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Facts of Penny Adkins

Full NamePenny Adkins
First NamePenny
Last NameAdkins
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children1

Penny Adkins, whose full name is Penny Susan Adkins, is the mother of famous and incredible singer and songwriter Adele

Multiple award winners Adele

Penny has given birth to a breathtaking daughter whose melodious voice has ruled millions of worldwide fans' hearts. 

She fell in love with music since her early childhood and started singing when she was four. 

She began her singing career as an undergraduate artist by uploading her songs and My Space

Later, Nick Huggett recognized her talent and signed her to XL recordings. 

She got her first breakthrough from her songs Hometown Glory, which was released in October 2007

She released her first album, 19, which raised her fame and helped her to get widespread popularity across the world. 

Other super hit albums of her are 21 and 25, which she named after her age. Adele is multiple award-winning singers. 

She has received 136 awards, including 15 Grammy awards, 9 British awards, 5 American music awards, an Academy Award, and 18 Billboard music awards.

Never got married

In 1986, Penny met Mark Evans, who is Adele's father, at the Kings Head pub in North London and fell in love at their first glance. 

When she was only 18, she gave birth to her first and last child Adele

So, to raise Adele, she dropped out of college and focused totally on providing proper parenthood.  But Penny never got married to Mark

However, Mark proposed her before but she denied as she felt that they were too young to get married. The couple lived together for some years.

When Adele was nine-months-old, Penny and Mark separated from each other. 

However, they frequently saw each other, and even Penny used to visit Mark's home to maintain father and daughter relation. 

They have good relations until 1999. Then afterward, he became addicted to alcohol, which became the reason for their worst relation.

Penny Adkins with her daughter, Adele.
Penny Adkins with her daughter, Adele. Source:

Raised Adele without the support of husband

Penny was a single mother and raised her daughter alone since her birth. 

When Adele was on her womb, she dropped out of university and took the shelter of an emergency house for a single mother. 

She was helped by National Childbirth Trust for her living. After Adele was born, she shifted to the two-bedroom flat at Tottenham

Until Adele was three, she used to get some financial support from Mark and his family. 

Once she was in a relationship with a man called Simon, but it did not last for long. 

Later, without seeking for husband and support from them, Penny struggled alone to raise her daughter. 

Sometimes she worked as a furniture maker, sometimes as a masseuse while other times as an adult learning activities organizer. 

Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele's childhood days with her father.
Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele's childhood days with her father.

Simple and intimate Wedding 

Penny did not get the opportunity to have her wedding, but she witnessed her daughter's wedding on 2017

Penny's daughter, Adele, started seeing an English Charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki since 2011

Their mutual friend, musician Ed Sheeran made their first meeting happen when she was in a break from singing due to her neck surgery.

Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele with her husband.
Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele with her husband. Source:

The couple decided to have a simple and intimate wedding function. 

As per, Adele did not want her wedding to be formal, and show-offs instead wish to be about who they are. 

So the wedding was held with the presence of family, close relatives, and friends. 

The wedding information remained secret until March 2017, when she revealed her wedding while performing in concert in Brisbane, Australia.


Penny has only one child, who is her daughter Adele. The relationship between mother and daughter is very profound. 

Adele often called her mother her best children and gave her credit for her success. 

She was Adele's inspiration for writing songs such as 'Hometown Glory,' 'Million Years Ago' etc.

Adele feels lucky to have her as a mother and always wants to remember her sacrifices, although Penny never wants to make her realize about her sacrifice to give her a better life. 

Her daughter is also blessed with a baby boy named Angelo Adkins, who was born on 19 October 2012.

Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele with her son.
Penny Adkins's daughter, Adele with her son. Source: New idea

Random facts to know about Adele

Penny’s daughter Adele starts by stating that lately, she has been going great and revealed that the lady is about to publish her new album too. 

Adele confronted that the past year for her has been challenging but also learned how much of a homebody she is and also she would never leave her house if she didn’t need to. 

When asked about her next concert, the artist says she will have a concert as soon as possible but claims it is just up to COVID. 

She suggested everyone keep wearing their masks, and let’s not be spreading that Delta. 

Other than that, she stated that while she was young, she realized that she had a great voice when Adele got signed by her favorite. 

Adele also mentioned her mom, claiming that she is also a fan of music. 

The favorite place Adele loved when she first started a gig was Madame Jojo’s because she has played there quite often. Also, her friends used to play there too. 

Adele also revealed her top eight friends, and she took the name of Jack Penate, Kid Harpoon, Jaime T, Laura Marling, Lily Allen, Scroobius Pip, and Maccabees

When asked if she had thought of any other names for her stage names to which, she responded ‘NO’ as she denoted her surname is so boring, which is Adkins

Also, Adele shared that the surprising aspect of living as a Britain in America is that her sarcastic humor doesn’t actually travel. 

The unexpected similarity she mentioned between her hometown London and Los Angeles is the tea and coffee culture. 

Also, the things that Americans do that are totally different from Britain’s she mentioned is that the Americans have their own funky language for things like they say cilantro for coriander, eggplants are actually Aubergine, and for a movie theatre, they call cinemas, for candy they call sweets and many more. 

Nevertheless, she misses Tesco more than Sainsbury’s, and it’s because it was the only supermarket which was in her neighborhood when she was growing up. 

However, lastly, she says it is actually Marks and Spencer. To know more, visit the link given below.

Net Worth

Penny has not revealed about her net worth. The net worth of her daughter is as follows:

YearNet Worth
2017- 2018$166.86 Million
2019- Present$200 Million
Annual income$69 Million


  1. Her age is 52 in 2020

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