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Purvesh Mankad


Facts of Purvesh Mankad

Full NamePurvesh Mankad
First NamePurvesh
Last NameMankad
ProfessionFinancial specialist
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAarti Mann
No Of Children1
Insta Profile

Purvesh Mankad is an American- Indian financial specialist. He works as an interim CFO at Cover Technology Inc

He is recognized as being the husband of actress and director Aarti Mann.


He is a married man. He got married to Aarti several years back. The exact wedding date of them is not available in his wiki sites. 

The couple is still together and spending blissful married life. 

His beautiful wife has shared a photo of them on her Facebook, where both are looking perfect. 

Purvesh Mankad With His Wife
Purvesh Mankad With His Wife Source: Facebook

There are no rumors of their separation to date. They have one daughter together.

Wife, Aarti Mann

Aarti Mann, birth name Aarti Majumdar, came to prominence after appearing in the role of Priya Koothrappali in an American television sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

She was born on 3 March 1978 in Connecticut, United States. Her mother’s name is Vasanti Majumdar, a gynecologist

Her father was also a doctor. She has two siblings, an older sister, Kruti is a filmmaker, and a younger brother, Nishad, is a journalist. 

She began her career in acting in the mid of the 2000s. 

Purvesh Mankad wife Aarti Mann with her brother.
Purvesh Mankad wife Aarti Mann with her brother. Source: Instagram


He has only one child, a daughter named Nikita Mankad with her beloved wife, Aarti. She was born in 2005

She is one of the youngest members of the Annenberg Youth Academy

She has got the President’s Education Awards Program in the category of Outstanding Academic Achievement in 2015. 

She is studying at South Pasadena High School. She is very active in extracurricular activities and community service.

She is active on her social media account. She has shared several photos of her on her Instagram. 

She posted a beautiful and bold photo of her on 4 April 2020 with the caption, 

‘I tried to do…’

his daughter
his daughter. source: Instagram

Family Time

He is such a busy man, though he loves to spend time with his family. 

His mother-in-law has shared several family moments of them on her Facebook account. 

She has posted a family photo on her Facebook account on 8 September 2019.

Purvesh Mankad with his wife, daughter, mother in law, and other family members.
[Facebook] Purvesh Mankad with his wife, daughter, mother in law, and other family members.

His spouse spoke about the meaning of Local Legend

Purvesh’s better half, Aarti, was captured talking about the true meaning of a Local Legend

At first, she said Local Legend’s meaning is very simple. In her words, Local Legend means who doesn’t back down and someone who is not afraid to step up to the challenges and doesn’t shy away from a little bit of struggle because a little bit of struggle is what makes us all stronger, so never forget where you came from. 

Recalling her childhood days and many more

His wife completed her schooling at Shady Side Academy. However, later on, she attended New York University

There she achieved a degree in film writing and directing. Moreover, her mom is a graduate of the University of Pittsburg Medical Center

As mentioned, the lady is a doctor who has a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology. 

Her dad also serves as a physician but sadly passed away while Aarti was attending high school. 

The artist shared that she is the daughter of two Indian immigrant physicians. 

She also mentioned her older siblings and a younger brother. None of them have followed in their parent's footsteps and chosen the medical field as a vocation. 

She further added that she, including her siblings, is all over the creative side of things. 

Other than that, it’s been stated that the actress initially had doubts about whether she should be pursuing performing. 

It was all thanks to her sister Kruti who made her believe in stepping up in this acting career. She then began auditioning for numerous roles. 

Nevertheless, she had already solely secured business gigs and minor roles at that period of time. 

As time passed, Aarti’s performing skills got better and better, and undoubtedly, her popularity gave rise to new roles and new opportunities that led her toward stardom. 

How did Mann end up acting in the popular sitcom “Big Bang” with no comedy background?

Born to two Indian Immigrant doctors, Mann wasn’t sure what to do with the college degree. 

It was her sister Kruti, who is a filmmaker, who influenced her decision to switch to acting from writing a script. 

She fell in love with acting after she did a role in her sister’s 2006 film “The Memsahib.” Soon after, she joined acting classes in Los Angeles

During an interview with The Post and Courier back in 2014, she said that her parents were very supportive of them, especially her mother, who knew she was going to be an actor as she was a ham from the beginning and would push her towards it which according to her is unconventional for Indian families to do. 

Mann had not watched the popular sitcom ”The Big Bang Theory” and also her background wasn’t even comedy. 

When asked about how she ended up landing the part of Priya, she said she was asking herself the same question. 

She admitted that playing the role of Priya wasn’t easy, but it was their executive producer, Chuck Lorre, who helped her a lot in the process. 

According to her, whenever they were rehearsing, she would try to play it in a more comedic way, and the executive producer would always ask her to play it simply. 

He would say, “Play it simply. You are beautiful when you are simple”. She also said that she was giving them what they needed for the show. 

After having shot her first episode, she and her husband went to India and stayed there for seven weeks. 

When she arrived back in Los Angeles, she got a call from her agent saying “Big Bang” wanted her back on the set giving her the time of three days. 

The character was changed completely the second time. 

She said originally she was engaged, and she was going to get married, and Leonard was her last fling. 

It was revealed to her after they shot that the executive producer wanted to leave the option for Priya to come back later in the show.

Net Worth

As a financial specialist, he has an enormous net worth and salary. 

He has worked in several prestigious organizations so far.

He worked at Raymond James Financial Inc. in 1996. He is the founder and CFO of Braingem- a TIBCO Systems Integrator

He worked as a managing member of Vamansons Capital Management Ltd. From 1998 to 2005. 

He is a founder of CTA Exchange also.

His wife has a net worth of 400 thousand dollars. She accumulates that sum of income from her acting and directing career.

She began her acting with small roles. Her debut movie is ‘The Memsahib.’ 

She has appeared in several films and television series so far.

Some of her television series, with their IMDb ratings and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, are shown below.

She played the role of Priya Koothrappali in the American television sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ 

It has got 8.1 IMDb ratings and 82% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

She has appeared in the role of Maria Monroe in the legal drama series ‘Suits.' 

It has got 8.5 IMDb ratings and 90% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

She has appeared in the role of Holly in the medical drama series ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ It has got 7.6 IMDb ratings.

Name of the seriesIMDb ratingsRotten Tomatoes
The Big Bang Theory8.182%
Grey’s Anatomy’s7.6-


  1. His exact birthday is not available on his Wiki sites.
  2. He is American by nationality.
  3. He attended Rutgers University.
  4. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, California, with his family.

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