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Facts of Patricia Charlotte

Full NamePatricia Charlotte
First NamePatricia
Last NameCharlotte
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameFrank Lampard
Father ProfessionEnglish professional football manager and former player
Mother NameChristine Lampard
Mother ProfessionTelevision presenter
Gender IdentityFemale
Date of BirthSeptember 21,2018
Age5 years

Patricia Charlotte was born to parents Frank Lampard and Christine Lampard. She was born in September 2018.

Patricia Charlotte with her mother, Christine Lampard.
Patricia Charlotte with her mother, Christine Lampard. Source:

Her dad (Frank Lampard) had one failed Relationship 

Her dad Frank Lampard was earlier in a committed relationship with Elen Rivas. The duo met at a bar in London

Elen Rivas is a Spanish model, but earlier she used to work in a bar. In the same bar, they got to know each other.

The couple started dating and eventually got engaged. However, the date of their engagement is not out as of now. 

If rumors are to be believed, then the couple met around in April 2002. Few years after their engagement, they decided to have a baby.  

The ex-couple had two baby girls together, and both of them are grown up now.

Everything between them was going well, they even want to plan another baby, but the destiny has some other plans for them. 

Suddenly the couple decided to separate from each other. Although the decision was mutual, it was tough too.  

The reason of their separation is still a secret to the public as they both remained silent on the matter. The couple called it Quit after being together for seven years.

Parent’s Love Story

In an interview, her mom (Christine Lampard) revealed that She and her dad (Frank Lampard) met just by chance. 

They went for the Pride of Britain Awards in 2009 that’s when they had a complete sliding doors moment. 

Both of them were never meant to go there as she was already late because of the show that she was hosting and he had other reasons. 

Fortunately, they met and even had a celebratory glass of wine. He had her number somehow, and that night he called her. That’s how they started talking to each other.

Her mom shared this picture and captioned it as,


Patricia Charlotte's parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard.
Patricia Charlotte's parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard. Source: Instagram

The couple dated for fours and got married on December 21, 2015. Its been eight years of them as a couple a now. 

They are indeed in a happy space and having a good time with their daughters. The family is currently residing in Surrey, London.

Patricia Charlotte's parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard on their wedding day.
Patricia Charlotte's parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Youngest in the family

As of now, Patricia Charlotte is the youngest member of the family, as she is only 18 months old. 

She has two big step-sisters whose names are Luna Lampard and Isla Lampard. Both her older sisters are now in her teens.

Patricia Charlotte's mom, Christine Lampard with her other two sisters, Luna Lampard and Isla Lampard.
Patricia Charlotte's mom, Christine Lampard with her other two sisters, Luna Lampard and Isla Lampard. Source: Instagram

They share a special relationship, and her elder sisters love spending time and babysitting her. 

They adore her little sister. It has been said that two elder sisters picked the name for her which is so sweet.

Patricia Charlotte with her parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard at the time of her birth.
Patricia Charlotte with her parents, Christine Lampard and Frank Lampard at the time of her birth. Source: Instagram

She also shares a special bond with her father. In the video below you can see Patricia playing football with her father. 

Meaning of her name

It is a name-based on English origins. Patricia means Noble. This name is primarily used for a girl child. 

Interesting questionnaire session with ‘Ask The Lampard’s’

Frank was captured with his two grown daughters in the session asked by his fans online. 

Beginning from the top, when asked if Frank still has the Coco Pops for breakfast during his match days, to which he turned to her daughters to answer it. 

Both of them said ‘NO’ and said that their dad ate nutritious food at that moment. Moving on, the next question was if their father woke up developing one ability what should it be? 

One of his daughters said the cooking skill as he hadn’t picked up a frying pan ever in his life to date, and the other daughter said that ability to be brave as her father doesn’t participate in most of the things like table tennis and others. 

When asked about the TV series Frank watched, they replied their dad sees the ‘Friends’ series most of the time as Christine also loved watching it. 

Moving forward, the greatest advice their daughters ever thought of was from their dad who believed in himself when things were not going right, and now he is listed as one of the most successful footballers in the world. 

Also, in his daughter’s view, their dad’s best and worst subjects in school were sports and music. 

Other than that, when asked what were the best gifts their father ever receive from his fans, to which one daughter, as they were also his fans, said the socks they gifted. 

The other one stated the card which was made by the fans themselves or even by their daughters where the message is written for him specially. 

Well, Frank agreed with the answers too. 

Continuing the interesting conversation, he mentioned what it is like to have a lazy Sunday family night. 

It’s like a Television, taking away food like Chinese and being with his family at the house nice and comfortable.

Lastly, he also mentioned the family traditions they would enjoy doing together throughout the year during Christmas. 

Their daughters mentioned getting twenty pounds for secret Santa, and they visit the pound land and purchase the small things from there which cost only a pound and also pick the gifts which secret Santa must like. 

Net Worth 

Net WorthAnnual Salary
$90 MillionNot known

The net worth of Patricia Charlotte is not available as she is just 18 months old. But she is undoubtedly born in a rich and affluent family. 

And she is living a lavish lifestyle at this age only that many people dreamt of. The net worth of her dad (Frank Lampard) is $90 Million, which is massive and salary is under review.

Source of Earning

Her dad earned money being one of the most successful football players and now as head coach of Premier League Club Chelsea

They live in a $10 Million house in London. He owns luxurious cars like Aston Martin worth $160,000, and Mercedes Benz G-Wagon worth $70,000


  1. She celebrates her birthday on September 21.
  2. Her father (Frank Lampard) has won FIFA Player of the Year Silver Award in 2015.

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