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Paulette Miltimore


Facts of Paulette Miltimore

Full NamePaulette Miltimore
First NamePaulette
Last NameMiltimore
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-wife
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight

Paulette Miltimore is the ex-wife of a Cuban-born American actor named Steven Bauer. There is not much information about Paulette that can be found. 

Steven is a very talented actor known for his unique roles in movies and series. He first started his career in 1977, has been in the industry for more than four decades. 

He first began on PBS, with the role of Joe Pena, the son of Cuban immigrants on a series named ¿Que Pasa, USA?. He is also best known for his role as a villainous character.

Paulette Miltimore's ex-husband Steven Bauer
Paulette Miltimore's ex-husband Steven Bauer. Source: Instagram


There is no information about Paulette's love life. Paulette disappeared from the media after separation from Steven.

Paulette and Steven were married in 2003. They were together for almost six years, but the marriage didn't last, and they got divorced in 2012.

They didn't have any children together.

Steven's marriage and dating

Steven has quite a history when it comes to dating and marriage.

Steven's first wedding took place with a woman named Melanie Griffith on September 8, 1981

Steven and Melanie share a son named Alexander Griffith Bauer. After nine years of marriage, they got divorce in 1989

Because of some misunderstanding, the couple got separated. 

After Melanie, Steven got married to Ingrid Anderson, and they have a son together named Dylan Bauer. They got a divorce in 1991 because of the differences that grew between them.

Steven then married Christiana Boney on June 27, 1992, and they separated in 2002

Steven tied the knot with Paulette Miltimore on December 28, 2003, and separated on September 18, 2012.

After that, Steven started dating Lyda Loudon

Lyda was 39 years younger than Steven, and they also faced a lot of criticism for the relationship because of the huge age difference but were still together and didn't care about what others said about them. 

Steven once said that they had something special. They first started dating in 2014, but the age gap that they had played a huge role in creating differences, and the relationship didn't last long.

He is currently not single. He recently asked his girlfriend Jennifer Brenon to marry him in Christmas of 2020, and she said yes. 

Paulette Miltimore's ex-husband Steven Bauer with his fiance Jennifer Brenon
Paulette Miltimore's ex-husband Steven Bauer with his fiance Jennifer Brenon. Source: Instagram


There is no information on whether Paulette has children now or not.

Steven has two sons named Alexander Bauer with his ex-wife Melanie and Dylan with ex-wife Ingrid. Alexander is currently 35 years old and likes to stay out of the media. 

Dylan works as a professional witch and also has a show of his own. Though Dylan has a questionable career, Steven has always helped and supported him.

Real name

Steven's real name is Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson which his parents gave, but when they fled the country because of Hitler's order to kill Jewish.

So, they moved to the USA. There he had hard time fitting in because of his name, and he started denoting himself as Steven.

Paulette’s ex-husband was arrested in Miami Dade.

Her former husband Steven was indeed arrested back in the year 2012. The reason was that he was actively driving with a suspended license, as per the authorities. 

He was taken to prison. 

Nevertheless, after the case study, Steven was set free at the end of the day as the judge overlooked the whole thing and stated that it does no value to anybody now. 

So, the Miami-Dade judge closed out the charge put against him and closed the whole case, and let the actor go his own way. 

Actually, the Sweetwater Police revealed everything that had really happened. They said that Steven was driving a Nissan Altima car

The actor then took an improper turn towards the intersection of Southwest 107th Avenue and West Flagler Street. Moreover, he was also warned. 

So, after going through his driver’s license, a truth came out. As per the records recorded at the Miami-Dade Corrections, the artist was arrested after 4 in the morning. 

Not only this, Steven mentioned that the Sweetwater police, along with the officials, treated him well at the Miami-Dade prison. 

He further continued stating that they all were nice to him. Everyone there knows Steven as being the hometown guy. 

He also added that his movie Scarface had become a huge hit among the people. 

Steven shared how they talked about it after his arrival and continued till the evening time. To let you know, Steven was cast opposite AI Pacino in the movie ‘Scarface.’ 

Other than that, Wilmar Machado, who was in her early twenties, was also spotted in the front passenger seat there. 

She was also taken to prison for possession of marijuana, police shared. How do the police find out? 

Well, at that time, when the lady was asked to show her identity, she put her hand into her purse. 

At that very moment, the Sweetwater Police found a baggie of marijuana along with a glass pipe in it. However, it was hard to find out if Wilmar Machado had an attorney. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Paulette is not known.

The net worth Steven is estimated to be around $5 million

$5 MillionMovies, TV shows, series


  • The age of Paulette is not known yet.
  • Steven is currently 64 years old. He was born on December 2, 1956.

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