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Facts of Paul Taylor

Full NamePaul Taylor
First NamePaul
Last NameTaylor
ProfessionCelebrity Husband
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJennifer Taylor
No Of Children2
Married Date1997

Paul Taylor is the celebrity husband of an American actress Jennifer Taylor. He works as an electrician. 

They are in love with each other. 

Jennifer is a very talented person and has been known best for her role as Chelsea in the TV show "Two and a half men." 

Jennifer had always wanted to be an actress and tried many times and went to many auditions but failed many times and finally became successful and got the role. 

She had a rough time trying to get into the entertainment industry but didn't give up her hope and proved how much potential she has at last.


Paul married Jennifer in 1997 after the couple dated for a long time. They are still together. 

They have a very strong bond, and there are no signs of separation. 

They share two children named Jake Taylor and Samantha Taylor. They all live together in their house in Los Angeles.

The first date:

Paul and Jennifer started dating when Jennifer was almost turning 18 and Paul was 21

On the first date, Paul looked at Jennifer's license and realized that she was more than three years younger than her and how young she was. 

That day Paul's car didn't start, and they had to push-start his car.

Jennifer always knew that Paul was the one for her, but Paul only realized it later and sometimes even argued with her saying that she was still young and asked how could you be so sure that he was the one for her when she is still so young, but Jennifer always knew that he was her soulmate.

Paul Taylor with wife Jennifer Taylor and children.
Paul Taylor with wife Jennifer Taylor and children. Source: Instagram

The little arguments:

Paul and Jennifer hardly argue. They do not agree with each other like every couple in the world. 

As Jennifer's parents were not such a great communicator, she is also the same, so Paul figures out when something is wrong and sorts things out by talking to her about it.

Jennifer also said in an interview that communication is the key in relationships, and she is learning that from Paul even to this day.

Protective over family:

Jennifer is very protective when it comes to her family. 

She cares about their health so much that she grows most of the vegetables they eat in the family garden. 

She also said in an interview how she would fight anybody when it comes to her kids. 

Vegetables Paul Taylor wife Jennifer Taylor grew in her garden.
Vegetables Paul Taylor wife Jennifer Taylor grew in her garden. Source: Instagram


Jennifer is very health-conscious as she has a very sensitive immune system, and her body doesn't go well with any food. 

She is also lactose intolerant

She also doesn't take medicines that the doctors prescribe to her without doing her research, and in most cases, she doesn't take any medications. 

Instead, she eats healthy and also makes her family eat healthy as much as she can.

Once the doctor told her to take medicines as her thyroids were increasing, she cut off caffeine, alcohol, and gluten instead of taking medications. 

She started eating organic, which helped her thyroid go back to normal.

Even the doctors were shocked.

Net worth:

The net worth of Paul is not known. As an electrician in America makes an average of $59,190 per year, he must be making something similar to that.

Jennifer has a net worth of $6 million. She gets her income from her acting career.

Paul Taylor$59,190 per yearElectrician
Jennifer Taylor$6 millionMovies, TV shows


  1. Paul is around 52 to 53 years old.
  2. Jennifer is 48 years old. She was born on April 19, 1972.

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