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Facts of Reve Drew Walsh

Full NameReve Drew Walsh
First NameReve
Middle NameDrew
Last NameWalsh
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJohn Walsh
No Of Children4
Married DateJuly 17,1971

Reve Drew Walsh is famous as a celebrity wife. She is the wife of host/creator of America's Most Wanted, John Walsh.

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She has been married to John for more than five decades

Reve has been happily married to her husband, John Walsh, since 1971, and they are still together as a power couple. They were together through thick and thin. 

During an interview with Justice Network, he described Reve to be the strongest woman he has ever seen in his life. 

He said Reve has the strength of ten men. Despite going through the worst a mother can go through, she still kept the family together by putting it succinctly.

Reve Drew Walsh and her husband John Walsh have been together for more than five decades.
Reve Drew Walsh and her husband John Walsh have been together for more than five decades. Source: Facebook

Her then-6-year-old son was tragically murdered

Reve and her husband went through the most painful thing one parent can go through. 

Their then 6-year-old son was tragically murdered after being abducted on the 27th of July, 1981, from the Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall

Reve Drew Walsh and her husband John Walsh firstborn child Adam
Reve Drew Walsh and her husband John Walsh firstborn child Adam. Source: YouTube

According to John, Reve was the most dedicated mother. She wouldn't let Adam drive his bike on the street or sidewalk, only in the driveway. 

She would drop and pick him up from private school every day. But that day, on 27th July, she took Adam alongside her to the Sears department store. 

Adam was mesmerized by seeing two black boys playing video games with two Argentine boys in the toy department, so he asked his mom if he could stay there. 

Reve let him stay there, saying she would be three aisles away and would be right back, but when she returned three minutes later, she didn't find Adam

When Reve asked them for help, they didn't even announce Adam over the intercom. They said Adam would be around, and they would find him. 

Reve Drew Walsh with her husband John Walsh in 1981
Reve Drew Walsh with her husband John Walsh in 1981. Source: Pinterest

It was only after 27 years that they discovered that there was a then-17-year-old security guard, untrained that day, who had asked four boys to leave the department store. 

When Reve came back, they refused to tell her that they had Adam out of the store, fearing that there would be lawsuit problems.

John said they didn't get any help from day one. They never had a missing child. Nobody helped them except his partner from Texas

For two weeks, they never left the Police Department. They stayed in and out and only went home to take a shower. 

They had their own phone tap in case somebody called the house.

Sixteen days after the abduction, Adam's severed head was discovered in a drainage canal 120 miles away from his home, but his body was never discovered. 

Adam's murder case was closed after 27 years 

John, in an interview with Larry King, said that it took him 27 years to get the files from the Hollywood Police Department. 

They never wanted them to see those files because there were so many mistakes, and also, the detective was incompetent.

John and Reve just wanted to know the murderer because they had a suspect back in 1984, and the suspect was serial pedophile Ottis Toole

John recalled Reve saying to him she needed to know before she died whether Toole killed their son or not.

According to John, it was a young chief, Chad Wagner, who helped them by giving the files, and with the help of a retired detective, Joe Matthews, and a retired prosecutor, Kelly Hancock, Adam's case was solved. 

They solved the case within one month. They discovered that Ottis Toole was the murderer unequivocally. 

Toole died in prison in 1996 while serving a life sentence for other crimes.

She gave birth to three more children after Adam's murder 

Reve gave birth to three more children after Adam's murder. 

She gave birth to their daughter, Meghan, in 1982 and sons, Callahan and Hayden, in 1985 and 1994, respectively. 

Reve, in an interview, said that there is no substitute for Adam and that Meghan will make her miss Adam more because he always wanted a sister.

Reve Drew Walsh husband John Walsh and their youngest son Callahan
Reve Drew Walsh husband John Walsh and their youngest son Callahan. Source: Facebook

John said he was lucky enough to have a strong, wonderful woman for a wife who was focused while he was out trying to be a successful hotelier. 

He and his three partners were building a twenty-six million dollar hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas when Adam was kidnapped and murdered. 

He could never go back to that job, but while he was doing all those jobs, she was a great mother to Adam

She always wanted to be a full-time stay-at-home mother. They were lucky to stay together, though they had their problems. 

What helped them was they had a daughter, Meghan, a year and a half after Adam was murdered. 

After Meghan was born, they had a reason to wake up in the morning. They thought she should not be living in the shadow of her murdered brother. 

Having Meghan saved our life, he added.

Net Worth 

Her exact net worth is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her husband. Her husband has a net worth of $20 million.


  1. Her exact age is under review.
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