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Facts of Robert Hart

Full NameRobert Hart
First NameRobert
Last NameHart
ProfessionCelebrity Sibling
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameHenry Witherspoon
Mother NameNancy Hart
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsKevin Hart
Networth$2 M

Robert Hart is an outstanding Pool Player. He is the brother of Kevin Hart, an American comedian. Being a professional player, Robert has always aimed to be ranked first across the world and tried all along.  

Relationship with his brother Kevin 

Robert has a younger brother who is known to be a famous comedian worldwide. He shares a special bond with his brother Kevin

There were many cases related to the elder one as he troubled a lot when he was very young. A single mother had tried to control, but he was into the connection of wrong people in the streets. 

As per his younger brother, he also dealt with drugs in the past. He also added 

"It was the high time when he tried to steal a purse from an old lady. I knew that I had to do something to get rid of it." 

Sources also added that the younger brother acted as a father and had helped his elder brother out of it.  

At last, which job suited a person who was once an addict?

A single mother raised Robert Hart as his father was a cocaine addict. Nancy Hart solely handled his two sons. She gave him the freedom and trusted him. 

But she had to pay for it. His elder son was into drugs. Since his youth, he was into dealing, so he could not work as many other normal youths. He was under emancipation. 

Kevin added, 

"After the treatment, my brother was fully changed. He was too focused on his career and wanted to build one at the pool. He practiced a lot and has reached a long way now. I am proud of him today for what he is doing." 

A single parent raised me; Robert Hart

Robert Hart and Kevin Hart were raised by a single parent. Their father's name is Henry Witherspoon, and he was a cocaine addict. Due to this reason, their father was in jail most of the time. 

That is the main reason why his mother gave the boy's her own last name. Robert said that 

"I was given so much freedom that I made many friends and hang with them all the time. At that time, my brother was also a toddler, and mum would give all the attention." 

He had also uploaded the video on YouTube playing pool. As per the sources, he had performed in many events too.

I have an only elder brother as my sibling and best friend

Robert Hart and Kevin Hart, Brothers
Robert Hart and Kevin Hart, Brothers Source: Instagram

Kevin Hart is more recognized than his elder brother Robert. He had said that he became a comedian because he had struggled with the family problem, so he chose this path to deal with it. 

He also mention that he only had his brother in his family now as his mother passed away several years back. He became nostalgic, remembering the days of his childhood. Kevin further said that

"When we were younger, we were not so close. But as time passed, I became closer to my elder brother. So, now he is my only sibling and my best friend, he added."

Who is Kevin's older brother dating? 

Kevin's brother Robert is not much into the limelight as he is just a pool player. But do you know who he is dating? 

Well, Kevin being so popular on television, hasn't discussed it yet. He liked to keep his brother's personal life private unless his brother agrees. 

Nothing has been flashed out about his life. Only the thing we get updated on is about his profession and participation in the events. 

The reason his brother calls him a King Negative

Kevin Hart, in an interview, talked about the incredible support he got from his family. 

He said his brother makes him laugh all the time, and was revealed that he calls him a King Negative. But Why? 

According to Kevin, no matter how great something is, his brother finds a negative in it. 

He has never seen anything like it. When he calls his brother and says, Yo, number one in the box office, then he goes on yeah, domestic. 

And then Kevin goes on Dude, let me enjoy this, and then his brother will be like I am just giving it to you real, nobody else does. 

Kevin says that’s the thing in his brother’s mind that he is real, which Kevin finds is the most negative thing he has ever seen in his life. 

He added to say he had just bought land, and he was like a man instead of going out looking for a house, I bought the land, I will build a house. 

When he told his brother, he was like, Good luck, you got no experience. And he was like, I am not going to build the house, I am going to get people to build the house. 

Then his brother was like hope you can trust them, and Kevin was like What is your problem. It’s nonstop. I love him to death, but it never fails. I don’t care what it is, he added.

His brother survived a near-fatal car crash 

In September of 2019, Kevin was involved in a near-fatal car crash that left him with major back injuries. 

While appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast in March of 2020, Kevin, while giving the detail of his injury, also shared how his perspective of life changed after seeing the light. 

According to him, he fractured his spine, so the doctors had to fuse his spine to fix the fragmented bones that were out of place. 

As soon as he got out of the hospital, he started physical therapy. He was impatient; he got off his medication and dealt with the pain. He added,

When you come close to that light(death) when you do, and if you are fortunate enough to come back from that light, you value life differently. 

His biggest cry in life was when he came home the first day from the hospital because he never had to see that house again. 

There was an option for him, never seeing that home again, never walking on that driveway again. 

There was an option of him never seeing his wife and kids again. He recovered himself and admitted that he no longer has bad days.

Net worth

Robert is a pool player. The average pool player gets $50,000 a year, whereas the net worth is $2 million.

Net worth$2 million
Income sourceProfessional pool player

Age & Height

  1. He is 45 years old.
  2. His height is 5 feet 4 inches, i.e., 1.63 meters.

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