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Phil Foden Snr


Facts of Phil Foden Snr

Full NamePhil Foden Snr
First NamePhil
Middle NameFoden
Last NameSnr
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseClaire Foden
No Of Children2

Phil Foden Snr is known as a father of celebrity, namely, Phil Foden. His son is a famous English footballer. 

Phil plays as a midfielder for Manchester City and the national team of England. He started his playing football since he was young. 

When he was eight years old, he joined Man city Academy; that's why he got a good platform for his future. His birthplace was Stockport, United Kingdom. 

He was born to his parents, mother Claire Foden, and father, Phil Snr. People now know him by his son's profession, and he is very proud of that.

Phil Foden Snr with his wife Claire Foden and son Phil Foden.
Phil Foden Snr with his wife Claire Foden and son Phil Foden. Source: Instagram

Phil and his Family Bond Together

They belong to a middle-class family with good morals. He had a family of five-member, including his grandma. 

He is married to a lady named, Claire Foden who is a home maker and cared for her family very well. The couple has two children, a son Phil Foden and a daughter whose name has not been disclosed. 

And a grandma who loved and supported them very much. They were very supportive and wanted to fulfill all the wishes of his children. 

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Concerned for his son's education 

Since Phil was very much interested in football, Foden Snr and Claire were concerned about his education. 

They did not want him to compromise his education for his passion for football. They wanted him to be a well-educated person no matter what. 

To address his parents' concern, Manchester City provided Phil with a scholarship and paid off his tuition fees while he attended St Bede's College

About his Love Life that has now turned into a small happy family

Phil Foden was in a relationship with a girl named Rebecca Cooke. The two first met in high school and have been together since then. 

After being in a relationship for many years, they added a new member to their family, i.e., a baby boy, on the 24th of January 2019

Phil Foden Snr son Phil Foden with his family.
Phil Foden Snr son Phil Foden with his family. Source: Instagram

Because Phil and Rebecca are still at very young, his father settled down with him. Phil's father thinks they may be a bit young to set up a home. 

And Phil agreed to stay with his father at his home, and his girlfriend stays with her mother. Now he is happily living with his family.

They recently welcomed their baby girl in the world in April of 2021. They have not revealed her name yet. Rebecca was recently seen holding her new born in Stockport, Cheshire. 

Phil Foden Snr son Phil Foden girlfriend Rebecca Cooke and daughter.
Phil Foden Snr son Phil Foden girlfriend Rebecca Cooke and daughter. Source: Instagram

Hair We Go

His son Phil is one of the rising stars of the football world. He is fast, he got skills, and he is a goal scorer.

Recently he got a new hairstyle which got everyone talking. He dyes his hair blond, and a lot of memes were made upon him.

His hairstyle created a lot of buzzes, and he also revealed that he got the idea from Sergio Aguero, the City legend. 

This was not new as team Romania's players were in blond hair for World Cup 1998

Foden did not stop here. He also added that all of the team members needed to get their hair blond if England won the title, the Euros. Sadly England lost the finals to Italy.

Phil also got compared to Paul Gascoigne as he also did the same for Euro 96.

A new season waits for the youngster, and he is going to create more headlines. 

Pep Guardiola, in the past, has already talked about him being the second-best youngster he has ever coached to date, first, of course, being Messi.

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Why was Phil pointed out as Shameless?

Back in 2020, both Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood were sent home due to breaching COVID rules and regulations. 

It’s been claimed that these men hooked up with ladies named Nadia Gunnarsdottir (contender for Miss Universe Iceland), including her cousin Lara Clausen, right after their England debuts. 

They both smuggled two ladies in hours after the win of England by 1-0. 

Moreover, the footage of the hotels showed how these ladies were nervous going their way towards the hotels in the early hours on Sunday. Lara even said she felt like an escort. 

The cousins entered the room and took the picture where it was showing Phil in his pants where his whole backside was visible. 

The two ladies shared a picture where they four were chilling. 

After the picture went viral, City claimed Phil’s behavior was totally inappropriate, whereas the United was disappointed at Mason’s behavior. 

This whole situation caused the players to suffer from disciplinary action too. According to Local sources, they claimed that the soccer players had received a great privilege to play. 

However, after doing this kind of shameful activity, it shows disrespect to the country’s efforts in order to control this ongoing virus. 

They even claimed that these two big players don’t care as these rules and policies are only applied to other people and not to them. 

Nadia and Mason have been talking to each other via a social media platform. 

Lara uploaded a video of her cousin and her entering the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel hours right after Saturday’s match in England

The video footage which got leaked also showed how a third woman called Phil on the phone. 

The lady had clearly said that they could come to the hotel, but how Phil and Mason are going to sneak them in? 

Nevertheless, it is stated that both Phil and Mason had booked their two rooms on a separate floor from the other players. 

The picture shows that the ladies were together in one room, but lastly, as per the sources, it’s said that the players entertained each later. 

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Net Worth

Phil Foden Snr does not express his profession and earnings, so it is difficult to find his net worth. Here is the net worth of his son. 

Net WorthSource
1.7 Million Euro per yearEnglish Footballer

Age and Weight

  1. His son is 21 years old.
  2. He is 70 kg.

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