

He is trying to say that living together for one whole life will certainly give you boredom from each other and dismiss the sparkle between the pair. 

He further stated that the technique used until now of staying together is the main cause of the separation/divorce. 

Last but not least, Trevor mentioned that it’s tough to date because human being tends to lie and pretend more than showing how they are. 

Is Dani Gabriel a South African beauty his wife?

Well, Trevor himself belongs to South Africa. It’s not surprising that the actor had been with Dani

Dani serves as a successful physiotherapist. The couple met back then in their home country. 

They were happily enjoying it, but it wasn’t meant to be forever. 

The artist started touring for his work, but it didn’t make trouble in their relationship as the lady would be aside from him whenever possible. 

But it happened to make an error when Noah was offered a role as a host on The Daily Show

Unfortunately, to accept the proposal, he has had to move to NY

Later, the pair split up on good terms but still are good friends now.

Has he had children with the talented singer Jordyn Taylor?

Robert Noah son Trevor Noah with Jordyn Taylor in an event.
Robert Noah son Trevor Noah with Jordyn Taylor in an event. Source: Pinterest

Before jumping directly into the topic, let’s get to the time after shifting to New York City. 

After being there, he started seeing Jordyn Taylor (Singer) and were dating each other sooner or later. 

The adorable couple expressed their love through the easy-medium, i.e., social media, and spotted side-by-side at red carpet events. 

Together they spent four years but hadn’t had any child yet. 

Unfortunately, there was an update regarding their separation through the Q & A session on the singer's Instagram handle. 

But, it’s still unrevealed the cause behind their departure. 

Trevor Noah stepping ladder of success 

Everyone has their journey. Likewise, Trevor also had his steps. 

The artist started his journey back in 2002 as a host, comedian, and actor in his own country. 

In 2008, he had engaged with SABC and was categorized as the runner-up in South Africa’s iteration of Strictly Come Dancing (fourth season), then as a creator and host of the late-night talk shows. 

Gradually his status rose to fame, and also in 2016, his comedy book Born a Crime was released and has achieved a lot of titles, some of which are the 100 most influential people in the world and many more.

Robert Noah Son And Wife
Robert Noah Son And Wife Source: Gay Celebrities

Trevor Noah, "I grew up in a great time."

On the show Ellen, Trevor shared his story of growing up. Trevor started stating that it feels weird when people around mention he grew up amazing. 

He feels that he grew up normally. He recalls how at the time of visiting his grandmother's house, he remembers there was an outdoor toilet. 

He resembles his childhood as normal as he thinks that everyone is poor. One doesn't feel poor because there is no one else who will say like oh! You are poor. 

There is no such feeling as everyone around is laughing and having a great time. Trevor added that even in the midst of poverty, laughter is the one thing that elevates people.

When asked if it was tough for him to grow up in apartheid, he instantly replied it wasn't tough for him but them. 

He also shared he honestly didn't have any idea why his mom was not holding his hand then while walking down a public area.

Trevor thought it was what all moms do as he didn't have any other references to other moms. Young Trevor thought of his mom as independent and cool. 

Therefore, he shares that he definitely grew up in a great time and appreciates what happened. He appreciated how democracy had brought changes in everyone's lives. 

However, he later confronted that he wasn't in apartheid for so long. He reveals how his mom got arrested numerous times because the lady was spotted with his dad at many events. 

Young Trevor hustled hard?

Young Trevor had worked hard since the earlier stage of his career. Trevor learned English as he shared how black in South Africa gets a kick start in a career if they know how to speak English

So, he started earning money with his entrepreneurial spirit during high school. In the beginning, Trevor went to a local supermarket. 

He bought food to sell to his mates at break time. Later, he started selling video games along with bootleg CDs to the same kid. 

Moreover, he also became DJ by making his own mixes for street parties. Teen Trevor earned so much money that he could afford the coveted shoes in South Africa then. 

Net worth

As of now, Trevor Noah has a total estimated net worth of $100 million.

Net worth$100 million
Income sourceActor, host, writer, comedian, producer, and commentator


  1. His son Trevor is 37 years old.

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