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Facts of Rami Jaffee

Rami Jaffee is an American musician who is popularly known as the keyboard player for Foo Fighters.

 He started playing keyboard at an early age of 13 with the local bands and now has worked with different artists including The Wallflowers, Pete Yorn, Soul Asylum, Stone Sour, Joseph Arthur, and Coheed and Cambria.

Height, Parents

Rami Jaffee, standing at the height of 6 feet (1.84 meters), was born in Los Angeles, California on 11 March 1969. He has not disclosed any information about his parents.


Rami is currently in love with his Maltese supermodel girlfriend, Christine Pillow. Their affair created a lot of buzz in the town. 

The two love birds have been together since 2014. Before entering the world of modeling, Christine was a sales assistant from San Gwann.

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The love and romance between the couple have not changed ever since they started dating each other.

They have always been open about their relationship, and the photos on their social account are proof of it.

 During the Foo Fighters’ concert in June 2017 the couple had a fantastic time strolling and cuddling in the street of Helsinki.

Rami Jaffee Girlfriend And Partner
Rami Jaffee Girlfriend And Partner Source: Wikinetworth

Though the couple has been dating each other for more than four years they still haven’t thought anything about getting married. 

Before dating Christine, Rami was in a relationship with Daryl Hannah in 2012.

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Married, Wife, Daughter

Rami was married in 1991 but due to some reasons divorced in 2002. He has a daughter from his first wife.

He believes he is a proud father. Here is a picture shared by him on Instagram account with a caption 

“she’s 3… 6… 16…

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Rami is around $950 thousand. According to PayScale, his estimated salary is about $39,888 per year.

 Most of his earnings come from his career in music. Since he is working with a reputed band his salary is way better than an average musician. 

Below is the list of top musicians and their respective net worth:

Musician NameNet Worth
Paul McCartney$1.3 Billion
Andrew Lloyd Webber $1.25 Billion
Jay-Z $910 Million
Herb Alpert$870 Million
P Diddy $815 Million
Dr. Dre$785 Million
Celine Dion$630 Million
Bono $610 Million
Madonna$595 Million
Mariah Carey$510 Million

Rami started his career at a very early age playing for local bands.

 He continued playing for local bands even after graduating from Fairfax High School and also took session work in recording studios.

Around 1989 Jakob Dylan and Tobi Miller formed a group called the Apples for which they needed a pianist.

 Jaffee heard about it and immediately met the band members. They played some demo tapes to him and then he joined the band.

Few weeks after that the group changed the name to Wallflower and signed with Virgin Records. In 1992 their first album “Wallflower” was released.

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He has been collaborating with the rock band Foo Fighters since 2005. But he was officially signed as the member in 2017. 

 His first album with the band was Concrete and Gold which was the ninth album of the band. According to a Forbes report, before him joining the band had earned $48.5 million in 2016.

He has performed in various concerts in the last few years. Some of the past shows are given below:

December 9, 2008Hotel Café, Hollywood, US
January 10, 2014Fox Theatre, Atlanta, US
February 12, 2016Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, US
November 15, 2018OD Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
November 16, 2018Canvas Disco, Pamplona, Spain
November 18, 2018Costello Club, Madrid, Spain


In an interview with Gary Boss, the marketing director of Summer Sonic, Jaffee talked about early days with the Wallflowers, his session, and production work throughout the years, his gig with the Foo Fighters, and much more. 

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