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Piper Maru Klotz


Facts of Piper Maru Klotz

Full NamePiper Maru Klotz
First NamePiper
Middle NameMaru
Last NameKlotz
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameClyde Klotz
Father Professionproduction designer
Mother NameGillian Anderson
Mother Professionactress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Date of BirthSeptember 25,1994
Age29 years

Piper Maru Klotz is the celebrity daughter of an American actress Gillian AndersonPiper works as a designer and immersive artist, working in theatre, immersive theatre, events, film, and television.

Gillian is a very talented and successful actress. She has been in the industry for a long time now. 

She started her journey as an actress in 1983 and is still in it with no signs of looking back, and she is still giving her very best with her amazing acting skills and professionalism. 

She has won numerous awards throughout her career including two Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards

She has been able to maintain such a good name for herself even after so many years in the entertainment industry.

Piper Maru Klotz with her mother Gillian Anderson.
Piper Maru Klotz with her mother Gillian Anderson. Source: Pinterest


Piper is not married yet, nor do we have any source about her love life. She has maintained a low-profile life for herself till now.

Gillian has a notable love life. She describes herself as an actively heterosexual woman as she believes love is about loving another human being and that gender should not matter.

Gillian first got married to Clyde Klotz, who was an assistant art director in the X-Files. They exchanged wedding vows on New Year's Day in 1994

They have a daughter together, who is Piper Maru. The couple got divorced in 1997.

Piper Maru Klotz parents Gillian Anderson and Clyde Klotz.
Piper Maru Klotz parents Gillian Anderson and Clyde Klotz. Source: Pinterest

Gillian then met Julian Ozanne, a documentary filmmaker, and they exchanged wedding vows on December 29, 2004. They went their separate ways on April 21, 2006

She was then with her then-partner Mark Griffiths, a businessman with whom she has two children. They ended their relationship in 2012.

Gillian has also shared her relationship with women in the past but didn't give their identity out. She is currently living with her children in London.

She has also been in a relationship with screenwriter and dramatist Peter Morgan from 2016 to December 2020.

The rebellious stage:

During young age, Gillian went through a very rebellious stage as she started getting into trouble. 

She started to do d*ugs and even started to date girls who were much older than her. 

She also adopted a punk appearance such as dying her hair in crazy colors, shaving the hairs in the sides, and getting piercings and an all-black wardrobe. 

She was also arrested once for breaking into her school on the night of their graduation and attempting to glue the locks of the school door. 

She was also voted as the "class clown," "most bizarre girl," and "most likely to be arrested" by her classmates. 

She slowly grew out of the phase and lived a respected life. 

Strong feminist:

Gillian describes herself as a strong feminist who can't tolerate when someone looks at a woman in a certain way and has also been a part of many charities and programs to support other women.

An episode after Piper:

When Piper was born, her godfather, Chris Carter, the creator of the series 'The X-Files,' was so happy that he named an entire episode after her, name-calling it the Piper Maru.

Gillian explains how to get into character

Actress Gillian first says that we should know about the character. 

The lady explains that it is a lot easier to play the real character because it contains so much documentation, which definitely helps with a lot of research and also helps in building the character. 

Nevertheless, on the other side, she also explains that there is a lot of pressure of people who have the strongest opinion about the people you are portraying. 

Whether it’s your own family or the person, you have worked with. Gillian stated that with the fictional characters, one is making up the history but one is starting from scratch. 

She continued and said do your research as it helps a lot, especially when it is the historical character. 

Then comes to find your voice, get into the right mindset, learn to let go is a must, embrace the aesthetics, and last but not least, believe in yourself, Gillian added. 

Gillian is a writer and huge fan of art

Many of you might not know, but actress Gillian also serves as a writer. 

She had been actively involved with Jeff Rovin in order to publish her first-ever book titled “A Vision of Fire,” which was later renamed “The Earthend Saga.” 

Moreover, the lady is also an author of the feminist self-help book “We: A manifesto for Women Around the World.” 

Coming to the love for art, Gillian is an art fan as she adores artifacts. The actress also is all time ready to shell out any amount to obtain the work of her choice. 

Gillian has that love for art that let her use her first paycheck got from the movie X-File to purchase a lithograph of David Blackburn

Nevertheless, the lady also has numerous other collections that include the work of artists like Helen Levitt, Cindy Sherman, Diane Arbus, Francesco Clemente, and many others. 

Besides that, back in her youth, she had more passion for marine biology. 

Still, time went by, and she was clear at such a young age and became interested in theatre, started acting in high school productions, and later shifted into community theatres. 

Net worth:

The net worth of Piper is not known.

The net worth of Gillian is estimated to be around $40 Million. Her main source of income is from the movies, and the TV shows that she appears on.

$40 MillionMovies, TV shows


  1. Piper is 27 years old. She was born on September 25, 1994.

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